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Dream job alert: Get paid to sleep

Is napping your greatest talent? Well we've finally found your calling, as this job will pay you £600 simply for sleeping... 

paid to sleep

Credit: Warner Bros.

It sounds too good to be true, but believe us, it isn't - you can actually get paid to sleep.

Simba Sleep are offering three lucky snoozers the opportunity to try out their new Hybrid mattress, and get paid £600 for doing so.

And what's the best way of seeing whether a mattress is up to scratch? Sleeping on it as much as possible, of course.

Participants will have to sleep on the mattress over a four-week period and track their sleeping patterns - think you're up for this incredibly demanding challenge?

What's the catch?

sleeping job

Credit: Walt Disney

There really isn't one! Not only will you receive £600 for your sleeping efforts, you'll also get to keep the Simba mattress and Fitbit Versa that's used to track your activity.

We’re searching for a Three Person “Dream Team” to help us to redefine the way the world sleeps.

Starting in August and lasting for four weeks, Simba will track your daytime activity and sleep using the Fitbit Versa. They'll ask you to make small changes to your lifestyle, and use the data to see if these changes improve the quality of your sleep.

They're calling it a month-long 'sleepsperience' - and it sounds like, literally, what dreams are made of.

How to apply

job for sleeping

Credit: Walt Disney Pixar

So what do you need to do nab a coveted spot on the sleep scheme of dreams?

To advertise the role, Simba have teamed up with Airtasker, an open marketplace for people to advertise and sign up to literally any kind of job.

Whether you've spilt your dinner down your top and need someone to grab you a new one, or you want someone to build your new Ikea bookcase, you can literally advertise any type of work on there. Similarly, if you've got a spare afternoon and you want to make a quick £20, this is the place to look.

Simply head to Simba's job posting, make an offer and let them know your funniest or most outrageous sleep story.

Maybe you’ve accidentally slept your way from Paddington to Penzance on the train, woken up on a beach in a far-flung land or napped through that vitally important morning meeting. Wherever you choose to snooze, we want to know about it.

The best stories will be chosen to fill the three spots! You've got until Wednesday 8th August to apply, so don't hang about!

Other ways to make money in your sleep

make money in sleep

This might seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity, but if you play it right, there are actually loads of ways you could be making money while you sleep.

Try selling stock content like photos, videos and illustrations on the web for a constant flow of income - even while you're catching those Zzzzs.

You could write an eBook, build an app or try out affiliate marketing. If you're savvy about it and put in some effort at the beginning, you could have a constant income stream for years to come.

Check out our guide to passive income ideas that will make you money while you sleep for inspiration!

If you don't make the cut, don't panic! We've got loads more part-time job opportunities for you to take a look at...

Jessica Murray

WRITTEN BY Jessica Murray

As an Editor of Save the Student, Jessica Murray has written extensively on student money news and money-saving tips. She was co-host of our podcast, No More Beans, and is now a journalist at the Guardian. Her tips and insights range from fun guides for freshers, to information for graduates entering the workplace.
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