Best value TV, phone and broadband packages

When it comes to sorting out your phone, broadband and TV subscription your best option is to bundle them all together with one supplier.

TV phone and broadband

As with all the main utilities, we’ve done the research for you and on this page you’ll find the best broadband, phone and TV packages for students right now.

We are all about transparency so the monthly prices are the average over the term of your contract, including all costs, line rental and installation.

If you’re not sure about including a TV subscription, have a look at our broadband and phone guides as well.

The top bundle packages for students

  1. Virgin BroadbandVirgin Media – £36.99  / month

    Broadband – 30Mb speed/Unltd. downloads
    Phone – Unlimited weekend calls
    TV – Basic Virgin TV package with 100+ channels

    For the cheapest package you can get all the above for around £36.99 a month with a one-off £49.95 connection fee. The best thing is that this contract fits a student tenancy perfectly because you can get a 12 month contract.

    NB: Virgin are yet to cover the whole of the UK, so check the offer page first to see if you’re in an area they supply.

    Visit this offer page for details »

  2. Sky Student BundleSky – £36.83 / month

    Broadband - 20Mb speed/Unltd. downloads.
    Phone - Unlimited weekend calls.
    TV - Basic Sky Entertainment TV subscription.
    Extras - Free Sky+HD box and free installation.

    If you’re after a 12 month contract then this is our top pick but you can get loads more great package deals with Sky, and so it’s worth checking out their website to compare individual packages which suit your needs as a house.

    All this (including the free box and small £10 set up fee) for just £36.83 a month makes this a smashing offering!

    Remember you can customize the package to suit your wants needs, such as bolting on the sports or movie options.  For more details and offers, head over to the Sky website where you can also start building your package.

    For a short time only all new customers get a free £25 M&S voucher too.

    Visit Sky for more info »

  3. BT LogoBT Vision - £29.25 / month

    Broadband – 16Mb speed/40Gb download.
    Phone – Free weekend calls.
    TV – BT Vision Essential package with 70 digital channels, and catch-up (eg. iPlayer).
    Extras – Free BT ports, Free BT Home Hub, free WiFi nationwide with BT OpenZone.

    The package above will no doubt be extremely popular with students due to the free BT Sports on offer all year!

    The price break down is as follows. The package is £20 a month for the BT TV and broadband. You can then save by paying for the 12 months line rental upfront. On top of all this is also a £30 activation charge.

    Visit BT Vision for the info »

If you would still like to set up each of your packages separately (perhaps you have split the bills between your housemates) then make sure you check out our Student Phone line, Student Broadband and Student TV articles.

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