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How much are American university fees?

With tuition fees now above £9,000 a year in the UK, it's becoming more important for some students to compare the cost of an education abroad.Cost of USA uni fees

Some newspapers have commented on the ‘brain drain' from the UK to North America due to the increase in fees, but how does the cost of studying in America really compare?

As the main goal of the Save the Student website is of course saving students money, we've put in the time and effort to figure out how much studying for a degree in America as a UK student could cost you.

Obviously it's worth noting that this is a rough guide to fees, the cost will vary according to colleges and your personal circumstances.

The cost of an American degree

Similarly to the UK, there's two main costs that you need to consider when studying in America. Not only do you have to take responsibility for the cost of your degree but you also have to consider day to day living costs such as accommodation.

Tuition fees in America

american_dollarsThe average cost of studying at an American university is £22,000 a year, but varies widely from £15,000 to a massive £50,000 depending on the university and course.

Most of the top American Universities (like Yale and Harvard) will typically charge around £30,000 a year.

As in the UK, over recent years there have been many complaints in America regarding the rising cost of tuition fees and the cutting of financial aid sources.

Living costs of studying in the US

Considering that most undergraduate courses are 4 years long (some 6 or more) then you need to consider the cost of actually living out there (compared to the UK).

Taking into account travel, fees, going out and books over your degree, you could easily be graduating with a hefty debt of anything between £50,000 – £115,000 (based on recent figures).

Funding for students in America

Student loans

In the UK student loans are administrated by the Student Loans Company (SLC), however British students are unable to use this loan for study abroad.

Therefore funding a degree in America is difficult for many students, often with a private commercial loan (with higher interest rates) the only option. However there are other options…

Grants and scholarships

living in americaAlthough there are fewer on offer than previous years, the grants and scholarships for international students looking to study for an undergraduate degree in America can be vital.

If you manage to get financial aid then it may be possible to reduce your personal costs to around £15,000 per year. Again, the cost of each university and course differs.

Although studying in America will always cost more than studying at home, the gap is shrinking and the benefits of studying in the US come more to the forefront.

For more information, see our student funding for America page which includes more details on scholarships and grants.

This page is part of our Study Abroad America series for international students.

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