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Free £5 Amazon voucher with Snoop

Snoop is a free money-saving app that analyses your spending, helps you budget and finds you smart ways to save on your bills. Connect your bank account and any credit cards to Snoop and see all your money in one place.

Here's how you can get yours:

  • Click on the green button below
  • Download the Snoop app using our link
  • Connect at least 1 bank account to Snoop & use it for a month
  • You'll then get your free £5 Amazon voucher!
  • Snoop’s smart spending tracker will monitor all your bills, including broadband, mobile, rent and more. Plus, subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, etc
  • You’ll get alerts when you’re paying too much and Snoop will share smart ways to save across your spending, including discounts at your favourite stores

Download the app for free and get Snoop looking out for you and your money 24/7.

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