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Chip savings account – 4.84% interest

Are you lucky enough to have some savings? With Chip you can get 4.84% returns (variable) on balances up to £250,000 (FSCS protected).

This is currently the market’s best return on savings.

Here's how to get this rate:

  • Download the Chip app via our link below
  • Complete sign up with all your details (connect your bank account etc)
  • Head to the ‘accounts’ tab
  • Open the 4.84% AER variable account
  • Deposit money and earn interest

IMPORTANT: When you sign up you may be opted into autosaves. If you want, you can opt out of this as it charges 45p each time it saves for you with this feature.

If you do not want to give Chip access to your bank through open banking you should ensure autosaves are off and contact customer service when you want to withdraw as opposed to giving open banking access.

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Deal Expires: Ongoing

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