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8 ingenious cheap pranks to play on your housemates

Who doesn't love a good cheap prank… except those who tend to be the target of them. The ones below are a must for every student household!
april fools cheap prankAs a student, you're basically in the prime of your pranking life – night and day, you're in the perfect environment to get the best results when on the wind-up.

Having multiple housemates means you're spoilt for choice when choosing who to target (if you can't choose, prank them all), and quiet lecture theatres and libraries provide the most dramatic lols.

So without further ado, here are a few of our go-tos!

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8 cheap pranks for students

  1. Fake a computer casualty

    cracked screen prankAs every laptop lover’s absolute worst nightmare (aside from getting hacked…), a cracked screen will send your victim into a momentary meltdown!

    Download an image like this one and set it as their desktop picture – make sure you hide desktop icons for the full effect!

    If they have a PC/ use Windows, you can even download the dreaded ‘blue screen’ screensaver from the Microsoft website (turns out Bill Gates loves a prank, too).

  2. Give them a squirm-inducing ringtone

    april fool phone prankCredit:Esther Vargas – FlickrChange your mate's ringtone to something obscene, then call them repeatedly when you’re together in a public place together to get a laugh.

    The middle of a lecture would obviously be the perfect opportunity, but as most students are smart enough to turn their phones on silent nowadays (spoil sports!), public transport will be just as effective.

    For the ringtone, think along the lines of someone screaming bloody murder, a baby crying, or a recording of you telling them off for being gross and not cleaning their bedroom.

  3. Cause a windscreen horror scene

    prank horrorIs your flatmate jammy enough to have a car at uni?

    Pour a few drops of food colouring into their windscreen wiper fluid to give them a little surprise: Brown for dirt, yellow for pee, or red for a blood bath!

    Another one we like is to leave a note on the windshield apologising for scratching their car, only to watch them inspect every inch of it with a confused look on their face.

  4. Replace words in docs with obscenities

    sneaky april fools prankWe have no idea why this option even exists, but if you know someone who uses Google docs or Microsoft word a lot, this one's a cracker.

    In ‘Tools' select ‘options' for Google docs or ‘Autocorrect Options' for Word. The option will then be there to enter a word that you'd like to be replaced with something different.

    If they're studying medicine, something like replacing ‘health' with ‘butt' would work well (e.g. ‘smoking is bad for your butt') or if they're doing a teaching postgrad, switch ‘education' with ‘toilet paper'. Mwhahahaha.

    This one is particularly effective if you're on the same course as you'll get to watch the confusion/frustration/embarrassment unfold like the cruel master pranker you are.

    Note that you can also pull this prank with iPhone, too – go to settings>> general>> keyboard and click ‘text replacement'. There, you can make words autocorrect to something totally different.

    Why not autocorrect your own name to ‘Master' to get the ball rolling 😉

  5. Mess with doors (and their minds)

    pranks with doorsThere's nothing that guarantees a laugh at someone else's expense more than watching them struggle to get through a door.

    Try switching over the ‘push' and ‘pull' signs on doors around your uni campus to see all sense of reality crumble for multiple people throughout the day.

    Putting a ‘please use other door' sign on the only entrance into a lecture theatre is also always a winner – particularly if the door has a window for people inside to watch and laugh through.

  6. Paint all their pens with nail varnish

    writing lecture notesClear nail varnish is a god-send when it comes to pranking – whether it's lacquering up a bar of soap so it doesn't lather in the shower, or painting it over the nozzle of the deodorant someone just bought.

    Our favourite prank in this department is the disabling pens prank. Go through whichever bag they take to uni and paint the ends of every pen and pencil they have in there with a dot of clear nail varnish.

    They'll have a hard time trying to take notes in class the next day.

  7. Boil all their eggs

    kitchen pranks with eggsDoes your flatmate have eggs for breakfast religiously every morning? The night before, boil all their eggs and put them back in the pack.

    Watching them trying to crack a hard boiled egg into a frying pan the next morning will be totally worth the wrath you'll get for it!

  8. Wrap up their stuff up

    This one's an oldie but a goodie – no student living experience would be complete without someone's entire room being prepped for the oven at some point.

    Tin foil, cling film, old newspaper… the choices are endless!

    Here's one Jake's old flatmates made earlier (yup, there really is some furniture in there):

    tin foil prank students

Hope this has given you some inspo for the big day – share your best prank yet in the comments below!

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