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Anti-Valentine’s Day ideas for singles

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With OTT soppiness just about everywhere, Valentine's Day is hard to ignore. But how should you spend the day if you're not into the whole lovey-dovey charade? We have a few ideas...

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Whether you're single, happily loved up, or prefer not to think about it – 14th February can be the most annoying date in the calendar year.

While some of you may relish the opportunity to spend an evening being cute with your significant other, the rest of us have had just about enough of this (let's face it) commercially-driven nonsense.

So with all the cash you've saved from not buying heart-shaped paraphernalia, why not treat yourself and make Valentine's Day about you, instead?

Remember that we're sticking two fingers up to consumerism here, so don't go spending money you don't have! Only spend what you can afford to, and make sure you spend less than you would have done if you were celebrating Valentine's Day. That'll show 'em.

10 things to do on Valentine's Day if you're single

These are the best ways to spend 14th February if you want to celebrate an Anti-Valentine's Day:

  1. Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day party

    If you're single on 14th February, you could invite everyone you know to your house for an Anti-Valentine's Day blow-out. Chances are, all your mates who are in a relationship will be busy that night anyway, so it's their loss, really.

    Or you could have some cheap pre-drinks with friends, then head out to a club, pub or bar for a night out, depending on what vibe you're going for (Valentine's-themed nights need not apply).

    Rather than thinking of it as an excuse to drown your sorrows, celebrate your solo status for the night with your nearest and dearest single pals.

  2. Organise a Secret Santa (but for Valentine's)

    It's always a delight to treat others (and, let's face it, be treated).

    This Valentine's Day, you could organise a Secret-Santa-style arrangement with your single friends, where you each give another person a little something to express your platonic love.

    If you set a price limit, the gifts can be affordable and it'll give you something nice to look forward to this February.

  3. Treat yourself to a gift on Valentine's Day


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    As well as spoiling others, why not get yourself something nice, too?

    After all, just think of the money you're saving by being single! Whether you're in a relationship or going through a breakup, dating is expensive.

    You can use some of the cash (not all, otherwise it's not saving money) you may have been expected to spend on that 'special someone', by splashing out and buying yourself something nice instead.

    You could get yourself an indulgent treat that you would never usually get – maybe a spa treatment (there are always good offers on daily deals sites), a cool gadget, or a new addition to your wardrobe. You deserve it.

    Just make sure that you can afford it, otherwise, this 'treat' will soon have you feeling worse than Valentine's Day did in the first place.

    As always, our deals section is the place to go for the best offers.

  4. Enjoy a quiet night in

    Staying in to avoid all the loved-up couples plaguing your favourite haunts is a fail-proof tactic.

    And hey, this option will not only save you cash, but you can sit about in your pyjamas and watch whatever you want on TV. What's better than that?

    This would be the perfect time for a self-care evening. For example, you could have a relaxing bath, make a nice home-cooked meal and maybe try out a new podcast.

    You could even sign up for a new online streaming service to see what's on offer.

  5. Spread the love

    While you might not buy into the mushy Valentine's nonsense, there's no denying that some people find it difficult to get through the day without being hard on themselves (and hating Valentine's Day even more than you do).

    A simple act of kindness can turn someone's day around and put a smile on their face. This, in turn, will cheer you up too.

    Smiling at a stranger, holding a door open, complimenting someone's outfit and donating to charity are all simple gestures that can make someone's day.

    Making others feel good has the added benefit of making you feel good, too.

  6. Go to a stand-up comedy night

    If there's one place that's guaranteed to make you feel better about hating Valentine's, it's a comedy night.

    It's not uncommon for comedy clubs to run Anti-Valentine's nights, either. Everything you ever hated about this day will be articulated perfectly with wit and humour.

    And, hopefully, you'll get to see some happy couples ridiculed in the process – it's all part of the fun.

  7. Edit your ex out of old pictures

    If you and your ex were together for more than just a few weeks, chances are you'll have made some pretty special memories together – with the pictures to prove it.

    But now those pictures are tinged with regret, and you can't look back fondly on that summer holiday without seeing your ex's face plastered everywhere.

    While you could give it a go yourself and test your Photoshop skills, you can also hire a freelancer on Fiverr to do it for you.

    And, don't worry, we won't think you're bitter for giving it a go.

  8. Go out for dinner with friends

    Mess up the couples-orientated table arrangements in restaurants by going out for a meal with a bunch of your single mates this Valentine's Day – just to remind all the couples on dates that 14th February isn't all about them.

    Or, why not go for an Anti-Valentine's all-you-can-eat buffet? You can relish the thought that you're not getting ripped off with a love-themed meal in an overpriced restaurant.

    Plus, at a buffet, you can even wear your favourite elasticated waist trousers to make the most of the food, without caring what you look like. Result.

  9. Do some exercise

    people jogging in park

    Often ranked top for the feel-good factor, why not spend some time boosting your happy hormones by taking part in a workout?

    You don't even need to head to the gym. We know of plenty of ways to exercise cheaply.

  10. Do whatever you feel like doing

    One of the best things about being single is that you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself.

    Celebrate by doing exactly what you feel like and enjoy the fact there's no compromising required.

    Just make sure you don't end up splashing the cash too much, as you might find yourself falling into the trap of Valentine's Day's commercialism. And none of us wants that.

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