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Student News

Black Friday Looms, Student Sent Home For Ginger Hair, Men Go For a Drink In Flooded Beer Garden…

Black Friday is coming!

black friday

Okay, guys, this is your one week notice - Black Friday is only one week away! As the name suggests, Black Friday is on a Friday - 27th November to be exact - and is when a lot of retailers slash their prices to entice shoppers.

It's the biggest shopping day of the year and usually there are bargains to match - perfect for your Christmas shopping!

Our take: Heavily discounted items - what's not to love? It's hard to know what the best bargains will be, but keep an eye on our Facebook page to be the first to know. A lot of online retailers take part in Black Friday too, so you can avoid the crazy crowds and stay at home with your cats in the warmth.

Trainee teachers desperately needed


Not enough people are training to become teachers, leading to a massive shortage.

Targets for trainee teachers have been missed for three years running, and head teachers are concerned that there will soon be a 'crisis' as not enough people are training. Ministers have said that they are trying to attract more top graduates... but it doesn't really seem to be working if there's a shortage...

Our take: Teaching isn't for the faint-hearted, but it is a popular career option for graduates. It is worrying to hear that there is a shortage, as obviously we need teachers to get a great education. If you're thinking about a career in teaching - why not go for it? Or, if you're not sure - how about teaching English as a foreign language?

Ticket re-sale sites are 'parasites'

Ticket Scams

Paul Reed, the general manager of the Association of Independent Festivals, has called ticket re-sale websites 'parasites' for selling tickets at inflated prices and sometimes fraudulent tickets.

Concert promotor Harvey Goldsmith also shares Mr Reed's concerns over the secondary ticketing industry, and is asking the government to pass a law so that a ticket cannot be sold for more than 10% of its face value.

Our take: We've all missed tickets going on sale, only to check re-sale sites in hope of finding a ticket going spare - only find a massive mark up. Of course there are reasons why someone must sell their ticket, but it isn't fair on the fans to fork out more money. Here's a way to get tickets at face value - it may save you a bit of cash!

London Tube and bus fares to rise

london tube

Bad news for Londoners! Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has announced that all Transport for London (TfL) services - such as the Tube and buses - will rise by an average of 1% in January 2016.

Please remember that the price rises are only on average 1% - the price of a single PAYG tram journey will stay the same, whereas adult day travel cards will rise by 10-20p.

Our take: The prices may only increase slightly - but it still means more money for the same service, and no one likes that! Sometimes the price hikes are unavoidable, but a student bus pass may make your journeys cheaper, or check out our guide on cheap train travel!

Student sent home for dyeing hair ginger


Dying your hair is a popular way to spice up your look, and doing so at school shows your rebellious spirit.

Unlucky Owen Casey, a teenager from Devon, was sent home from his school after he dyed his hair 'reddish-pink', which looks pretty darn ginger to us...

Our take: Okay, if he dyed his hair some crazy colour then that'd be understandable... but all he did was dye his hair ginger! He's simply standing up for all gingers out there who are desperate to cover up their natural hair colour. Really, he should be commended for his effort.

Men have pint in flooded beer garden

flooded pub

Two pub goers in Leeds, John Kelly and Steve Holt, are now our heroes - they didn't let a little bit of rain stand between them and a pint.

Kelly said that he "stood and shouted at the water", but the water ignored him. In true 'Keep Calm and Carry On' spirit, the men decided to stay put and finish their pints. There are, after all, worse things to be swimming in...

Our take: Such legends! It would have been a waste of money if they had abandoned their beers in search of warmth - that must be why they did it...


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