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Uni Grants to be Scrapped, Kentucky Fried Rat, BT Sport Price Hikes…

Uni grants could be scrapped

Grants and bursariesSupport grants for students from poor backgrounds may be scrapped in order to save money.

Students with a household income of up to £42,000 are currently eligible for a grant – removing the grant entirely could save £2bn over three years. The phasing out of grants was previously proposed in 2013, but Deputy PM Nick Clegg blocked the proposal. Knew he was good for something!

Our take: £2bn is a lot of money – so of course they would consider cutting or scrapping grants. However, this should just be a fleeting thought. Grants are a lifeline for students who feel like they can’t afford to go to uni. A lot of students already feel the grant isn’t enough – let alone the loan itself – so reducing any of these would be detrimental to students. Luckily, there is other help out there – we have info on other grants and funds here if you need financial help.

Tesco shoppers scramble for cheap meat

Tesco-Meat-ScrambleA video has emerged of people fighting to get meat reduced to clear at a Tesco in Northampton.

The video shows adults on their hands and knees and pushing others in order to get bargain meat. Johnny Lester, who filmed the occurrence, believes both Tesco and the shoppers are to blame – he thinks Tesco should have a better system of reducing items, and that people should show better manners. We can’t disagree!

Our take: The video is actually quite sad to watch – it’s hard to believe that people must go to these lengths to get cheap meat. If the thought of fighting over chicken makes you shudder (and it should) – why not try online shopping or see our tips to save money at the supermarket?

BT customers will have to pay for BT Sport

Credit card debtHow many of you (looking at you, footie fans) took out BT broadband because it promised free BT Sport channels?

Unfortunately, BT Sport will no longer free. Broadband customers will soon automatically be opted in to pay £5 a month for the package, and those who currently pay for BT Sport will see the fee increase (however, BT have not said by how much). If you don’t want the ‘free’ sport channels you can still cancel.

Our take: This is a bit cheeky if you ask us as many signed up last year with the free sports as an incentive. Want to change supplier? We’ll be comparing the best broadband deals here soon.

Teenager finds new planet on work experience

teenager-finds-planetAh, work experience. Remember that at school? You may have just worked in a shop or a school, but teen Tom Wagg scored a placement at Keele University and actually discovered a planet.

During his placement two years ago, he found evidence of a dip of a star which he thought could have occurred by another planet passing in front of it. Astronomers have now confirmed it’s a planet, which is currently called WASP-142b but will be renamed as part of a contest.

Our take: Some people spend their whole lives searching the skies for a new planet (like Principal Skinner) – such an achievement to find it at a young age and on work experience! We think the planet should be named after Tom, seeing as he was the one to find it…

KFC customers finds a ‘rat’ in meal

KFC-RatA customer in America has accused KFC of serving him a fried rat instead of a piece of good ol’ Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Devorise Dixon says he complained to the manager who confirmed it’s a rat and apologised. KFC bosses have responded that Dixon has not replied to their efforts to contact them and has found no evidence to support his claim.

Our take: What do you think? Is it a rat or chicken? We’ll let you decide…


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