A guide to student bus passes

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By in Student Travel. Updated August 2013.

Students have a love-hate relationship with buses. They’re essential for most of us, but not always cheap. Buy a bus pass and you’re on to big savings.

Student buses

Most university cities now have local bus operators offering students passes. They end up being much much cheaper than buying standard tickets over the year, so if you’re planning on busing it around uni, get one.

In this guide we’ll first make sure you actually need one before getting into the various operators and kinds of passes.

Just to be clear: we’re talking everyday bus travel within your local city here, not long-distance bus travel (for that see this guide)!

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  1. Adi

    11. Nov, 2011

    Some cities, I know Leeds and Bradford do, run a free city bus scheme and the stops include the local universities, so people may want to check these out.

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