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VOXI latest SIM only deals and offers

VOXI is the mobile network that gives you unlimited use of social apps without eating your data - yes, really! This includes Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Pinterest. Sometimes VOXI has promo codes where you can get more data for the same price.

We work closely with VOXI and will aim to keep this page up to date with the latest VOXI deals and offers. Find cheap SIM-only deals on this page for VOXI.

Here are the latest VOXI SIM only deals:

  • You also get unlimited calls and texts.
  • Their plans are flexible monthly subscriptions that you can change, pause or cancel anytime
  • 15GB for £10 a month
  • 30GB for £15 a month
  • 100GB for £20 a month
  • Or get unlimited Data for £35 a month

We review VOXI's offerings and the best SIM-only deals from other networks in this comparison guide.

Can I use a VOXI student promo code?

We're working with VOXI to provide a great SIM-only deal for students, which currently offers £10 a month for 45GB of data.

All you have to do is click the above link to access this brilliant VOXI discount.

What is a SIM only plan?

A SIM-only plan is where you pay strictly for the services you use (text messages, data, phone calls etc) and you have already paid for the device.

It's best to check your current usage to see which plan will be best for you. For example, if you only use data outside the house but are mostly connected to WiFi, you should consider a lower GB data plan.

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