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Best student summer holidays (all under £200)

Saving and scrimping throughout the year can help you build up a small stash of summer dosh, but not enough to pay for a week away in the sun, right? Wrong!Cheap Student HolidaysWe have scoured the country for the best value student holidays this summer, all for under £200pp.

It's worth noting that holiday deals will pop up from time to time and we'll post them in our deals section here.

Top holiday choices

Ibiza Invasion – £129.99+

Ibiza InvasionDetails: 4/5/6 nights in Ibiza in June-September


  • 4 Nights Accommodation
  • Club Entry to Fiesta Del Aqua
  • Club Entry to The Zoo Project
  • Onsite Reps
  • Pool Parties
  • Bar Crawls

Our take: Invasion are one of our favourite travel companies because of the value for money. A holiday for under £130 is never something to turn your nose up at and the party atmosphere that the Invasion reps provide is great.

You do have to cover your own flights but you can pick these up for as little at £70 return to Ibiza from London (using our cheap flight tricks).

Check out Invasion »

Together Week Ibiza – £179+

TogetherTravelDetails: 5 nights in Ibiza in June-September


  • 5 Nights Accommodation
  • Club Entry to Amnesia, Space, Pacha, Sankeys, Ocean Beach & Zoo Project
  • Sunset Boat Party
  • Onsite Reps
  • Pool Parties
  • Available add-ons like airport transfers

Our take: These guys know how to throw a party. Just look at the pics of their previous Ibiza holidays if you don't believe us. The cheapest weeks they have are £199 but you can get 10% off with student discount through Unidays.

You've got to cover your own flights with them too but it's still a steal at this price. As always, make sure you use our cheap flight tricks.

Check out Together Travel »

Magaluf Takeover – £139.99+

Magaluf TakeoverDetails: 4/7 nights in Magaluf in June-August


  • 4/7 Nights Central Accommodation
  • BCM Super Club Tickets
  • MCP Tickets – Access to 5 clubs on the strip
  • Takeover Bar Crawls
  • Island discounts
  • Awesome reps
  • Daytime Events – such as foam parties, beach parties and other activities!

Our take: The Takeover team have worked extremely hard to put on 7 weeks of pure partying this summer for a great price. They are great for customer service and their reps, similarly to Invasion's, add that personalised feel to your holiday.

Plus, there's a  few hotels and room sizes on offer so you and your mates have the freedom to choose.

You also have to cover your own flights with this package bu you can pick them up for £120.

Check out Magaluf Takeover »

Lowcostholidays – £119+

lowcostholidaysDetails: 7-14 nights in a destination of your choice


  • Flights and accommodation
  • 100s of destinations from clubbing hot spots to relaxing beach locations
  • A very wide choice of hotels
  • Flexible travel dates

Our take: This may seem like a little bit of a cheat but we couldn't pick one particular holiday on the lowcostholidays site to suggest.

They have a mixture of clubbing and “chilling” holidays so there should be something for everyone on the site.

The best thing about lowcostholidays is that the flights are included. The only thing you will miss out on is the clubbing tickets and party atmosphere (which you will have to search out for yourself).

Check out lowcostholidays »

Thomson 2Wenty's Holidays – £189+

thomsonDetails: 7-14 nights in a destination of your choice


  • Flights and accommodation
  • Choices of location all over Europe
  • The option of getting all-inclusive
  • Great deals for groups

Our take: The Thomson option is slightly more expensive but they are a well known and trusted company. They have plenty of holidays perfect for students at reasonable prices. Plus, you must have seen the “cool” adverts with that Avicii tune playing in the background.

Flights and accommodation are included in the price of most of their holidays and you can travel to top destinations in Europe such as Greece, Spain and Tunisia.

Check out Thomson »

Extra holiday saving tips

To make sure you don't spend over your budget you might want to try these extra tips too.

  1. Be spontaneous – if you are someone who doesn't have to plan everything and are happy to go pretty much anywhere and are happy to leave it until the last minute then sites like are perfect for finding bargains
  2. Get cheap flights (if not included) – use our simple guide on getting cheaper flights to make sure you aren't overcharged
  3. Get insurance – this might appear to be an extra cost but you will be thankful for it when you break your ankle jumping off a donkey on a Spanish beach… find the cheapest options here
  4. Spend wisely – Spending abroad is something that a lot of us learn the harsh way. Using your debit card abroad is a big NO NO. Luckily we have written a guide on spending abroad.
  5. Avoid School Holidays – more people go on holiday during these times so the companies hike the prices up. You can also avoid the annoying families.
  6. Work on Holiday – if you are willing to spend some time working (being a rep etc) then you could cancel out the cost of your holiday.
  7. Try Festivals – it may not be a week's holiday but you could definitely find some festivals both in the UK and abroad that are great value for money. Wait for our 2014 festivals guide to be updated to see your options.

If you have found any great holiday deals this summer then please share them with us so that everyone can take advantage of them!

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