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Best cheap electric blankets 2023

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Looking for a cheap electric blanket? We reveal our best buys. Save on heating bills whilst keeping cosy and safe.

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With soaring UK energy prices, buying an electric heated blanket is a great investment that's pretty much guaranteed to save money on bills this winter.

Electric blankets warm your body directly, keeping you toasty whether on the sofa or in bed. They are far more cost-effective than turning up the central heating.

We'll cover where to buy cheap electric blankets, before sharing tips on maximising their performance and using them safely.

We've seen electric blankets going up in price and selling out quickly recently, so it's harder than it used to be to buy them cheaply. As well as looking on the sites below, check our deals page – we'll share the best offers there!

Where to buy electric blankets

Here are the best places to look for cheap electric blankets:

  1. Silentnight

    silentnight logo

    Silentnight is one of the leading brands of electric blankets. You'll see their blankets for sale at loads of major retailers (including many of the ones listed below).

    They do have their own online store. However, compare prices elsewhere before buying an electric blanket from Silentnight, just in case you can find the same product for less.

    Visit Silentnight »


  2. Supermarkets

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    Some supermarkets have excellent deals on electric blankets.

    Asda is a good place to start. We've previously seen them sell a Silentnight electric throw for much less than it was on sale for in other stores.

    But their heated blankets do seem to sell out pretty quickly, so it's best not to leave it too long to buy one if you find a good deal.

    Two other stores to try are Aldi and Lidl. They don't always have electric blankets available, but it's worth checking if they have any in stock, as they've been known to run some great offers.

    Also, even if you can't find any in your local Sainsbury's, remember that it's linked to Argos. There's a chance you could buy one from Argos, and pick it up in-store with free click & collect.

    Visit Asda »


  3. Dunelm

    Dunelm logo

    We've previously seen electric underblankets at Dunelm on sale for around £22. As a general rule, it's difficult to find electric blankets for much less than £20 at the moment. So, if you can get one for £22, this is a decent deal.

    But, again, the best offers sell out quickly. Keep an eye on the site to see if they have any cheap electric blankets available.

    Visit Dunelm »


  4. Amazon

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    Amazon has a huge range of electric blankets. But, with so much choice, it can be harder to identify which really are good value for money.

    If you find a cheap heated blanket on Amazon, make sure it's from a reputable brand with good reviews. There's no point in getting a low-cost blanket if it's not a reliable product.

    Visit Amazon »


  5. Boots

    boots logo

    Boots usually has a handful of electric blankets on sale. They're not always the cheapest, so compare prices on other sites first.

    Having said that, it's still a good site to try if you're struggling to find ones that are affordable and in stock at other retailers.

    Plus, students can get 10% off with a Boots advantage card.

    Visit Boots »


There are a few different types of electric blankets. Underblankets are usually the cheapest. These go underneath you in bed. Electric throws and overblankets tend to be more expensive, but they can go over you on the sofa or in bed.

Saving money with an electric blanket

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Energy bills have risen a huge amount over the last year.

Over winter, putting the heating on always adds a lot to monthly bills. And now more than ever, we're all looking for ways to save energy and keep bills down.

Compared to putting on radiators, electric blankets use very little energy. In fact, an electric blanket costs just £0.051 per hour to run.

Of course, you do need to consider the initial cost of buying an electric blanket.

To find good deals, try the sites we've suggested above.

And if you do get a heated blanket, look after it as much as you can. When used carefully, electric blankets can continue to save you money on bills for the next few winters.

For tips on how to use electric blankets safely, see the next point.

To help you through this difficult period, we've put together a list of 20 ways to cope with the cost of living crisis.

Are electric blankets safe?

Electric blankets should be safe to use if you use them correctly.

The London Fire Brigade has some good tips on how to use electric blankets safely on its website. Here's an overview of their advice:

  • When storing electric blankets, either keep them flat, rolled up or loosely folded.
  • Some electric blankets have thermostats to keep them at a safe temperature overnight. If you have one without this setting, switch it off before getting into bed.
  • Don't use an electric blanket with an air-flow pressure relief mattress.
  • You also shouldn't use an electric blanket if you're using emollient creams (e.g. E45 cream). When these creams get on things like bedding and clothes, they can increase flammability.
  • Don't use electric blankets when they're wet. You should never switch it on to dry it.
  • When getting an electric blanket, buy a brand-new one, rather than a second-hand one.
  • Check it often for wear and tear to make sure it's still in a safe condition. The London Fire Brigade recommends replacing them at least every 10 years.

How to wash a heated blanket

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Before getting an electric blanket, make sure it's machine washable. It goes without saying that if it's not, don't put it in the washing machine.

Check your blanket's specific care instructions and follow these closely.

When washing an electric blanket, you'll need to remove the control cord. They usually need to go in delicate cycles.

As mentioned above, don't switch the electric blanket on to dry it. If you have a tumble dryer, you might be able to dry the blanket on a low-heat setting. But otherwise, air dry it.

And once the blanket's dry, don't iron it. This can damage the wiring.

Hopefully, with these tips, you'll be able to protect the electric blanket and help it to last longer.

Although it's difficult to switch to cheaper energy providers right now, see if you can save money by switching broadband providers.


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