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The latest giffgaff student discount codes and offers are listed below. More details about what giffgaff discounts are available to students can be found on the giffgaff website.

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About giffgaff

giffgaff is a unique type of mobile network in the UK, run by its members for its members. Offering flexibility and a range of great low-cost tariffs, giffgaff is a perfect match for students. It runs on the O2 network.

Though there’s no specific student discount, the network offers a range of excellent 'goodybags' which give you a flexible way to control how much data you need. The plans work on a recurring basis, with no contract, so you can cancel at any time or increase or decrease the amount of data you need each month. Find out more and order your free SIM card today using the link above.

If you’re looking for a new device, giffgaff can help you out there, too. You’ll find a range of the latest iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Huawei and Nokia devices on the giffgaff website, all available for next business day delivery.

giffgaff sim card

giffgaff sim card

giffgaff goodybag examples

Current goodybags include:

  • £6 for 500MB of data
  • £8 for 3GB of data
  • £10 for 6GB of data, plus 1GB extra data
  • £12 for 10GB of data, plus 1GB extra data
  • £15 for 15GB of data, plus 1GB extra data
  • £20 for 80GB of data, plus 1GB extra data
  • £25 for ‘always on’ data

In 2021, giffgaff has released a range of ‘golden goodybags’ which give you more for your money (and are 5G-ready). They include:

  • £10 for 9GB of data, plus 1GB extra data
  • £15 for 25GB of data, plus 1GB extra data
  • £20 for 100GB of data, plus 1GB extra data
  • £35 for unlimited 5G-ready data

Frequently asked questions about giffgaff student discount

Take a glance at our list of frequently asked questions about giffgaff student discount below. If you’ve got a question we haven’t answered, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or get in touch through our Facebook group where there’s an entire community of like-minded students ready to help you out.

Will there be a student discount at giffgaff in the future?

It’s unlikely, as giffgaff’s prices are already so reasonable and student-friendly. However, keep an eye on this page as we’ll update it if this ever changes.

Are there any ways for students to save on devices at giffgaff?

Though there’s no specific giffgaff student discount on devices either, you can shop the selection of refurbished phones to save some cash.

giffgaff offers, and promotions

There are regular giffgaff promotions throughout the year that can help your money go even further. Watch out for new promotions around key sales events like Boxing Day and bank holidays.

Past offers at giffgaff

Past giffgaff offers featured here at Save the Student include:

  • Extra data for Giffgaff members (no extra charge)
  • Free giffgaff SIM card
  • 6GB data,unlimited texts & calls – £10pm
  • and more!

Look at the section above for the current active offers and discounts.

giffgaff Payback

giffgaff has a great rewards scheme where you can earn ‘Payback points’ when you do things like help out on the community forums or invite your mates to join.

Once you’ve racked up some points, twice a year you’ll be able to convert them to cash, credit or a donation to a charity (in June and December). One Payback point is worth 1p, so 500 points are worth £5, and so on.

If you find any great offers at giffgaff, let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add them to this page. Don’t forget to keep checking back for the most recent giffgaff offers, sales and deals.

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To support our site, we may use links which earn us a commission at no extra cost to you.

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