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Student wins £10k on bet for Leicester to win the league

20-year-old student Karishma has raked in a whopping £10,000 after placing a £2 bet on Leicester winning the League – and plans to save her winnings!
leicesterCredit John Candy –

Karishma Kapoor, a lifelong Leicester fan, put £2 on her team winning the league at the start of the season when she and her aunt noticed online that the odds were 5000/1 (the same as the odds of Elvis still being alive).

Little did she know that nine months later, she’d be thinking seriously about how to spend her £10,000 winnings!

Ladbrokes, who she originally placed the bet with, offered Karishma a cool £9,000 cash out after Leicester drew with Manchester United on Sunday, realising they were set for a major pay-out if Leicester won the League.

But Karishma rejected the offer, claiming she was confident her team would win. She told the Mirror:

Why would I cash out my bet when I could have an extra £1,000 if I waited another day?

Ladbrokes have told the media they’re having to pay out record sums to Leicester fans after the result, but that they're doing so "with a smile.”

However, they've admitted that they won't be offering these odds in future, as Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes announced:

The days of 5000/1 are over. We'll never be so generous with odds again for an underdog.

How she plans to spend her £10k

karishmaWith the money she’s won, Karishma has promised her little brother Sahil that she’ll take him to watch the Foxes in the Champions League, but says she’d also like to be sensible and save some of her cash.

Currently a Business student at Nottingham Trent University, Karishma told the papers:

I do want to save a bit because I'm a student and the money would really help.

We hear ya, Karishma!

Betting on sport events

Here at Save the Student, we don't encourage gambling, but the occasional few quid on large sport events like this can be fun if you are responsible – and as Karishma's story has taught us, can lead to a serious pay out if you get lucky.

Want to guarantee you'll come out on top? There's a (legal) loophole that allows you to always profit by taking up bookmakers’ signup promotions. Have a read of our full guide on matched betting.

Good luck!

Katie Paterson

WRITTEN BY Katie Paterson

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