Best value TV, phone and broadband packages

If you love your TV, you’ll get the best value bundling it along with your phone and broadband. Check out the latest offers!


As with all the main utilities, we’ve done the research for you and on this page you’ll find the best value broadband, phone and TV packages for students right now.

We are all about transparency and making things easier for you, so you’ll see in the comparison table that we’ve calculated the total lifetime cost of the various contracts.

This includes any hidden extras that tend to be revealed at the last minute!

Not convinced you need a TV subscription? Try our broadband and phone comparisons as well.

Bundles Ranked by Best Value

PackageOfferBroadbandChannelsContractMonthly CostLifetime Cost
Sky Bundle
Original Bundle + Broadband & Talk
Best Bundles 25% Off £75 Credit Info & Review
Up to 17Mb Unlimited 275+ Including
Sky Atlantic
Sky 1
Sky Sports News
£16.13 + £16.40 line rental £377.31 Breakdown
Over the length of the contract:
Installation: £10
Router: £6.95
TV: £193.56
Broadband: £45
Line rental: £196.80
Credit: -£75

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Virgin Media Bundle
Broadband & TV Package
No line rental Free V HD box Info & Review
Up to 50Mb Unlimited 130+ Including
Sky 1
Sky Sports News
Film 4 HD
£36.49 £378.36 Breakdown
Over the length of the contract:
Installation: £49.95
Router: FREE
Broadband/TV: £328.41

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TalkTalk Bundle
Plus TV
Free any time calls Info & Review
Up to 16Mb Unlimited 70+ Including
Sky 1
Sky 2
Sky Sports News
£9.25* + £16.70 line rental *for 6 months then £18.50 £583.10 Breakdown
Over the length of the contract:
Installation: FREE
Router: £5
Broadband/TV: £277.50
Line rental: £300.60

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