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Student News

Student Compo for Rat-Infested Digs, New Quidco Rewards, Aldi Ski Wear…

Students compensated for rat-infected accommodation


Students at University College London (UCL) have been awarded nearly £300,000 after they complained about their noisy accommodation which was also infested with rats. Gross!

The students say that they felt like they were living on a building site thanks to ongoing building work. Even worse, they found rodents. 238 former residents at the accommodation in Kentish Town have each been awarded £1,200 which is the equivalent of nine weeks rent.

Our take: Nine weeks rent seems a little stingy to us, given the terrible conditions they had to live in. Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon to hear of similar stories - make sure you know your rights, and check out our guide on how to complain so that you can get a satisfactory result if anything goes wrong in your accomodation.

Insurance renewal letters may soon tell you last year's cost

transformers insurance

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have proposed a brilliantly simple way of helping customers save money - they want insurers to remind you how much you paid last year when they send you a renewal letter.

Anyone who's ever received a renewal letter from their insurer will know that it's often a lot higher than what you paid the year before. The FCA hopes that by getting insurers to spell out what you paid for the previous year, customers will be more likely to shop around for the best deal, and may also stop ridiculous price hikes.

Our take: You should absolutely never renew your insurance - no matter what type it is - without first checking to see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Knew to the insurance game? We have loads of guides here for all your insurance needs.

Quidco launches reward scheme


Cashback just got a lot more rewarding thanks to Quidco's new scheme!

Customers can now opt-in and earn virtual coins on certain transactions, which can then be redeemed for cash when you reach certain levels. You can typically earn between 10-20 virtual coins per transaction, but you have to spend more than £10 to qualify. Only a handful of retailers are offering coins, but Quidco hope to expand the rewards scheme soon.

Our take: You won't get rich with this scheme, but you could earn a bit of extra cash. Cashback sites are absolutely brilliant as you get money back when you buy online! It's so simple, so if you haven't joined one - why not? Find out more about cashback sites, and our faves, here!

New £5 Co Op meal deal

co op meal dec

There's a delicious looking new Co Op meal deal around!

For just £5 you can get a pizza, dough balls, chicken goujons, wedges AND ice cream. That's amazing (and tasty) value - but do you share or keep it to yourself? That's what you have to decide... Stock up before this deal ends on the 15th December!

Our take: This looks SO GOOD! It's not the healthiest thing in the world, but it's great for bulking out your freezer and for something quick and easy to cook after a long day at uni (or when you're hungover...).

Aldi releases bargain skiwear

aldi skii wear

Are you lucky enough to be going skiing in the holidays? Or maybe you just want to look the part and stand in front of your open freezer and pretend you are... same thing really...

Either way, Aldi have just released some super cheap skiwear so you can get kitted out on a budget! You can get a jacket for £35, or a full outfit - consisting of a jacket, gloves and salopettes - for just under £42. There is no guarantee, however, that you will look like stupid sexy Flanders.

Our take: The prices are ridiculously cheap, and we bet Aldi will sell out pretty quickly. You'd better head out to your nearest Aldi soon if you want some cheap skiwear! Fancy skiing? We have some great tips to get a bargain skiing holiday so you may able to buy the skiwear AND actually go skiing!


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