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picking a lockHere’s a shocking statistic: on average, 1 in 3 students in the UK are a victim of crime during their time at university.

It is perhaps of little surprise that students are prime targets for thieves, given the value of gadgets many of us have coupled with the typical student house having as many as 9 or 10 students.

Rich pickings for any unscrupulous burglar!

You should be aware of the risks that come with being a student, but luckily there are ways to protect yourself against heavy losses.

In this guide we’ll cover all the important questions when it comes to contents insurance for students, including what your policy covers, what you really should insure, and how to cut your premiums (the cost) to save the most money.

We’ll also look at the best student insurance companies to go with for this year.

Are you already covered?

Students Contents InsuranceMany first year students that live in university halls are unaware that they may already be partially covered through their university. You can find out if you are covered by your student halls here.

It is important to note that all types of cover differ depending on your university and where you are living.

Here’s an example of what a student in the University of Manchester’s Owens Park accommodation receives as free insurance:

  • Possessions in your room protected against theft, flood, fire and burst pipes
  • Desktop, laptop & computer equipment in your room
  • Sports equipment & musical equipment in your room
  • Televisions, CD players, DVD players in your room

You may notice that this free student insurance only covers a  limited amount of items and they must be in your room at the time, with doors and windows fully secured. If there’s no forced entry, you may not be covered.

Additionally, if you lose belongings whilst out and about or damage your laptop for example, then you again will not be covered under this free type of student insurance policy.

If you want to fully cover both your laptop and mobile phone from theft, loss and accidental damage (up to £750 each) then it will cost as little as £7.99 a month with Endsleigh, who are the most reputable insurance company for students (backed by the NUS).

The best student contents insurance choices

If you are looking for extra cover for your prized possessions, or are no longer in student halls then you will need to go through a student contents insurance company to protect your goods. Here is a list of the best choices to save money.

  1. Endsleigh student contents insuranceEndsleigh

    Endsleigh is the only student contents insurance provider that is supported by the NUS. This makes them the number 1 choice for students both on price and customer service.

    There are a variety of options available depending on what you want to protect. You can choose to insure your belongings, gadgets or pretty much everything up to £3,000. The price per month will of course reflect how much cover you choose and under what events (theft, loss and accidental damage).

    Endsleigh also insure students for non-forced entry as they are aware that many make the common mistake of leaving doors and windows open.

    For all the info, visit and see how much you can cover your items for to suit your own needs and budget.

    Find out more »

  2. Protect your bubble logoProtect Your Bubble

    Whilst Protect Your Bubble do not offer student contents insurance as Endsleigh do, they do offer the cheapest cover on individual gadgets such as your mobile phone and laptop.

    Prices start at just £1.49 a month making peace-of-mind more than affordable for most students. If you’re always the one to lose your expensive smart-phone, you definitely need to get covered!

    Insurance policies cover everything from theft to cracked screens.

    Find out more »

  3. Best of the rest

    Overall, the best option for most students is insurance with Endsleigh, but there are a number of other options available through most of the major high-street banks. It will cost you more each month but some banks have special deals for their customers. Enquire in branch for more details.

    If you open a student account with Santander, make sure you check if you are eligible for free gadget insurance in your first year too.

Common FAQs on contents insurance

What types of contents insurance are available?

Contents insurance does what it says on the tin: it protects your contents! However, there are a number of different packages that you can take.

Best Student Contents InsuranceThe most basic student contents insurance will cover your belongings when they are in your household. They can be protected from theft, loss, general damage, earthquakes, lightning, falling trees, and water damage.

If you are wanting to protect items such as a camera or laptop when they are out of your home then you will need to look at personal protection or extra gadget insurance (try Protect My Bubble).

What is the ‘excess’?

Excess can be set at any value (make sure you check yours and if it is applicable to your policy), and you may even be able to choose it. When you make a claim on your insurance, the excess will be deducted from the final amount received.

For example if you need to replace your £900 laptop, and the excess is at £25, then the insurance company will give you £875.

If you apply for a larger excess then your monthly payments will be reduced, but bear in mind that this could mean being worse off further down the line. It’s up to you to weigh it up based on the level of risk you foresee.

Are any extras included?

Cracked iphoneIt depends on the insurer, but many will require you to pay extra for things like bicycles and laptops because they are unique, high value goods. This is the same with accidental damage.

The Endsleigh student insurance packages allow you to pay a little extra for accidental damage and cover out of your room but it does cost more.

Make sure you check your contract in both instances.

Do I have to insure the building as well as my contents?

The simple answer is NO. It is your landlord’s legal responsibility to cover the insurance for the property, but often the contents or possessions insurance is down to you as the tenant.

Does my landlord cover my insurance?

Only you can claim your own student contents insurance so make sure that you are the one that does it. As stated above, your landlord can only cover the property and the current items in the property at the time, such as the furniture.

Can I claim on my parents’ insurance?

It is possible to protect some of your student possessions on your parents’ home insurance but it is not always advisable. The excess on home insurance is usually quite high and your parents could also lose their no claims bonus.

Extra ways to save on student insurance

Cut your premium

The premium is the monthly price you pay to insure your goods. For student contents insurance there is no real way to cut your insurance premium other than going with the right company.

You can choose certain items that you would be happy to insure and only cover those that are most financially important to you. If the value of your goods are lower then you will only pay a lower premium.

Be super careful

Student Laptop InsuranceIf you break anything or accidentally damage something then it will be marked on your insurance claim. This could mean that next time you renew your insurance premium you will have to pay a lot more. Make sure you are extra safe with your belongings.

Pay upfront

With some contents insurance companies you will be offered the option to pay upfront. This will allow you to make the largest savings rather than paying monthly.

In some cases you could save up to 25% on the yearly cost of your student contents insurance.

Always check the small print

Make sure you know your contents insurance package inside out. Be sure that you are covered for what you think you are. If you think you are covered for accidental damage and you aren’t then it can be very costly, especially if you crack the screen on your beloved iPhone!

Pay online

Get your contents insurance sorted out online and you can make the largest savings. It’s also a lot easier as you can tweak your package on sites like Endsleigh until you find one that suits both your budget and your needs.

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