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9 ways to get cheap concert tickets

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Keen to buy concert tickets without paying sky-high prices? We reveal the secrets of how to get them for less.

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Getting your hands on concert tickets can be an adrenaline rush and could potentially cause a lot of FOMO if all of your friends are going. Not only do you need to secure tickets, but you need to avoid spending your whole Maintenance Loan in the process.

We've been there and done it and have some great tips on getting gig tickets for less.

How to get cheap concert tickets

Here are the best ways to save money on concert tickets:

  1. Use presale to buy concert tickets

    Utilising presale to buy concert tickets gives you a great chance of getting your top choices. Many mobile phone providers will offer access to a set number of presale tickets, days before the general sale goes live.

    Keep an eye out for O2 Rewards, Three+ and other networks if you're planning to switch your SIM only contract. Do some research in advance to ensure you can make full use of features like this!

    However, make sure that you're getting a good deal with these SIM only deals, as you may be better off price-wise with another network.

    If you have a credit card, check their rewards perks too. Companies such as American Express often offer presale deals with Ticketmaster a few days before the general sale.

    If you're lucky, you can attempt all presales available before the general sale to give the best possible chance/choice of seats. This way, you might be able to buy tickets for the cheapest seats before they sell out.

  2. Buy general sale concert tickets

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    The next best thing after presale access is to try to get tickets on general sale. Find out what date and time the tickets will be released, so you can get your payment card and the link ready.

    If you're buying the tickets at the time of release, you have a better chance of saving money by accessing the ticket at face value instead of at inflated prices later on. The more popular the artist, the more likely this is to happen!

    It's also good to note that, by buying tickets from a verified vendor, you may save on booking and delivery fees that some other websites charge. We would also urge you to check the authenticity of the website you're purchasing from.

  3. Compare prices to find the cheapest concert tickets

    It's worth checking all ticket sites to see if any offer a marginal discount. Some websites may charge slightly different fees (including delivery costs). So, while it's unlikely the actual ticket price will be different, you may save overall on these.

    These are some places to look for cheap concert tickets:

  4. Get tickets delivered to your email for free

    It may seem like a relatively obvious tip, but you can save a bit of cash if you choose to get your tickets delivered to your email. Watch out though, because when you're ordering the tickets, the pre-selected option is often to have the tickets delivered home for a fee.

    If you go to a few concerts per year, this could cost you a decent amount, as the home delivery options can range from £5 – £10.

    Plus, there's no chance of losing paper tickets before the day of your event, as they'll be accessible from your mobile. Just make sure your phone is charged!

  5. Standing tickets may be cheaper

    There are a few things you need to know before battling it out with the world for tickets if you're using a website such as Ticketmaster. When you're waiting in that ever-lasting virtual queue, your nerves may be going, wondering if you'll be getting any tickets, let alone standing.

    Once through the queue, Ticketmaster (for example), will offer you the 'best available' tickets to purchase. In our experience, they've never given us standing tickets here even if still available. Naturally, it feels as though you have to purchase whatever you're given within the time limit but did you know you can instead create a search for your desired tickets?

    We've tried this before and can confirm it found the tickets we wanted, instead of trying to flog us the 'best available'. Surprisingly too, the standing tickets we wanted, ended up being cheaper than the seats at the back that it tried to offer us originally!

  6. Buy concert tickets via verified reseller sites

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    Take a look at verified reseller sites if you've missed out on presale and general sale tickets. We suggest researching the face value of the ticket from the general sale so that you don't end up paying over the odds.

    Time it right. Tickets could still be at face value just after the time of the general sale, so don't discount it! If they're too expensive or there aren't any available, check for periods of 'lull' where tickets may drop in price randomly.

    If you're close to the venue or can get there easily, you can wait until the day or even hours/minutes before a show for a dramatic drop in price. This may mean you'll get them at face value or cheaper if they were pricey beforehand.

  7. Go solo to your favourite artist

    Wishing you could have bagged tickets for a concert? Try searching for solo seats. These could be left between couples or groups of friends and may be cheaper as they're harder to sell. But keep in mind that this is likely limited to seated tickets as, for standing, it wouldn't matter.

    In our opinion, this is a foolproof way to save a bit of cash and actually go to the concert. Who knows, you may make a friend or two!

  8. Buy concert tickets from a friend

    Buying tickets from strangers online seems tempting, especially if the event is sold out. However, don't risk it. You don't know a stranger's intentions and you could be out of pocket or even scammed at the end of it.

    Ask around to see if anyone you know and trust is selling tickets. You never know, they may be desperate to get rid of them and could end up selling them for less than face value.

  9. Enter competitions for free tickets

    Lastly, if you've missed out on the above and want an extra chance to go to a concert, you can search for competitions where they're offering tickets to the show as the prize. These competitions may be online or, more often, on radio stations.

    This way, if you enter and win a competition, you'll go for free and they may even throw in a hotel stay or cover transport costs as part of the prize.

    We do urge you to be careful and check the validity of the competition to make sure it's legitimate.

    Look on reputable brand social pages for extra information and you could even email the company to confirm details. You should never need to pay to enter competitions, so don't give away any card details.

Now that you're on your way to securing cheap concert tickets, check out how to get free and cheap theatre tickets.

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