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Best places to buy cheap trainers and shoes

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Do you ever find you're spending way too much on shoes? We know the feeling, and we're here to help you shop better. Find the brands you love, just cheaper...

nike, adidas and ugg shoes displayed on blue background

It's so hard to stay in style as a uni student when you're skint, but that doesn't mean you have to go without!

To help you out, we've done some research into the best online retailers for cheap shoes and trainers that you can grab a bargain from.

So if you're looking for brand-new or even near-new shoes, here's where to shop to save money on your favourites.

It's estimated that 22 billion pairs of shoes end up in landfill every year, so try to buy quality shoes that will last. If they do wear out, find out how to recycle shoes for money.

Where to get cheap shoes and trainers

Here are the best places to buy cheap shoes:

  1. schuh imperfects

    schuh logo

    • Typical saving – 25% – 80%
    • Cheapest delivery – £3
    • Student discount – 10% off.

    schuh imperfects is a section of the schuh website where they sell ex-display or marked shoes, usually much cheaper than RRP.

    Before you buy, you'll be shown actual photos of the shoe you'll be purchasing, so you can assess the damages beforehand (if there are any). We've bought multiple pairs of shoes from here and they actually looked brand new with no marks!

    Visit schuh imperfects »


  2. Office Offcuts

    Office Offcuts logo

    • Typical saving – 25% – 75%
    • Cheapest delivery – £3.99
    • Student discount – None.

    Just as schuh imperfects is part of schuh, Office Offcuts is the same store as Office, also sourcing its products from ex-display.

    One thing we love about Office Offcuts is that they sell 'odd sizes', where one shoe may be a half-size or full-size different from the other. Great if you have one foot bigger than the other!

    Brush up on the shoe grades, which go from P ('Perfect') right through to G4 ('OK condition').

    Visit Office Offcuts »


  3. ASOS Outlet

    ASOS logo

    • Typical saving – 25% – 80%
    • Cheapest delivery – £4.50 (free over £40 or with ASOS Premier)
    • Student discount – 10% off.

    You can find great deals for cheap shoes on ASOS Outlet.

    This section of the ASOS site stocks brands such as Dr Martens, Puma, New Balance and Polo Ralph Lauren, so you really can pick up a big bargain.

    And if you're not sure what the ASOS Outlet is all about, our guide to ASOS hacks has more info.

    Visit ASOS Outlet »


  4. TKMaxx

    TK Maxx logo

    • Typical saving – Up to 75%
    • Cheapest delivery – £4.99 (free over £100)
    • Student discount – None.

    We're all aware of TKMaxx, but did you know they also have an online store where you can also buy items?

    If you're not a fan of traipsing around the store looking for bargains, this is the site for you. The shoe selection is pretty decent, with brands ranging from Hunter to Vans and Timberland.

    Visit TKMaxx »


  5. Shoeaholics

    Shoeaholics logo

    • Typical saving – 30% – 60%
    • Cheapest delivery – £2.95 from an EVRi Parcelshop (free over £100)
    • Student discount – 15% off.

    Shoeaholics is an online outlet, predominantly selling Kurt Geiger and Carvela. But they sell other brands too!

    We've bought Michael Kors shoes from here at a major discount, so it's definitely worth a look even if you're not into Kurt Geiger or Carvela.

    Visit Shoeaholics »


  6. Adidas Outlet

    adidas logo

    • Typical saving – 15% – 50%
    • Cheapest delivery – Free for members, otherwise £3.99 (free over £25 for non-members)
    • Student discount – 25% off.

    You'll already be very familiar with Adidas, but did you know that their online outlet and sales have incredible prices... and that you can also add discount codes?!

    We've previously bought trainers which were originally £100, but paid just £49 for them (and got 7% cashback on top).

    When looking for discounts, especially on Adidas, it's good to note that bigger price drops tend to apply to full-priced items. But you can also get 15% – 25% off sale items at certain points in the year, too.

    Visit Adidas Outlet »


  7. Nike

    nike logo

    • Typical saving – 25% – 50%
    • Cheapest delivery – £4.50 (free over £99 or for members)
    • Student discount – 10% off.

    Much like Adidas, Nike also does great discounts on end-of-season lines.

    They'll often start with 25% off and work their way up as the weeks go on. It's a risky tactic as items could sell out, but you could wait to buy your favourite Nike pair a few weeks down the line to save a bit more.

    That said, if you're scared your shoes will sell out, you can always buy them and wait on the returns period to see if you can get them discounted further.

    Visit Nike »


  8. Sole Trader Outlet

    Sole Trader Outlet logo

    • Typical saving – Up to 50%
    • Cheapest delivery – £2.99 (free over £50)
    • Student discount – None.

    You can get up to 50% off branded shoes with Sole Trader Outlet. The brands on the site range from Toms to Puma and Asics, so you can get a pretty good deal on great shoes.

    Visit Sole Trader Outlet »


  9. Everything5Pounds

    everything5pounds logo

    • Typical saving – Can be up to 80%
    • Cheapest delivery – £3.95 (free over £30)
    • Student discount – None.

    As the name suggests, a lot of the items on Everything5Pounds cost £5. We say 'a lot' as some items are slightly higher than this, and things in the sale are usually less.

    We've found some great bargains from Everything5Pounds, including branded items with the tags still on.

    It's worth noting that even though many of the items are from big brands, tags are usually removed or covered. However, sometimes you may find a rare item with the brand's labels attached.

    Visit Everything5Pounds »


  10. Clarks Outlet

    clarks logo

    • Typical saving – Up to 60%
    • Cheapest delivery – £4.95 (free over £30)
    • Student discount – None.

    We all know Clarks!

    However, their shoes can be quite expensive. So we definitely suggest looking at Clarks Outlet for good quality discounted shoes and trainers.

    Visit Clarks Outlet »


  11. Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook logo

    • Typical saving – Up to 75%
    • Cheapest delivery – Varies
    • Student discount – None.

    This is a slightly different option, but Facebook Marketplace is still great for cheap shoe finds.

    We've previously bought a pair of Birkenstocks here for £25 – a huge saving considering they'd have been about £90 when new.

    Selling shoes instead? Check out our guide to selling on Facebook Marketplace.

    Visit Facebook Marketplace »


  12. eBay

    ebay logo

    • Typical saving – Up to 70%
    • Cheapest delivery – Free
    • Student discount – None.

    On eBay, you'll be able to find both brand-new and used shoes.

    We suggest having a look at independent sellers (who will most likely be a bit cheaper) and brands themselves who sell on eBay. If you're bidding on shoes, check out our best eBay bidding tips.

    Visit eBay »


  13. Vinted

    Vinted logo

    • Typical saving – 50% – 80%
    • Cheapest delivery – Varies
    • Student discount – None.

    Vinted has worked wonders for us and our deal-hunting lately!

    Not only is it great for selling clothes online, but you can get some cheap shoes and trainers off the app.

    The cheap prices, even on shoes, mean you can save big on your favourite styles.

    Many sellers will be selling brand-new or slightly used shoes for under a quarter of the price.

    Visit Vinted »


  14. Depop

    Depop logo

    • Typical saving – 50%
    • Cheapest delivery – £2.99
    • Student discount – None.

    We love Depop.

    We've had some great success in both buying and selling on Depop, and the setup of the app is similar to Instagram, so it's easy to use.

    Depop is great for buying vintage items too, so if the shoes you're looking for aren't available anywhere, it's a great app to check.

    Visit Depop »


Now that you're an expert on how to save money on shoes and trainers, check out the best online clothing stores.

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