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Best places to print your photos for free

Storing your selfies and night out pics on your phone is easy, but did you know there are ways you can also print them for free? Read on to find out how!

free photo printing

They say your uni years are meant to be some of the best in your life, but with all the pub crawls involved, the memories can get a bit hazy!

That's where having a good photo collection comes in, and the great news is that there are tonnes of ways you can get your snaps developed for free online (from sign up freebies, to free prints promo codes). To save you searching, we've rounded up some of the best offers below for you to take your pic(k).

Note that a lot of these free print offers are for new customers only, so you'll only be able to get them free first time round. Although by the time you've exhausted this list, you probably won't have any space left on your walls!

As well as the photo offers listed in this guide, it's also worth checking our deals page for any good short-term deals that might be running. You could bag yourself an even bigger discount!

Where to get free photo prints

What better way to start than getting straight to the point, right?

Please note that many of the codes for these deals will change from time to time. So, whilst the deals themselves are quite consistent, it's worth checking the details of the links below to ensure you've got the right codes handy.

Here's our top five places to snag some freebie prints...

  1. FreePrints App

    freeprintsNumber of free prints: 45 per month | Postage cost: £1.49 – £3.99

    This app is a serious game changer in the world of photo printing.

    The FreePrints app allows you to upload any photos from your social media accounts or Dropbox and print up to 45 free each month (with a maximum of 500 per year). There's no FreePrints promo code needed just an app download.

    Free prints with these guys are 6x4" and there's a limit of one print per photo (so you can't print multiple copies of the same photo, making it useless for promotional purposes).

    You can also earn up to an additional free prints each month by referring people to the service, and sharing it on Twitter.

    And as if ALL THAT, wasn't enough, if you download their Photobook app (Apple, Android) you'll also get a free photo book too (plus £5.99 delivery). Nice!

    Get your free prints »

  2. Boots

    Boots_logoNumber of free prints: 25 | Postage cost: £0.99+

    Boots' photo printing department is powered by Snapfish (who also make this list).

    You can grab yourself 25 free photo prints when you first sign up to Boots Photo, and gain Boots Advantage Card points on your prints too.

    Get your free prints »

  3. Photobox

    photobox logoNumber of free prints: 30 | Postage cost: £2.99+

    Another online-only service that offers freebies to get you on board! You can order up to 30 prints free of charge when you're a new customer, as long as you order them within 30 days of registering.

    The deal applies to prints sized 6x4.5", 6x4" and 5x3.75" in gloss finish only, and is restricted to one deal per household, so you can't be sneaky and sign up again with a different email address. Fine then!

    Get your free prints »

  4. CEWE Photoworld

    CEWElogoNumber of free prints: 50 | Postage cost: £2.95+

    CEWE Photoworld are one of the newer kids on the block, but don't let that put you off their free prints offer.

    You'll have to download their Creator Software first and make your order through that, but don't worry, that's free too.

    Get your free prints »

  5. Snapfish

    snapfish free photo printNumber of free prints: 600 (50 per month for a year) | Postage cost: £1.49+

    From the people that power Boots' photo printing service, it's yet more free prints.

    Snapfish's free prints offer can only be redeemed through its mobile app, but as a fair number of your photos will already be on your phone, this shouldn't be too much of an issue!

    Get your free prints »

  6. Photofly

    free prints photo photoflyNumber of free prints: 50 per order | Postage cost: £1.99+

    Got an Android phone? Good news (or bad, if you don't...)! Photofly's free prints deal is arguably the best of the bunch, offering 50 free 4x6" or 4x4" prints on every order.

    Again, you'll have to use a mobile app to take advantage of this offer, but as you're only paying postage to receive your prints, it's quite literally a very small price to pay for the privilege...

    Get your free prints »

A few extra tips

free photo prints
Before you start ordering hundreds of free photo prints to plaster on as wallpaper, or sew them into a blanket (whatever takes your fancy!), here are a few extra things to consider:

  1. Keep an eye on delivery prices – It is worth remembering that although the prints you'll receive are free, you're going to have to pay delivery charges (all prices are stated above). So if you're splashing out on any of the larger prints that you have to shell out for, be sure to choose the service that offers the lowest postage price.
  2. 'One address only' rule applies – You'll often find that a lot of these offers will be restricted to one deal per household. This means you'll have to make sure you get in there before your flatmates! Either that, or kindly ask your parents if you can use their address to get your freebies sent to (and ask them even more kindly if they'll then post the prints on to you).
  3. Instagram filters aren't always the best choice – remember that although some of your pics might look great on your phone screen with bright Instagram filters, they don't always translate so well into print. And on a similar note, make sure your photos are decent too – small or poor quality images are likely to look even worse when printed!
  4. Sort your photos before uploading – If you're going to be uploading a lot of photos then it's best to short them all out into different folders beforehand so they're easer to upload.
  5. Try printing them yourself – If you only have a couple of photos to print, you might be better buying some good quality photo printing paper and printing them yourself at home (if you have a decent printer). Check out our guide to cheap home printing here.
  6. Be wary of the quality – As the prints are free, it's unlikely that you'll be getting the absolute best quality paper and printing methods. There's no reason for them to bad, but it's worth keeping an eye out just in case. And remember, even though they're free, you're still entitled to complain and ask for them to be replaced!

If you've got any other cheap (or free!) photo-printing tips, share in the comments section below! 

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