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Tembo Lifetime ISA – 4.3% interest rate and 25% bonuses

Dreaming of buying your first home one day? With a Tembo LISA you’ll get 25% government bonus payments of up to £1,000 per tax year to boost your deposit, plus you’ll earn 4.3% AER (variable) interest on top.

If you open your Lifetime ISA aged 18, and max it out every year, the maximum bonus you could receive is £33,000. That’s over £30k in free money from the government.

4.3% AER is currently the market-leading non-introductory rate.

How to get this rate and the 25% bonus:

  • Download the Tembo app via our link below
  • Enter your details (you’ll need your National Insurance number)
  • Select ‘Cash Lifetime ISA’
  • Start saving for your first home - you’ll get the 25% bonus and earn 4.3%
    interest monthly

IMPORTANT: The 25% bonus and tax-free benefits of Lifetime ISAs depend on
government policy, tax rules and your eligibility to subscribe, which can change.
Withdrawal other than for an eligible house purchase or retirement will result in a
25% withdrawal penalty from the UK government which means you may get back
less than you put in. Rates accurate as of 20th March 2024.

Want to know more about Lifetime ISAs? Check out our LISA guide.

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