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Black Friday Deals, Autumn Statement Shafts Students, Aldi Spoofs John Lewis’ Ad…

It's Black Friday!

black friday

Happy Black Friday, everyone! Okay, so it's not an official holiday but it's great for grabbing some bargains ready for Christmas (or just because).

By the time you see this, Black Friday will be in full swing but that doesn't mean you'll miss out - check out our list of Black Friday deals which will be constantly updated when we spot a great deal. Some stores are expanding Black Friday over the weekend too so you'll have plenty of opportunity to shop 'til you drop!

Our take: Naturally, we love Black Friday because you can find some awesome bargains. Are you getting involved this year? You'll need to look at our rules for shopping on Black Friday to help you save time and money.

Autumn Statement will affect students

Loans not saving money

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has set out his Autumn Statement - and it doesn't look too good for students and graduates alike.

If you've started uni since 2012, you'll now have to repay more of your loan - this is because the loan repayment threshold has been frozen at £21,000 for five years. Before fees were increased in 2012, the goverment promised to raise the threshold in line with average earnings. It's also bad news for those wishing to study nursing - grants for student nurses will be scrapped and replaced with loans.

Our take: Well, this certainly isn't good news, especially as the government have broken their promise about the earning threshold. However, it's still highly unlikely you'll ever fully repay your student loans as they are wiped off after 30 years. Still, the student finance system is highly confusing so you should swot up with our Big Fat Guide to Student Finance. Also, please don't let the removal of the bursaries put you off going in to nursing - you will still get a loan, which isn't as good but it's better than nothing. You may even be eligible for other bursaries and grants!

England has highest tuition fees

Coin hoard next to piggy bank

We all know we pay a lot in uni tuition fees - but it's now been confirmed that we pay the most in the industrialised world!

A survey by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD for short) has found that students in England pay on average £6000 in undergraduate fees a year, which is higher than 33 other prosperous countries. This includes the US, where students pay on average £5,300 a year.

Our take: Is it just us that thought US fees were a lot more?! If studying in the US of A takes your fancy (especially as they seem to charge less for uni) have a look at our introduction to studying in America. More importantly, however, is the question of whether or not English unis are worth the hefty price tag. Yes, most people get a loan but does that mean unis can charge whatever they want? Not to mention the fact that 55% of students in our Student Money Survey said they didn't think their uni course offered value for money...

Aldi spoofs John Lewis' Christmas ad

john lewis christmas ad

John Lewis' 'Man on the Moon' advert touched many hearts, even making some people cry with the sad tale of an elderly man isolated at Christmas. Aldi have parodied the ad which may still make you cry... with laughter.

In Aldi's version, the pensioner compares the prices of telescopes at John Lewis and Aldi, before looking through his telescope and spying an elderly female companion floating down to keep him company.

Our take: Of course, Aldi's version isn't a tear-jerker but it's pretty hilarious! Which do you prefer?

Facebook to block your exes

Jadie Is Better Than A Relationship

The break up of a relationship can be tough. That's why Facebook are trialing a new feature that will stop you seeing your ex on Facebook but still remain friends (well, at least online).

It sounds similar to the 'unfollow' option, but with this update you can limit what your ex can see on your page. It's already been rolled out in America, and if it's a success it'll be available worldwide soon.

Our take: This is actually a very good idea - sometimes it isn't as simple as deleting your ex, you still have to keep up appearances for the sake of mutual friends. This may help a lot of people move on (or at least pretend to) but maybe someone could come up with a way to stop you stalking your exes on Facebook...?


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