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Student News

New Loans Put Off Poor, New Co-op Meal Deal, Library Card for Owl…

Poorer students worry about new loan system

Loans not saving moneyA report by Sutton Trust suggests that poor prospective students are now being put off going to university knowing that they will have more debt than other students.

Grants for students will be scrapped next year and replaced with increased maintenance loans for all, with poorer students receiving a higher amount. Sutton Trust are asking for an investigation in to the student loan system.

Our take: What prospective and current students MUST remember is that this debt isn't repayable until you're earning over £21k and will be wiped clear after 30 years. So it's still very affordable and shouldn't be a reason for young people to avoid uni. The scrapping of grants could be seen as a good thing, as a higher loan instead helps all students cover rising living costs. Our Editor muses this view in the Huffington Post this week.

Open Uni to monitor students to stop drop-outs

College Drop OutThe Open University are going to start using some snazzy new software for new students to reduce the amount of students dropping out.

The program is called OU Analyse, which uses data and different algorithms to predict if a student will be unlikely to hand in their next assignment. The student will then be given extra support to prevent them feeling overwhelmed and possibly dropping out.

Our take: University is meant to be challenging and it is only natural to feel like the work is too much, especially during your first year. Your tutors are there to help, as are friends/people from your course you stalked on Facebook. Starting uni in September? Prepare yourself by reading our guides on dealing with homesickness and 23 things you should know about uni.

New plans to improve mobile phone switching

swith-mobileChanging mobile phone providers can be an absolute hassle, like calling both suppliers and getting a PAC code… ain’t nobody got time for that!

Now, Ofgem are thinking of better ways to switch suppliers, such as not having to ring up your supplier to cancel (because everyone knows talking to people on the phone is totes awks especially listening to the sales pitch) and being able to text for a PAC code.

Our take: Changing contracts can be a great way to save money – check out our tips here on how to get the best deal. Hopefully Ofgem will find some awesome ways to save time during the process!

Uni of South Wales to close studentless campus

USW-London-CampusLast year, the University of South Wales opened up a new campus all the way over in London – but now, having enrolled absolutely no students, it will be closing up shop and heading back to South Wales.

The university has blamed a lack of international students for the failed plans as new rules make it harder for foreign students to get a visa to study.

Our take: Why aren’t students interested in the London campus? That’s what the uni should be investigating, not blaming it on international students. There are many factors that make a student choose a certain university, therefore there must be a reason why no one was interested in this one!

New Co-Op meal deal has started!

coop-meal-dealFreezer getting a little low? Take a trip to your local Co Op and peruse their freezers – there you’ll find a hidden (it shouldn’t be hidden) deal – some tasty bits for your freezer all for £5!

Co Op do a different frozen meal deal every few weeks. This time, it’s battered fish, chips, peas, ice cream and apple strudel. Omnomnomnom!

Our take: This is a great deal because it’s cheap and you can eat it. You can have a two course meal for four days, that’s some fancy living!

Uni gives a library card to an owl

Owl-lib-cardYoda the owl has been given its own library card by Bath University to thank him for scaring away gulls on campus.

Yoda currently visits the campus twice a week with his handler as an environmentally friendly way of getting rid of pesky gulls. Wonder what the first book he checks out will be?

Our take: Gulls can be very annoying, but just because they’re annoying doesn’t mean they should be treated cruelly when they can just be scared off. Anyway – what kind of name is Yoda for an owl?!


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