12 astoundingly creative CV examples

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By in Jobs & Careers. Updated July 2015.

We’ve all slaved over our CV and sat through countless lectures with careers advisors to try and make them ‘sparkle’. But have you ever thought of doing something really off the wall?Creative CV ExamplesWhile you might be content with two pages of A4 and a list of achievements, there’s more to CVs than Comic Sans and reverse chronological order.

With a little flair and pizazz anyone can create something that will really stand out. Here’s our pick of some of the most creative out there. If these don’t inspire you nothing will!

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12 astoundingly creative CVs

  1. Eric Gandhi’s Google CV

    ericPerhaps our favourite thing about this CV is that the idea is so simple and so easy to implement, yet still goes down like an ice cold G&T after an exam.

    Basically it’s really awesome and we wish we’d thought of it first. Maybe we’ll do a Bing one… or not.

  2. Félim Mac An Iomaire’s massive billboard

    joblesspaddyAlright, alright, so a billboard isn’t quite a CV but this is pretty damn cool and pretty damn inventive. Yes in case you’re wondering his email address was on the bottom of the billboard too.

    And it worked (yay!) as Félim now works for Paddy Power.

  3. Adam Pacitti’s equally massive billboard and campaign

    adambillboardWhile we’re on the subject of billboards, Adam Pacitti, a graduate in media production, took the world by storm in 2012 when his campaign for employment went viral.

    He spent his last five hundred pounds on a billboard, set up a video CV and a website and suddenly appeared all over our newspapers and TVs. Oh, and he got a job too.

  4. Scott McFaddon’s Guitar Resume

    steveAs you could probably hazard a guess at, Mr McFaddon is a musician and a graphic designer, leading him to create this unique CV.

    Hopefully he doesn’t get any rejections from this though, as picking it up afterwards would be pretty awks.

  5. Sean Ball’s CD and booklet

    seanballIf you’re going to do something, why not do it properly? And when Sean Ball says properly he means a co-ordinated design across his business cards, CD-ROM (?!?) and a groovy booklet.

    Urgh, some people just have skills.

  6. Nicholas Begley’s chocolate bar CV

    chocolatebarcvWho’s to say a bit of old fashioned sweet talking doesn’t work? Good old Nick was offered two jobs in just three months.

    That said, we’re not sure those are the actual ingredients to the chocolate…

  7. Victor Petit’s QR code CV

    cvJust a boring CV that’s a piece of paper huh? Nope, this is some fancy pants stuff.  If you scan the QR code in place of Victor’s mouth a video of his mouth will pop up and complete the picture.

    You’ll also hear him talking about why he’s the best guy for the job. We’re so sold.

  8. Josh Butler’s eBay CV

    joshbutlerYou’re a popular candidate right? So why not let the world fight over you? Well that’s what Josh Butler did.

    Not only did his résumé make him stand out from the hoards, he also got bid on three times. Innovation works chaps.

  9. Melissa Washin’s fabric CVs

    fabricmellisaIt’s very rare you see a CV so visually appealing you just want to stick it on your wall and frame it, but we think we may have a winner here.

    And just think how durable it would be!

  10. Robby Leonardi’s game CV

    gameLet’s just let that sink in a minute. THIS GUY CREATED A GAME CV. A thing you can actually move along to see his skills.

    It’s like Mario Bros but for the world of employment.

  11. Brian Moose’s package to Pixar

    brianWHAT’S IN THE BOX? Well, it’s only an old school style film canister, with a sketch book full of awesomeness.

    Pixar better have hired this guy.

  12. Graeme Anthony’s interactive video

    videocvSo a lot of people have tried to hop onto the video CV bandwagon, but Graeme Anthony just blew this outta the water.

    You can actually click all about on his video all interactive and stuff. Like what.

Have you got a really creative CV that you want to share with the world? Let us know below!

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