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Walkers is hiring a ‘Super Tester’ – get paid to eat crisps!

You’ll need to be a non-smoker with a big appetite and a strong vocabulary to land the job.
crisp tasterCredit:Frankie Roberto
Looking for a student job with a twist? PepsiCo UK, the US owner of Walkers crisps, are looking for a part-time crisp connoisseur to work at their Beaumont Leys in Leicestershire.

For £8.51 an hour, your main responsibility will be to ensure that the batches of potato snacks the company are dishing out are up to scratch.

Whilst crisps will be your main focus, you’ll also be expected to test other Pepsico products, such as Tropicana orange juice, Dorito’s and Gatorade.

The company have specifically asked for applicants who are “prepared to consume a wide variety of foods and beverages” so we guess picky eaters and serial dieters need not apply!

If you fancy yourself an expert in snacks and are partial to a free munch, get that CV up to scratch and send in an application.

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Is the job for me?

crisp-inspector-minAs a crisp connoisseur, you’ll be expected to work a maximum of eight hours a week, and these hours can be taken any time between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday - making this the perfect flexible part-time gig for students!

But whilst most of us would like to think we’re totally up to the job, it turns out qualifying as a Super Tester it’s actually a lot harder than you think.

Matt Cullingworth from Walkers has said that whilst many people apply for these positions, only a small number are right for the job.

He said:

The skills are quite niche. Only about one in four people have them.

If you love your coffee and tea, this also probably isn’t the job for you as caffeinated drinks are banned as they can spoil your taste buds. Same goes for smoking!

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There are a few other prerequisites to consider before sending in your application, too.

As well as being a non-smoker, to qualify for the job you must have:

  • No food intolerances or allergies
  • A heightened sense of taste
  • A strong vocabulary so you can give great feedback
  • The ability to identify the basic tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, salt and umami
  • Good odour recognition skills

They've also stated that they're looking for a team player with good interpersonal, communication and computer skills. Sounds like the job for you? Apply here (before Monday 6th March). Good luck!

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Katie Paterson

WRITTEN BY Katie Paterson

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