Tesco 1p Items

There are currently no 1p items available. Like the Save the Student Facebook page we'll let you know of all the latest 1p items!

Tesco head office have now confirmed that they have to allow people to buy the 1p items if they find them and then complete the transaction (self service 😉 ).

However, if you are approached before you pay for the items some stores are able to refuse you the sale due to the fact you haven't entered a contract with them (more on consumer rights here). That is the LAW.

Many of the items are simply end of stock items that they have yet to clear from the shelves.

The price will NOT be listed as 1p on the shelf!

Plenty of other sites and Facebook pages mention the 1p items and many of our followers also message us with tip offs of what they have found. We've listed our favourites below (let us know if you find any more).

Current glitches include

  • NA

Previous glitches included

  • Lindt Lindor caramel box
  • Smarties mini penguin
  • Quality Street boxes
  • Milkybar polar bear
  • Reese's Haloween Peanut Butter Cups
  • Jacob's Savoury Crackers 200g
  • Fizzers sweets
  • Barratt Strawberry Milkshakes 150g
  • Raspberry and Lemon Flavour Smints
  • Wine Gums
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations
  • Princess Mini Marshmallows
  • Haribo Fizzy Animals

All of these may be store specific and are obviously short time deals. We cannot guarantee that these items will be 1p and the list is based on other STS fans letting us know of their purchases.

Extra notes for 1p items

Search for these items as they could be placed anywhere in your local Tesco Express or Tesco store.

It may not say 1p on the shelf but if the barcode and product matches up it should scan at that price.

If you are worried that you will get stopped at the checkout then cover your items with another and scan as quickly as possible…

Go to the self service checkout and scan in the item. If it doesn't come up as 1p then just don't buy it (unless you want it for full price).

Don't go out of your way to get these as your local store may be sold out.

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2 Responses to “Tesco 1p Items”

  1. Jenni

    21. Jul, 2013

    There is massive list of 1p stuff to try – I am going to go around with a self scan machine and look for stuff:

    After Eight mints, normally £1.39. Often in the ‘seasonal’ aisle.
    * Cafe Direct Kilimanjaro Ground coffee, 227g. (Barcode: 5 018190 009487.)
    * Cafe Direct Cloud Forrest Coffee Beans, 227g.
    * Caf! Direct Cloud Forest Nicaragua Coffee Beans, 227g. (Barcode: 501819009226.)
    * Discount Brand (yes, this is the brand’s name) plain chocolate bars
    * Old El Paso Mild Original Fajita Cooking Sauce, 395g.
    * Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce.
    * Tesco cappuccino.
    * Wrigley’s Extra Fusion gum, strawberry peach flavour.
    * Tesco milk chocolate, 100g.
    * Curtiriso 4 cheese risotto & tomato & basil risotto, 250g.
    * Bart Coriander jars
    * Tesco organic french dressing, 250g.
    * Kallo 6 Just Bouillon Beef Stock Cubes, 72g.
    * Princes Beef Chilli Hot Pot, 340g.
    Black magic 375g 8 593893 721692
    Jacob’s Savoury Crackers 200g (barcode ending 8099)
    Fizzers sweets (barcode ending 3477)
    Barratt Strawberry Milkshakes 150g (barcode ending 1805)
    Raspberry and Lemon Flavour Smints (barcode ending 7795)
    Wine Gums (barcode ending 7285)
    Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations (barcode ending 8408)
    Princess Mini Marshmallows 100g (barcode ending 9154)
    Haribo Fizzy Animal (barcode ending 7997)
    Milk tray 600g best before date is 11/01/2014 barcode is 5034660517085
    Head & Shoulders 250ml shampoo. Barcode ends in 065 – look for the curved bottles.
    Women’s Clothes
    Black sequined shopper bag
    * F&F Magic bum, tum and thigh shaper tights in black
    * Thin black patent belt with diamante clasp.
    * F&F Signature 2-pack 40-denier black knee highs.
    * F&F brown tights (barcode 052003 406254).
    * Ladies’ pink socks with picture of jelly on and ‘wibble wobble slogan.
    * Turquoise bag (barcode 5052003091801).
    Men’s clothing
    The Stig (BBC Top Gear) men’s socks
    * Men’s brown fleece slippers. Red fleece inside, normally £6.
    * F&F men’s scarf. Black, blue and white stripe with fringe
    * Men’s ‘have a smelly valentine’ socks
    * Long sleeved pale yellow shirt & tie set
    * Daddy Cool & Simpsons Dad socks
    * Princes Beef Chilli Hot Pot, 340g.
    Cuponk kids’ game. Cup and ball game, lights up with music, was £13
    * Roary Racing Car dress up costume
    * Disney Princess slippers
    * Disney hoodies
    * Girls brushed cotton pyjamas. Pink with spots. (Barcode 5052003 759305.)
    * Star Wars socks, 2-pack. (Barcode 5052004 162067.)
    * Boys Thomas & Friends socks, 2-pack. (Barcode 5052004 169257.)
    * Boys Vests, 3-pack. Racing cars in white and navy. (Barcode 5052003 778757.)
    * Boys Peppa Pig pants, 5-pack. (Barcode 5052004 143714.)
    * Disney Princess socks, 2-pack. (Barcode 5052003 030596.)
    * Boys socks 2 pairs, 1 blue with areoplane/1 Blue & green striped. (Barcode 5052003 736061.)
    * Boys Socks 5 pairs, inc. plain, stripped, crocodiles & snakes (Barcode 5052003 018341.)
    * Girls’ leggings, twin-pack
    Girls’ leggings, twin-pack
    * Black Tote umbrella. (Barcode 5 017414 874405.
    * Black/pink and white stripes umbrella. (Barcode 5017414 833730.)
    * Plant ties
    * Belkin iPod Touch leather case + screen protector
    * Technika camera bag in black and grey
    pHOTO KEYCHAIN with bottle opener. Bar Code 820008710110

    • Jake Butler

      22. Jul, 2013

      Hi Jenny,

      We cannot thank you enough for this list.

      Let us know how you get on with the scanner and we’ll add any successful items to the list.



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