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People who watch ‘Friends’ do better in exams

The One Where We Reveal Which TV Shows Are Linked To Better Exam Performance...

friends fans more intelligent

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You probably thought all those hours you've spent watching Friends over and over and over again were just a waste of time, right?

Well a new survey has revealed that Friends fans actually tend to perform better in exams - so being able to recite 'Smelly Cat' from memory and recreate 'The Routine' on cue might be worthwhile after all.

DIRECTV carried out a survey across universities in the US, comparing students' SAT results to their favourite TV shows - and Friends was the most popular TV show among the high performers.

But it wasn't the only one - read on to see which TV shows they claim are linked to the best exam results.

Which TV shows are linked to better exam results?

TV shows intelligence

Credit: 20th Century Fox

The survey found that those who were a fan of comedy TV shows tended to perform better in exams than those who liked dramas.

Other popular TV shows among the high achievers included The Simpsons, Seinfeld and South Park - apparently if you want prepare your brain for exams, these are the shows to be watching (and to be fair, Lisa Simpson is an inspiration to us all).

It wasn't just comedies that were popular among the academically gifted, however. Top Gear, Sherlock and House of Cards were also among the favourites, meaning if you like cars, detectives and US politics, you're in luck.

Which TV shows are linked to lower exam results?

game of thrones lower exam results

Credit: HBO

Now it's time for the bad news. Not only did the survey reveal that watching certain TV shows is linked to better exam performance, it also identified some TV shows which are linked to lower exam results - and some of our favourites are in there.

Epic shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Dexter, The Wire and Band of Brothers were all linked to lower SAT scores.

If watching Daenerys Targaryen take on the world with her dragons doesn't prepare you for conquering exams, we don't know what will.

Other ways to boost your grades

boost grades

Credit: 20th Century Fox

But what if you can't stand Friends? What if every time you hear Joey say 'How you doin?' you want to jump out the nearest window? Don't worry, you won't be destined to bad grades for the rest of your life.

There are other activities that have been (more scientifically) proven to boost your grades - taking good lecture notes for a start. Having a strong note-taking style will help when you come to revise your notes and retain information.

Not leaving things to the last minute is also crucial. While it is possible to revise in one day and ace your exam, planning your time effectively so you're able to look back over everything at your own pace will help you keep calm and collected.

Being more organised, eating healthy revision foods and tackling exam stress have also been proven to help students bag that first class degree.

Is your favourite TV show linked to better or worse exam results? Don't forget to tag your TV binge buddy in the comments!

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WRITTEN BY Jessica Murray

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