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Unsafe Student Houses, £10k Tuition Fees, EE Power Bar Recall…

Warning over dangerous electrics in student digs

exposed-wiresA survey by Electrical Safety First has found that 27% of students questioned had experience with dangerous electrical items in their student homes. 37% of those said that they did not receive help from their landlord in fixing the problem.

Problems that students have reported include electric shocks, exposed wiring and dampness around the electrics. Electrical Safety First urges any student who has problems with their electrics to contact their landlord as soon as a problem is noticed and if they fail to act then you should contact your local authority for assistance.

Our take: Student accommodation isn’t known for being great, but at the end of the day you are tenants and have rights! You deserve to live in a safe house, so don’t put up with substandard care. There are some ways to protect yourself before you choose your accommodation, check out our guide and know your tenant rights to help you avoid lazy landlords and dangerous dwellings.

EE recalls unsafe power bars

ee-recall-headerIt was a popular offer – a free power bar for everybody with EE. Got one? Check your power bar as those with the model number ‘E1-06’ have been recalled due to a fire safety risk.

EE have run out of power bars, so affected customers will receive a £20 EE voucher and a new power bar when they are back in stock.

Our take: Thousands of customers will have a recalled power bar so it is extremely important to check yours and to pass on the message to others to avoid any further incidents.

Tuition fees likely to rise to £10k a year

90s loan refundAh, tuition fees. Who doesn’t love the subject? After the fees were tripled just three years ago, rising from £3k a year to £9k a year, the fees are likely to increase again by 2020.

A report by the Independent Commission on Fees believe that ‘good’ universities will be allowed to raise their fees in line with inflation. They predict that tuition fees will reach £10k a year by the end of the decade. The Commission wants an investigation in to tuition fees to see if they are fair and good value for money.

Our take: It means more debt but it should not put you off going to uni – we’ve busted some myths about tuition fees here. Our National Money Survey asked students if they thought uni provided value for money and a staggering 55% said no. How can they even think about increasing tuition fees when there is already a problem with the quality of teaching? That’s the bigger issue here. Students are being saddled with ridiculous debt for an education that may not even be worth it.

Accountancy firm stops looking at education of prospective employees

cvErnst and Young, a top UK accountancy firm, will be removing all details of a potential employee’s education during the employment process. People will be invited to an interview based on their results of online tests rather than their degree. Before, only those with three Bs at A-Level and a 2:1 degree were considered for jobs.

Applicants will still be asked for the details of their education but this will not be made available to the interviewer. Ernst and Young hope that this will lead to a more diverse work place and to prevent education being a ‘barrier’ to a good job.

Our take: There are many things at college and uni that can go wrong, leading to disappointing results. They shouldn’t hold you back, if you’re smart then you’re smart, no matter what your degree says. Want a First? We have some tips to help you out, but remember that even maths boffin Carole Vorderman got a Third at uni and it hasn’t held her back!

Tesco Clubcard Boost is back!

tesco-clubcardClubcard Boost is on like Donkey Kong, allowing shoppers the chance to exchange their Clubcard vouchers on awesome things such as electrical items and homeware for double the value of your vouchers.

Vouchers can be used online on Tesco Direct too. Yay!

Our take: Treat yourself or use them towards birthday or Christmas (sorry to mention the C word) presents. The Clubcard Boost is a great way to use your Clubcard vouchers as you can save loads of money!

Record Scottish Highers Pass Rate

Scottish UniversitiesThe Scottish Higher students (equivalent to A Level) received their results earlier this week and there was a record pass rate.

This has lead to an investigation into whether the exams have been made easier.

Our take: If more students are passing and getting good grades it means more will be getting into uni. This makes us happy. A Level students it's you next week. Squeeky bum time!

Kermit and Miss Piggy confirm split

kermit-piggyAfter 40 years together, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy have revealed that they have split up.

The Muppets stars will continue to work together, taking the brave decision to remain amicable for work purposes. Kermit is apparently already dating another pig called Denise and revealed that he likes curly tails… Okay then.

Our take: Bit soon to be moving on, isn’t it? Poor Miss Piggy! If, however, they can remain friends after such a long term relationship… why can’t you stay friends with your ex, eh?


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