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Free crepe

Get a free crepe from Crepe Affaire on your birthday - just click below and download the app now.

You've got until 2 weeks after your birthday to claim your freebie, they have loads of flavours like Eggs Benedict, apple pie and Nutella!

Here's what you can get:

Bronze – 0-9 stamps

  • Entry Level – 2 free stamps when you first register
  • Free crêpe on 10th stamp

Silver – 10-19 stamps

  • Free topping with any crêpe purchased
  • Free crêpe on 20th stamp

Gold – 20+ crêpe purchases

  • Double stamps with any crêpe purchase (earn your free crêpes faster)
  • Free topping with any crêpe purchase
  • Entered into exclusive prize draws

For more birthday freebies see our article.

Click to get this deal

Deal Expires: Ongoing

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