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Worst universities at resolving student compaints revealed

London Metropolitan University has been named and shamed as the worst uni in England and Wales for resolving complaints put forward by students.

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The Complete University Guide, which provides students with national ranking tables in order to help them decide which unis to apply for, have offered a new table to their guide this year: That is, how successful universities in England and Wales are at resolving complaints from dissatisfied students.

They did this by collecting data on how many 'Completion of Procedure' letters were given to students (signalling that their complaint had officially been resolved) and comparing them against the number of complaints that were filed at that university.

Is your uni on the list?

The best (of the worst)

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Top 10 universities with most unresolved complaints per 1,000 students:

  1. London Metropolitan (84.5)
  2. Cardiff Metropolitan (64.7)
  3. Liverpool (57.2)
  4. London South Bank (56.3)
  5. Leicester (52.3)
  6. Newcastle (50.8)
  7. Glyndŵr (46.7)
  8. Cardiff (45.2)
  9. Aston (44.7)
  10. Surrey (43.3)

Is the ranking fair?

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London Met have spoken out about the Complete University Guide’s findings, claiming that the data collected isn’t an accurate reflection of how well the Met deals with its students' complaints.

They claim the table doesn't reflect the fact that they've made "considerable progress" at resolving complaints internally meaning no Completion of Procedure Letters would be issued.

Four small specialist universities – the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, IFS University College, Ravensbourne and the Royal College of Art – also recorded no complaints whatsoever over the three years from 2012-14.

Does this mean there’s absolutely nothing students at these universities have to complain about? Or does it mean, perhaps, that not all complaints are officially recorded?

We're interested to know how useful you find The CUG's Complaints Resolution ranking table – would a table like this affect your decision of which unis to apply for?

Are you dissatisfied with how your uni has handled a complaint you've had? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to complain and get results (and even compensation!) from your university.

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