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Student News

Student Loan Repayments May Be Challenged, EE Recalls Power Bars, Last Order Dates for Xmas…

Martin Lewis wants to challenge student loan repayments

Loans not saving money

Martin Lewis - the consumer guru from Money Saving Expert (and who you may have seen on ITV's This Morning) has hired a team of solicitors to see if the new student loan repayment system can be challenged after being part of the student finance task force that said changes were unlikely to happen!

In George Osborne's Autumn Statement it was announced that he was freezing the £21,000 threshold that graduates will pay back their student debts. He previously promised that the threshold would rise in line with average earnings.

Our take: There's no guarantee that anything will come from this, but Martin Lewis is clear to take action after advising 1000s of students that a change like this was unlikely to happen. We advised that the government could make changes back in 2011 and that all students should be careful. It's a shame to see if has actually happened! Repayments can be really confusing so we've put together a handy big fat guide to student finance to help you make sense of all the jargon!

4 in 5 students experienced mental health problems


According to a survey by the NUS, 4 in 5 students have had mental health problems in the last year.

A third of respondents also said that they wouldn't know where to seek help if they needed it, whilst 40% said that they would be 'nervous' about how much support their university would offer them.

Our take: It isn't unusual to feel down at uni, which is a sad fact. As this survey shows it's more common than you think. That doesn't mean you'll always feel that way - if you're feeling homesick we have some tips here to help you. Don't be afraid to approach your doctor or lecturer for help - you're not alone, and help is out there!

Loughborough Uni most popular first choice

loughborough uni

Of a survey of over 8,000 would-be undergraduates, Loughborough University appears to be the most popular. It has been named the most popular first choice uni for students starting in 2016.

This was followed by the universities of Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. Nottingham came top for second (insurance) places.

Our take: Well done, Loughborough! It may not be what you first think of when you think of universities, but they must be popular for a reason!

EE recalls ALL power bars


You may remember a few months ago that EE recalled one batch of power bars, which were offered free to all customers. It seemed like a pretty sweet deal at the time - until some of the bars started exploding...

EE are now recalling ALL power bars - stop using the bar immediately and return to the store when you can. You'll be given a £20 voucher to spend on accessories as a way of apology.

Our take: These bars were really popular when they came out, so it's really worrying that there are potentially more problems with the power bars. Please share with your friends so they are aware.

£10 Co Op Christmas Meal Deal

co op xmas

Wizzard wanted it to be Christmas every day - well, now it can be! Kind of...

Co Op do an awesome frozen meal deal which changes every few weeks. For one week only, you can get a turkey crown, roast potatoes, stuffing, parsnips (ew), sprouts, Yorkshire puddings and ice cream for just £10! Perfect for a mini-Christmas with your housemates, or for stashing in your freezer so you can have a Christmas dinner whenever you want.

Our take: This is such an awesome deal! It's also pretty healthy, especially compared to Co Op's previous frozen meal deals. More info here, and remember that this offer finishes on Christmas Day so get down there quickly if you want some delicious turkey!

Christmas is coming!

grumpy cat christmas

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year... you'll know that Christmas is coming. Like, REALLY coming - it's only one week away!

This year, Christmas is on the 25th December. Hope you've at least started your present shopping!

Our take: Are you panicking yet? If you don't fancy braving the cold and the other frantic shoppers, you can shop online from the comfort of your own home in your pants. We've put together a list of last order dates so you can shop in peace, knowing your presents will arrive in time for the big day. If you've waited until the very last minute to go shopping - we've saved your bacon with these 12 gifts you can buy on Christmas Day!


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