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Anti-Valentine’s Day guide for the haters

Like it or loathe it, 14th February is upon us. But how to spend your day if you're not buying into the whole soppy charade?
anti-valentinesWhether you're single, happily loved up, or prefer not to think about it  – for many of us, Valentine's Day can be the most annoying day in the calendar year.

And whilst many relish in the opportunity to share an evening being soppy with their significant other, the rest of us have had just about enough of this (let's face it) commercially-driven nonsense.

So with all that cash you're saving by not splashing out on useless heart-shaped paraphernalia, why not spend a few quid (or not) making Feb 14th about you, instead?

Anti-Valentine's Day guide

For all you Valentine's haters out there – here's a few ways you can avoid the nonsense and still feel good about yourself on Tuesday.

  1. Have a couple-free party

    House PartyChances are, all your mates who are in a relationship will be busy that night anyway, right? And their loss!

    Give ‘V' day the two fingers by inviting everyone you know to your house for an anti-Valentine's day blow-out.

    Or make it some cheap pre-drink fun, then head out to club (Valentine's-themed nights need not apply).

    An excuse to drown your sorrows, live it large or try and get lucky – make of it what you will.

  2. Spread the love

    be kindWhilst you're totally not buying into the Valentine's mushy nonsense, there's no denying that some people find it difficult to get through the day without hating themselves (and hating V day even more than you do).

    A simple act of kindness can really turn someone's day around and put a smile on their face (it'll make you feel better about yourself too, but let's not lose focus here).

    For example, smiling at a stranger in the street, holding doors open, complimenting someone you know on what they're wearing, giving a homeless person some change or something to eat – that sort of thing.

    Make it your mission to make someone feel good – just 'cause.

  3. Treat yourself

    for-the-brutally-honest-minCredit: Likks Again, just think of the money you're saving! Using cash you might've been expected to spend on that ‘special someone', why not splash out and buy yourself something nice, instead?

    Something indulgent that you would never normally allow yourself to spend money on would be ideal here – maybe a spa treatment (always good offers available on these if you use a daily deals site), or something similar? You deserve it!

  4. Stay in

    crying with pieStaying in to avoid all the loved-up couples plaguing all your favourite haunts is totally fair enough, and a fail-proof tactic too.

    And hey, this option will not only save you cash, but you can sit about in your pyjamas and watch whatever you want on TV – what's better than that?

    Treat yourself to a takeaway and sign up to a new online streaming service to see what's on offer – just make sure you avoid the rom-coms (who even likes Hugh Grant anyway?).

    P.s. no crying please.

  5. Go for dinner with a bunch of friends

    friends-drinkingMess up the couples-orientated table arrangements in restaurants by going out for a meal with a bunch of your mates.

    Remind all the couples on dates that Feb 14th isn't all about them!

    Or why not go for an anti-Valentines all-you-can-eat buffet, relishing in the thought that you're not getting ripped off with £40-a-head love-themed meal in some tacky restaurant.

    That, and you can even wear your favourite elasticated-waist trousers to make the most of the buffet without giving two tosses what you look like. Result!

  6. Go to a stand-up comedy night

    stand-up comedyIf there's one place that's guaranteed to make you feel better about hating Valentine's, it's a comedy night.

    It's not uncommon for comedy clubs to run Anti-Valentine's nights, either – everything you ever hated about this day will be articulated perfectly with wit and humour.

    Hopefully you'll get to see some happy couples ridiculed in the process – it's all part of the fun!

  7. Do some exercise

    mr-motivator-exerciseNormally ranked top for the feel-good factor, why not spend some time boosting your happy hormones by partaking in a work out?

    You don't even need to head to the gym, either – here's a few ways you can get the same results in the comfort of your own home.

    Another bonus is you can look forward to some serious guilt-free binge snacking over a non-rom-com afterwards.

  8. Do whatever the hell you want

    nighfeverdanceOne of the best things about being single is that you don't have to answer to anyone!

    Celebrate by doing exactly what you feel like doing and relishing in the fact that there's no compromising involved whatsoever. Woohoo!

Hate Valentine's but getting roped into celebrating? At least avoid falling into the money-draining Valentine's traps by checking out these 12 super cheap date ideas.

Got some Anti-Valentine's tips to share? Let us know below!

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