Petition Against Increased Tuition Fees

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to protect students from increased university tuition fees"

Details of Petition

Tuition Fees PetitionThe Browne Review (Oct 2010) on Higher Education painted a bleak picture for the future of aspiring university students in England.

On the 9th of December, the House of Commons voted (by a majority of just 21) for an increase in university tuition fees of up to £9,000 per year.

The motion was passed despite Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems making a public pledge to students during the election that they would vote against any such rise

Whilst the government is doing everything to reduce the country's budget deficit, the increase of tuition fees will result in higher levels of personal debt in this country and damage a long-term economic recovery.

Moreover, the fear of being 'educated into debt' is likely to exclude or discourage many bright students who want to realise their full learning potential. The benefits of an educated population are not simply individual; the tax payer, businesses and public services all benefit. So, what is the future of our education system?

Don't make the younger generation pay for the mistakes of the past!

Update: Vote passed in House of Commons for an increase in tuition fees to between £6,000 - £9,000 (9/12/2010)

Update: Labour leader Ed Miliband supports our petition:

Ed Miliband - Labour
"That's a really great campaign. The experiences of Frances, Paul, Eleanor are common. Gov't proposals totally unfair."

MPs will vote on Thursday 9th December on the tuition fee proposals. Decision been described by the NUS as 'on a knife edge' (7/12/2010)

Update: We have reached over 2,000 signatures (24/11/2010)

Update: We have reached 1,500 signatures (22/11/2010)

Update: Check out our exclusive PHOTO REPORT on the NUS demo in London (12/11/2010).

Update: We have reached 1,000 signatures (08/11/2010)

Update: The Con-Dem government have since applauded Lord Browne's report and announced (3/11/2010) that tuition fees will rise to £6,000 with £9,000 per year in 'exceptional' circumstances. They call this 'progressive' and 'beneficial' to students.

What do you think? Whatever it is, make sure you stand up for future students and a fair university system.


Most recent signatures:




I am at a college finishing a doctorate course and I felt pressured to do extra modules outside the syllabus and so were my colleagues. People are really desperate for money, so I assume not only not enough students enroll but existing students are punished by being exploited and asked to pay extra money!! I have just handed in my thesis that was blocked by the school yet the university is inviting me for my graduation. I was blocked so they can squeeze out of me extra fees for more supervision and breaching the student handbook, breaching seems to be the norm!

Carrie Benton,
An unbelievable betrayal of the British public. How can any of the MPs who voted in favour of this sleep at night? They do not deserve to represent us.

the amount of interest that will be added over the years.. we will never be able to pay the debt off! in my opinion, a degree in 2012 will ruin a young students' life. We are being punished for being ambicious!!!

jane songi,

The present state of our debt to other country is rather large, I realize, and the government is trying to raise taxes to earn more money, correct? Here's the problem with this approach.
Students and children of parents countrywide are trying to earn money to make a living, and help out their mothers and fathers. This also applies to the government and White house; you're trying to pay off your debt rather hardly, am I wrong? But, what you haven't thought of is that you're being too greedy that you're taking away everything we own, so we can’t earn anything. If you force high school graduates to pay a higher fee just to get into college and earn a living, well, there aren’t gonna be a lot of people to help you on your debt, now.
More money from citizens equals less debt. True. It’ll help, slightly. But when you take away money from them for taxes or whatnot, they get less money to spend for their own lives. That means no money for shelter, food, or water. No shelter, food, or water, means not enough nutrition to live on. If they can’t live on, the US population will go down. It goes down and you will have less people to claim money from. Then you’ll go into deeper debt.
I understand that the government, Obama, and the White House need a way to get rid of this huge debt, but practically ripping money out of people’s wallets is not a reasonable solution for this. Give only a slight tax, not big enough to take away their life’s fortunes.
I was proud to call myself an American citizen, and many others out in the world once wished to have live in this amazing country that came to be known as the United States of America, the home of the Brave. But now… the government seem to be putting trash on our fellow citizens, taking away our rights like the lower class seem like nothing to them like they crave power, to rule their territory harshly as a sign of overwhelming authority. I’m not sure about taking pride of being an American citizen anymore.

It is stuggering that our young people have to pay such a high fees.We are helping developing countries financially, and in many cases these countries provide free higher education whereas we suposedly developed country and can not afford to subsidise the education. Let's Mr Cameron remember that education is the future of the country, its economy, security asnd prosperity. without education there is no future. The UK helped Ireland with the recent debts, In Ireland higher education is free abnd yet our young people have to pay fortune for it. This will lead to more social injustice and segregation. Is this the future of England? I think this is disgraceful!

Do the politicians not realise, by rising tuition fee's yet again people will be unable to pay off their debts and the recession will never end. There will be NO positive outcomes from this decision!

Samantha L Lajoie,



I am applying for university this year and what the goverment said about only universitys in exceptiona; circumstances will charge the full £9000 is a joke and its the majority that are charging this top limit and only a small amount charging less, even the smaller and lower ranked uni's such as UWE bristol and coventry plan to charge the full amount! I will leave uni after my degree and PGCE with a debt of around £40,000, not a good start to the working life!!

Keith Lee,
My daughter wishes to train as a teacher, this requires a 4 year course at £9,000 a year (one university we visited was lower at £8,000), this amounts to £36,000 for tuition fees. If my daughter lives in then we can expect to add at least £20,000 to this figure. What government would subject young people to such a debt!!!!

Callum Tongue,

Erika Sykes,
We need more educated people in society, not a rich only education system

m kinsella,

Martin Moxon,

Sally Goodchild,
I am against the rises in university fees. I have two really clever kids (17 & 14) and dread trying to help them financially through uni. It was free when I was there age but didn't take up the opportunity. I want them to achieve more in life than me.




Stuart Vizard,

Marisa Mori,


Its painful for some students to even think about university yet the government are so ridiculous as to charge such crazy fees.

Jason thompson,




Jake Comley,


Desperately trying to study but having to work eveings and weekends and days off to survive without having a horrible debt hanging over my head so have no time. Our government seems to have turned it's back on the working classes.



Gemma Hussein,

Hazel Blake,

its disgracefully as the universities up here will be bombarded by students from the south as we are still cheaper which does help us hopefully the snp will do something about
SNP winning the election out right the only way to win

Annie Dale,
My daughter has always wanted to go to Uni in 2012, but now, with the prospect of total debts of around £45K (before the interest gets added!!!) she is terrified and can't take the risk.. I feel physically sick and can't sleep.. I wonder how they can?

Peter Jackson,
Education should be free for all. It is the greatest enabler of social mobility.

Sean Kelly,
This is a will only discourage people from going to university, and should be unnecessary when the government squanders so much money on other things...

Thanks for causing more dept, depression and probably suicide. They'll be parents remortgaging, downsizing car/houses/children etc. Excellent!


steve watson,

Thank you very much to those Conservative politicians who haven't attempted to, but will inevitably, create a new class division in our society. I'm sure so many people will be so grateful of this. Oh, and thanks to the Lib Dem's for keeping their promises! Coalition government? Not anymore.


Amelia Williams,


David Butler,


This is ruining the our future, and we are the future of this country.

Jamal Antonio,

Higher tuition fees means higher student loan, which means more borrowing. I thought we were trying to REDUCE national debt in the LONG term? Alongside cutting teaching budgets, means UK and non-UK students will seek to attend universities abroad!

Sam Lloyd,
Seems like this is an exercise in stopping social mobility - keeping people in their place, eh Con-Dems?? Absolutely disgraceful.

William Holtam,

Gareth Latham,
From around 4k to 9k fee’s! Sharpe increase? Not half! For me this is going to alienate the working class and thus continue the circle of poverty and reduce the opportunity of been educated to university standards!!

Jackie Garbett,
There is so much wrong with this policy, I don't know where to start. These increases will be life changing, ruining the future of many young people and at a time of such high youth unemployment it is difficult to know what oppertunities young people will have. I have voted all my life but now as a 52 year old women I feel shocked a disillusioned by a government that has lied to the young - unforgivable!!
The government has to do a u turn as this complete mess will actually cost money not save it

Rachel Harrison,

Phillip McHugh,

Sam Witham,

Joseph Hazell,

Sian Fardon,

Martha Tomlinson,
When are you actually going to listen to us. And I don't just mean us, the students. I mean us, the nation as a whole. You are our government. You are here for us, not the other way around. Without us you are nothing.
And without a university-educated generation, this country is not going to be prosperous in ten/twenty years time. It's a real shame.

Kit Irwin,

Jane Fardon,
As reported in the papers today, 'No University is to charge less than 9k for their fees'. Where does that leave the kids that want to do well, but are fearful of the costs. The kids who want to mess about for 3 years will still do so and then never take a job on more that 21k, leaving the government to foot the bill anyway. Also, really angry the it is England who are footing this bill, whilst Scotland and Wales get off !!



Lynn Thurloway,


Amy Durden,

Abigail Pay,

I have voted LibDem all my life, and i will not be doing so in future. The tuition fee increases are appalling, and this leaves parents like me, already funding a 5year degree for one child, and on top of that, am expecting to pay triple fees for my second child in 2013. Why in England, do we have to put up with these unfair policies, whilst the Welsh and Scottish do not. We are all in the UK? Nick Clegg should stand up and be counted, and make a rightful u-turn on this policy. How on earth are these poor students expected to be able to afford to leave home and pay rent on their own properties, whilst paying back their horrendous student loans. Of course, they will have no choice but to continue living at home until they are well into their 30s! Ridiculous!!

Lyndon Fawcett,

Emily Savage,

Jonathan Taylor,

Matthew Hill,


Lucy Hoyland,


Emilie Schultze,

This is an absolute disgrace and destroys the dreams of thousands of young people

amy whitebrook,

Alex Ryan,

Karen Davison,



Don't let us be in debt up to our necks until we are 40!

Alex Marsh,

alex fitzgerald,
its disgracful what the goverment is doing!!!

Helen Moris,

there needs to be a compromise made



I, like many others, am saddened by the rises in education for future students; being one myself I can understand the anger towards the coalition government. Something as small as a cancelled plan for a bus service to the MediaCity site, for me, may be the reason I turn my passion for education into something more productive; as no student accommodation exists outside salfords main campus, the bus route was my affordable option of transport to and from University.


Nigel Apperley,
My Degree was totally paid for by the state. That is how it should be, lets invest in the future of the country.



R Gregory,

J Gregory,
Education should not be based on ability to pay.

Elliot Lyons,
Tuition fees should not have been risen as education should not be just for the rich. Higher education should be available to everyone and it should not be about if you can afford it.

Kaja Paramothayan,
The Lib Dems have totally let everyone down.

Ciara Docherty,


Isaac Elkington,

Oliver Smith,


Greg Denning,
An absolute disgrace. We now have educational apartheid in this country against English students. I thought we were a country of fair play, it is shameful. It shows just how stupid devolution is and also how duplicitous all of our politicians are.

The worst bit seems to be in the small print, which seems to be getting little publicity. The repayment terms above inflation when compounded will condemn students to never repaying the loans.

Last days of Rome, I'm afraid.

If this country does not wish to import well educated people who have been better educated in poorer countries then face up to the fact it is their right to be educated at home. It is to the benefit of the country as a whole.

Ruth Oldham,

Aimyleigh Lockhart,

Allison Harris,
I think it is outrageous that my kids will spend half of their working lives paying off student debt. This will affect their ability to get a mortgage and severely restrict their lifestyle as working adults.



Mark Salmon,

Edward Popplewell,

sophie bramley,
i show my support!

Myra Fowler,

nick clegg is a liar and a sell out. how is anybody supposed to afford university now. the bankers should be paying for this mess, not us.

Benedict Kamill,
I am not a student but feel that levels of student debt are already ridiculously high. I feel that around £3000 is already more than enough for student fees and that any further increase is very unfair and burdening students with crippling debts. I also DO NOT support any graduate tax. I feel that savings should be made by shutting down low ranking universities, closing down non-academic courses such as media studies or sports management and by cutting the numbers of student places so that only students who achieve A and B grades (and possibly C grades) at A level go to university.

paul webster,

Mark David Oliver,
The tripling of fees is unjustifiable and a major barrier to higher education for talented people from average or poor backgrounds. It will harm the nation by reducing our skills base. All other progressive nations endeavor to make the best use of their young peoples' talents.

Laura Wise,

Patrick Baker,

It's absolutely disgraceful... I've potentally got an offer for cambridge for 2012 entry and will probably have to refuse it although it is my life-long ambition to go there.

Anne Sauer,

Eileen Priest,
It is disgusting the way Nick Clegg and his party have treated all students

Harriet Chitty,

Andrew Forbes,
We will not take any more cuts education should be easily available to those who need it, everyone has the right to educate them-selves further.

Harrison Jones,


Ralph Clark,
Clegg was wrong to go back on his word. If MPs can't keep a pledge upon which they were elected they should resign - end of story. They don't have the right to change their mind after the election and still keep their seat.

Elsie Ward,

Helena Thompson,

Sarah Lippett,

Michael Allen,


Peter McNaught,


Shame on you,Lib Dems for selling out to the Tories. Cameron criticised Labour for getting the country into so much debt and now he's making sure that young people attending university and trying to make something of themselves start their working life in DEBT. What a message to give them and what a bleak outlook for their future. So much for the "big society" then. Take it that only applies in selective cases; selected by the out-of-touch-with-reality-Tories .

Eleanor Page,

Anthony Anderson,

anna dimou,

What a joke. No students, no educated, no morons to run the country!!


The Conservatives are enforcing an elitist system which is totally unfair. They want to create an 'open market' for universities in which the top universities would potentially enter a price war in order to attract the best students and protect their reputations. This move is shallow, provocative and utterly elitist.

Anni Cox-Hynd,

Keith Ody,

Vicki Wright,

Hilary Ody,


I think this is diabolical. We are reverting to an elitist system.

After meeting Nick Clegg on my GCSE results day, I'm shocked that given his lengthy speech on how he wishes to help our generation he so easily changed his mind. I no longer have pride in saying I met Nick Clegg.

Prof Stephen Muggleton,
Student debts, like graduate taxes, will encourage graduates to leave the country to avoid repayment. Every UK graduate who leaves the country represents a massive loss of public investment in our future.



Calum Scullion,

Joe Shine,
Nick Clegg is a wanker

Don't take our futures away from us.

Danielle Gooday,

Stella Aza,

Godwin Cooke,

Callum Rakhit,
Labour raised Tuition fees from nothing to £3000, they would have done the same here but Lib Dems have broken a promise that got them elected

fay courtney,
I fully support the students as one day my 8 year old son may wish to attend university, I also fully support julian assange


Joanne Simons,



Bethany Giles,

Tom Beale,
The ironic thing is we're smarter than them any way.



Anne-Marie McBlain,

kathryn halliwell,
ed miliband > nick clegg


Lyuben Vachkov,

george anderson-currie,
let the banks, fat city cats, and billis on wars pay for poorer people to be educated as a former teacher for 40 years I always gave my best to my students. Whats next pay for the NHS Services?

James Benzies,

Fiona Parker,

kyle Smith,
Thanks for ruining my future Nick Clegg.


Let us down.

This rise is so unfair. it sucks. why should we suffer because of the goverments mistakes?

Lottie Cray,

Lauren Gurney,


I went to school in England but am rather relieved to study in Germany now and not sure anymore if I will come back to do my MA like I once planned.



Elizabeth Paul,

Christian Hoskins,
Apart from the obvious disbenefit to students, it will further discourage people from contributing to their pensions for an extra couple of decades, thereby stacking up more economic problems for future generations. More short termism from blinkered politicians.



i am shocked ,why to put the fees high is alreayd high,i have three kids under 10y and want them to go to university ,can't imagine how much it will cost then!!!!!

Jason Lock,

Kris Smith,

David Wevill,
Nick Clegg is an idiot


James Cropper,
Nick Clegg is a traitor

jeanne macdonald,

katrina lofthouse,

Geri Stiff,

Katie Williams,

laura-beth austen,
does everyone know that this is a breach of contract between Clegg and the State, if this has the go ahead im not going uni, the course i want to do is probably going to be one of the most expensive so going on the £9000 i will have to pay £63,000! how do they expect me to pay that without a job, and theyve made it more difficult to get a job because they have cut jobs. it is ridiculous!

Max Coupland,

All trust is lost.


Rosie Sheratt,


Dominic Read,
Lies, after lies and this is what we've been left with. Un-payable fee's to get an education, disgusting.

Jake Blakeway,


I am sadden by the fact that the liberal democrats have turned their backs on their supporters in a huge way!

They don't think about those people who aren't in the lower economic band so won't get financial support and who equally aren't in the higher economic band so won't be affected by the rise. What will happen to us people in the middle who can't really afford it but aren't on a low enough income to get help??? I just don't agree with the rise in any way.


Katy Hoyle,

Charlotte Wilson,

It's a shame that people, who previously had the ambition to go to university and better their lives,seem to be giving up on their dreams now.

Matt Bardell,

Erin Garrett,

Charlie Watson,
Is it too late to sign this petition? Oh well, action must be taken! It's almost as if Nick Clegg wants a generation of uneducated chavs.



Rebecca Bergmann,

Daniel Crean,
How can you sell out your voters Clegg? Hope you enjoy your party and your best friends (Conservatives) losing out in the next election

Jake Heath,

I think the government raising the tuition fees is an obvious ploy to divide the rich and the poor. We must not lose hope but instead we must keep fighting for our right to have a decent education in this country, not just for our generation but for the future generation.


Wendy Vaughan,
Its about we stood up to this Government and asked to be treated the same irrelevant of where you live in the UK. Why should a student living in England come out of university with more debt thsn someone living in Wales or Scotland?


William Johnson,

Charlotte Ireland,


John Wilkinson,

Jodie Smith,

stephanie green,


Access to further and higher education should be based on ability, not bank balance

Ludvig Kihlman,

Robert Berg,

Olivia Buckley,

Lewes Eldridge,
I cant believe that the lib dems have allowed their own party leader to turn his back on the ones who gave the lib dems their first chance in many years to sort things out here, what a way to repay those voters....


Bobbie Davison,

James Martin,


Andrew Guttmann,
The Libs threw away all their values when they got into bed with the Tories. Bye-Bye Liberals....


Robyn Le-tair Cole,

James Stokes,
Increasing student debt is not the answer to solving the national debt.


ximena cordova,

Jessica Heap,

Sophie Alexandra Fisher,


I could only just afford it to start with... now I have no chance.


Jonathan Evans,

Chinazum Evangeline Ukata,
If the proposals go ahead, my year will be the first year affected. My parents have enough trouble paying 3,000 a year for my older sister yet alone 9,000. The government do not realise that there will be a shortage of professions such as teachers and doctors which will be vital to the next generation seeing as most people will be unable to afford to go to university. Where is this extra 6,000 a year even going to? And why does the student have to pay for the mistakes of the previous generation? I do not see why students who are generally worse off anyway should have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for higher education.


Tamsaine Weir,

Michelle O\'Connor,
This is a highly regressive step which will hinder social mobility and stifle aspirations


Dale Jones,


Ryan Jones,
It's ridiculous, it might have been acceptable if the rise was at the same rate as inflation, but tripling the fees accomplishes nothing and only damages the potential for higher education in this country.

proportional representation was important enough to be part of the coalition deal, why weren't student fees?

Angie Lord,



Robert Critchley,

Dave Last,
Surely as the lib dems signed something to say they would vote against any increase in fees there must be a legal recourse.
I personally think we should all sue them for the shortfall in a huge class action, i'm in!



I'll be a student in a few years. I wonder how many MPS have kids going to university...

Alex Jeffs,
The MP's who signed this bill should be ashamed. They once went through university and knew how difficult it was without the financial troubles 🙁
Lets just pray they come to their senses and remove this law as soon as possible 🙂



Megan Farrell,

Dan Legg,
🙁 mean stupid government rules, we don't have that sort of money just lying around waiting for university

Courtesy of the Guardian: 'A rise in tuition fees by one third from £3,000 to £4,000 would have been sharper than the cuts imposed on any government department, but fair in the circumstances. A 50% rise to £4,500 might have been just about tolerable. But a tripling of the upper-limit to £9,000 and a slashing of the tuition grant to universities by 80% was not even an exceptional measure to cope with an exceptional financial crisis.'

Victoria Curtis,

Sheri Jean Willis,

Lewis Bunting,

Lewis Finn,

Natasha Hardy,

Andrew Ramsdale,

Jack Brown,

Nicola McClements,

David Roberts,

James Roach-John,

Andy Sutton,


Nicholas Alexander,
I think it is about time people realised that they can oppose the government. They need to remember that they are meant to represent us, not assume they know best, which lets face it they clearly done. Which is better, having national debt or having widespread personal debt. Just what people need for motivation to get jobs and to work hard. Great. The principle of these protests is a wonderful thing. Well done to whoever organised it!

kirsty prowse,
They're stopping people who haven't got much money from going to university, it's so cruel. Why England? In some countries, university tuition is free, there's no need to up the prices like this, it's pathetic.

Matthew Cunnelly,

Matt Wager,

Stephanie Harrison,
Lies and Scandal don't get votes. Keep your word to those who voted you in, or get out of the office.

Alexander Huggins,

Samantha Croll,

Mandy Ogbodobri,
This is such an important issue for young people and us all. I am not a student but I recognise the importance of University education for all, particularly those in disadvantaged situations. The rising cost of education is becoming a great disincentive and we should not accept the current coalition policy as the right way forward for this country.


Meharpreet Singh,

Daniel Taylor,

Its pathetic that they are actually increasing the fees to 9 grand a year. Theres no chance in hell im going to be able to afford this aswell as all the other thousands of students hoping to go on to university



Chris Frost,

Luke Dobbin,
This is disgusting.


I'm a member of student labour, my beliefs are solid and justified. The previous election showed that the vast majority wished for 'Change', and 'Change' is what you got. I hope its the one you all thought you were voting for.



G. Finch,
I'm sure it's been said before, but cutting our education in any way is a direct attack on the future of not only the economy but all industries and areas of the country; we are the next genereation of employers, employees, civil servants, politicians (if we can bring ourselves to be associated with them)of the country. There are already complaints of dumbing down in schools, further cuts and social engineering (which is what the rises and some of the concessions amount to) will only exasperate the problem. Fair enough I think we can accept that a free education is nigh on impossible, but such rises are just going to drive many away; I'm even looking into the costs of going to uni abroad and I think the government seriously need to consider dedicating themselves to finding uni/education funding from other sectors of the economy.


what an absolute joke these rises are. MP's only suggest it because they're loaded and it won't affect them, never mind its not like we need doctors or lawyers or anything...just let them have the jobs without the degree that'll be a good idea!

Ben McCluskey,


Lewis M,
Taking away money from education stunts future economic growth! Us and future generations will dictate the future of the United Kingdom

chloe green,

Katie Mackenzie,





Donal Corcoran,

Pauline Burr,

Anthony S,

Laura Doporto,

Janine Doporto,

Paul Howorth,

James mcfadden,
dont be a prick Nick

Marcus Yarwood,

Michelle Hogg,

im not going to be affected by the rise in tuition fees but i think it is totally wrong for the government to raise them to that mark, everyone should have an equal right to education, not just the people with the loaded families and it is not the responsibility of the UK students to get the country out of the debt that the government got us all into!

Sal Mason,
I've been to uni and I owe plenty of money as it is, without these ridiculous fees on top. Plus the Student Loan Company is horrendous to deal with! My partner and I are both teachers and are now struggling to save to buy a house, the loan repayments every month is a slice of money we can't afford to be loosing but we are! And we didn't have the fee loans on top of the rest! This is the end of university education in England.


Chris Bean,


Emily Masters,



And to think... The MP's who voted for this all got free Uni education. Its disgusting.

Hannah Gibbs,
I think it's disgusting. Because that's going to encourage people to go to university! Lib Dems, you utter traitors!

Jennifer Flower,




Sam Foster,


Jack Dobson,


Anisah Shah,

Sheila Fairlamb,


Holly Butler,

Oliver Brown,

chris pearson,

Jake Mills,
it's ridiculous thanks to clegg I'm going to be in a dead end job for the rest of my life.

Jack Drew,

Joanna Crabtree,

Callumn Wilson,

Michael Purvis,

Nina Griffin,

Imogen Lee,


Not A Student,


Chelsea Purcell,


Jamie O\'Leary,
Their all pricks! Disgrace!

Jack Chapman,

Tamsin King,

sarah louise hopkins,


sam bridge,
nick cleg is a back stabbing judas with less spine than a jellyfish sign me up

Levi Hedges,
I ran as a Lib Dem in my school elections on the premise of removing tuition fees. Oh, how hollow those words are now. Anyone reading, I recommend seeing the Lib Dem YouTube videos "Don't Let the Tories Airbrush History" and "Liberal Democrats: Say goodbye to broken promises", both of which criticise tuition fees (in fact, the first thing scene in the latter video is criticising tuition fees). Thanks for looking out for the people who gave you the majority of your votes, Nick!


A pledge is a pledge!

Bronte Plenderleith,
Education is our right, not a privilege.

Alan Webster,



Michael Greet,

Stefan Weaver,




James Walker,

Liam Laughton,

Alexandra Wilson,

William Sexton,

I want to become a Veterinary Surgeon and I have wanted to do this since the age of 6. The cost of tuition fees means that if I don't get into University this year it probably won't happen as it's TOO EXPENSIVE! I think this is incrediably unfair as i have been working towards this dream for 14 years. Thank you for being such a supportive Government!

Ben Clark,

Ruth Glendinning,

Milo Hill,

Georgie Treneary,

victoria west,

David Cameron has the brain the size of a speck of dust and most of that is just air.
George Osbourne is definitely putting the n into cuts and Nick Clegg is nothing but a pathetic traitor


Jamie McKernan,


antony ayres,
Its stupid why would they do that?!

Samantha Hayhurst,

Ruthie Collins,

Mensa Khan,

Chris Meehan,
Fuck off Cameron you dirty thatcherite

Alistair Barnes,


Rachel Laidler,


Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Eden Sparke,

pointless ideological attack on students.

Alex Titley,


tom lever,



Paul A Janke,


Jamie Holt,

Sophie McClellan,

Jamie O\'Halloran,

Sally Davies,
Shame on the Lib Dems they have sold their souls - how do they sleep at night?! SHAME SHAME SHAME

Ms J Harker,

derek featherstone,
I voted for lib dems, now they are helping to fuck it up. shame on u.

Emmanuella Acheampong,

Robbie Hawkins,

Gary Way,

Pfffft. Politicians are jokes.



Claire Parlby,

In an age when people have wavering trust in Politics Nick Clegg has done little to change things. This is a U-turn of the worst kind...

Nancy Watson,

Sarah Whittaker,

Agne Antanaviciute,

Kishan Viswanathan,

James Taylor,

Charlotte Wakefield,

Daniel Lawless,

Tasmin Wade,

Kate Robinson,

Ems Curtis,


Harriet Gail,
Nick clegg, you are a fool!! You sell out! how couuld you do this to the nation? This entire system will keep the rich rich and keep the poor poor. But this doesnt efect you in your big house and your well educated employees. Why should you care? You should care because we are the next generation of voters and WE WILL NOT FORGET THIS!

Amy Gardner,

Victoria Robertson,


Viyaasan Mahalingasivam,
Don't give up, keep going, we need to kick this government out. Not only did they cheat their way into power, they are dismantling out society piece by piece even faster than Labour did. Education and healthcare should be free for all! No to competition! Yes to collectivism and collaboration! No to big business! Yes to redistribution of wealth!

Charlotte Marsden,

Denise Purdue,
I am ashamed of the legacy my generation are imposing on our kids. The knock-on effects of imposing this much debt on our children as they enter adulthood is inexcusable.

Callum Morrison,
Although I am a Scottish student who does not have to pay university fees, I believe everyone in my situation should stand up for those who do. Solidarity between all students!


Lewis W,


christina purdue,

Angela Cooper,
This is disgusting!



Felix Lehan,
The Liberal Democrats have done well to dissillusion a new generation of voters less than six months into the new government. The fact that the coalition government has destroyed the last remaining aspect of equality in our increasingly elitist education system is appalling.

Dean Langdon,


Tim Bailey,
im pretty sure the bankers are keeping their bonuses and high pay... are they not the ones who got us into this situation...

Harvey Cash,



Lucie Owen,

Hussain Masaoud,

Marina Verkholetova,
Give your children free education! Get money from companies, not from people's pockets!!

Susan Porter,
Thank you for giving us a platform. I am a teacher and a mother of a 3rd year degree student. I actually beleive that striping people of their equal rights to an education, their opportunities and their future is an act of violence far worse than the violence I have seen from the protesters. It seems almost certain that Britain will suffer great loses through this policy including many graet minds and our glorious universities, for which we have always been proud. This act is therefore in my consideration tantamount to treason.




Deanna Stirling,

Claire James,

Isobella Turnell,

Grace Hackman,




Ben Baldieri,

Hannah Clark,

Loren Mott,

Amelia Millward,

Joss Wellings,

Harry Davies,

Catherine Bundy,


Nina Clarke,



The money for the stupid 2010 Olympics should be spent on University's so we don't have to pay it for them. Maybe if they cared more for the future of our country than hosting games the rioting and disrespect to the royal family wouldn't have happened. Yours severely in debt A.H


Adam Galloway,
Local Elections In The New Year Nick Clegg ... Two Thirds Of Your Votes Came From Students ... Fucked Yourself Over There Didn't You, You Prick!

Helen Finney,

Sam Winter,

Holly Davis-Bollard,
Because of Nick Clegg, I wont be voting for any politician in this country for the rest of my life. Simply because Mr Clegg is living proof that even if you think you're voting for one thing, you're bound to be wrong.


Federica Turner,

megan brown,


Sonia Bridge,

Annabelle Lee,




Caitlin McDonald,

Phil McNally,

Daniel Higginson,

Alex Keith,

Connor Tyrell,

Joel Holland,

Abbey Charley,


amanda kinnear,

Student Voice - Wolverhampton City College

Jordan Galloway,


Jess Abley,

Erwin Yin,



Nicholas Handley,

Rhea Simpson,

Matthew Little,

Thomas Johnston,
I would very much like a future in higher education. Mr. Clegg, please try and show some backbone, and get this sorted out 🙂

James McNaught,

I fully support peaceful campaigns such as these which show that students are sensibles, reasonable and deserve high quality education - please keep going. But we need to stop letting violent anarchists sabotaging the cause. Destruction and swearing are not going to change anyone's mind. Express opinions WITHOUT HARMING OTHERS. Can you blame the police for kettling if people are throwing rocks and setting fires? Not everything is black and white. Please respect others who hold different opinions.

it is costing me a fortune for my son to go to uni now because me my partner and i both work so god help any parents of future students !!!!!!!!!!

Timothy Bond,



Carol Pritchard,
I remember the conservatives from last time, that was enough. They are doing a good job of hiding behind the LIb Dems and letting them take the flak. How much flak do they deserve? They deserve the consequences of political naivety and inexperience, that is, get out and then we can get rid of the Tories.



Alice Crook,

Yes, Lib-Dems have done us over, but we practically voted in the Conservatives in the first place, what could we really expect? This is what happens when the Conservative party gets into power, we all knew this from Thatcher. We need the country to remember that it is the Conservatives that have ruined a generation, the Lib-Dems are only partly to blame.

Lauren Hawkridge,


Miharu Obata,


Eleanor Cook,
Unbelievable, I thought the Government was trying to get our country OUT of debt, not put all university students IN debt.


Nick clegg is a disgrace . Where is democracy ?

lewis rand,

Leroy Marcus Mudock,
Ain't no stoppin' us now!

KEEP REVOLTING! We will show who is in charge, and it is not them!


Nick Pratley,
What they're doing is disgusting and a destruction of social mobility. Where's this big society now? Ironic that they're the ones ripping apart the fabric of society. If they're ConDeming us we should ConDem them out of Parliment.

Fraser James,
Absolutely ridiculous, when you pledge against something like tuition fee increases, people will vote for you. He might as well have pledged to give everybody in the country a few thousand pounds if he could say "actually, naaah" when he was elected.

Raza Chaudhry,

Michael Vinti,

Martin Knight,

Katie Purdon,

Emily B,


Gerald Gallagher,
This is going to stop intelligent people from going into further education, purely due to there social class. Just increasing the bridge between upper class and the rest of us. Ridiculous that the so called 'government' can't see that: Increased fees = less university students = less highly payed employed = LESS money from tax. Fucking idiots




Joe Marriott,

keith reeves,



Marie-Claire Boyle,

nick clegg is a wiener

Although I'm Welsh and only have to pay up to £3,330, I feel so sorry for you guys. Why has Nick Clegg gone completely against his words, and been David Camerons 'Yes Man'? The way the police treated you guys at the protests is utterly barbaric and shameful. You have my support!

Max Gerber,

Rachel Stevens,
I will never vote Lib Dem again

Josephine Hine,

Its really stupid! they didnt have to pay so why should we?

Nesteren Hasani,

Tanya Hart,

Rebecca Baxer,

Craig Gardner,

Charlotte Farmer,

Hollie Craig,


vaughan thomas,
This is the start of the decimation we the people of this Great Island stand for. The public need to realise that public services are being severely reduced and need apathy will do nothing but hasten this demise. We need to make a stand and well done to the students for making this stand.

Ben Tucker,
Typical tory ideology,trying to turn education into a privatised system!

Lucy Thomas,


Ethan Everton,

Laura Rowland,

This is creating a two tier britain where the rich go to uni and the poor and middle class are priced out that is they opt not to get into debt,
I am appalled, I would not have been able to go to uni now! because I was brought up not to get into debt !

Picking on the poor again thatchers children??

tasha erskine,


Milly Morris,

I am a Newly Qualified Teacher, and I would never have gone to university if the fees had been so high when I started. No one should start out in life with that amount of debt. Our government has shot itself in the foot, they wont be so happy in 5 years time when there is a lack of teachers, doctors...etc

Chiara Belli,

David Brent,

Who else thinks it it unfair letting people who have lived their lives decide the future of those who now wont have the chance tolive how they wanted

Amber Sutton,
Power to the people!! Why should we be lumbered with this giant debt? No-one else would accept it!!


tom bennett,

Jonathan Laity,

K Fearnside,


Amy Hayward,

Jack Goldring,
bastard politics

Its disgusting how universities are becoming more based on how rich you are than how intelligent you are.

Saman Ali,

Liam Dodd,

Abby Sheppard,

Why are parents, on middle incomes children effected the most. We are always hit the hardest it seems.

Eleanor Forty,

This has priced me out of university in the near future. Combined with the 80% reduction in uni teaching funds, means it is now going to be a matter of who can pay the most for the limited places, not who is actually deserved of the place. It's simple supply and demand and i can't see why the gov't can't see this.

Nick Williams,
I am a local Labour Councillor. Until 2 years ago I was a Lib Dem. I quit once Clegg won the leadership. Even then I saw what a closet Tory he was - so smarmy!

Anna Demetri,

Oliver Newland,

Richard Wareham,

Nicholas Burns,
The tuition fee raise makes no sense whatsoever. It doesn't help the students wanting to study, the companies wanting highly skilled workers, or the government who will lose money due to less high-paying employment!

Stop the stupidity now, stop the Tories, Lib Dem!



Dominic John Youe,
Isn't it great when politicians we vote for totally ignore us? I wish for a politician to do what they promise for once!

I am flabbergasted at the shortsightness of the British government. Your youth is your future yet you are not just refusing to invest in it you are stomping on it.

Dilys Ann Cartwright,

Lucy Knott,

Heather Jenkins,

Andrew Fletcher,
I have always aspired to achieve my highest always with the aim of going to university and to watch the news and hear this it's a real stab in the heart, it's going to get to the point where only the richest, like the politicians, get to university and any body else from a lower class background who would otherwise excel in University is gonna be kicked down thanks to ever soaring fees, it is a complete disgrace that this be passed!! This does not at all "benefit" students as they say and only yet again moves the goal posts for students from a lower class background succeeding at Higher Education.

Alex Gilbert,

Claire Lovell,
Welcome to a world of benefit fraud. It's what you have just created.


Its stupid and will only make everything worse as less people will want to go to uni, lecturers wont have people to teach so may loose their jobs, then when and if fees go back down, there will be a huge back-log of mature students applying for uni as they didn't go before... not to mention the jobs that are not available for those who would otherwise be going to uni... the government haven't thought it through at all!


Nadia Mitchel,

Amelia Robertson,
Motion of no confidence, anyone? Now if only the House of Commons wasn't full of a bunch of wankers anyway.

Charlotte Wood,


olly mcgibbon,



What I find most disgusting is the insistence that students "don't understand" the (now voted in) proposals. They do. The government just seem not to realise that the working classes will be utterly deterred from incurring such massive debts and therefore any plans of scraping back funds through student loans will fail when student numbers plummet.

Stephen Cross,

Ellz Harris,
This increase has ruined my chances of going to University forever. Thanks guys ):

anna reynolds,

Niall Cartwright,


Miles Williams,
I think the drastic rise in tuition fees is disgraceful, poorly thought out and extreme, it will only lead to more problems... As the government have seen from the thousands who took to the streets in protest, and even MP's voting against the bill their partys proposed.

Madeleine Oakley,

hannah mulchinock,
Do politicians not realise that we are the future and the future needs education.

Amy Seeney,
I feel let down by the promises of Nick Clegg, Lib-dem's have lost my vote

Zaid Salim,
all i would like to say is that by scraping EMA not a single person will be going to college. increasing the fees will mean that there would be less graduates, which would mean that not many people would be qualified and this would finally mean that Britain would not be the same. Finally Nick Clegg chats soo much shit, peopel who voted for them i hope you realise what you have done.

Katherine Thomson,


Michael Truesdale,
The Liberal Democrats have made a decision that is simply undemocratic and undermines the entire representational system.

Henry Denny,

Gemma Williams,

Gem Spalding,

Nick Conway,



steven hills,

Rebecca Daldry,

Good luck getting voted next election.

Maria Saarniit,

Tom Wardle,
I was actually considering campaigning for Lib Dems this summer and I persuaded my Mum to vote for them. This has persuaded never to trust them for the rest of my life- PROMISE.


It's stupid, loaning triple the amount of money out just means waiting longer to get it back; how will that get the country out of debt!?

Students shouldn't pay for others mistakes we are innocent. Make the bankers pay!


Paul Thornton,

Abby Willis,


Natasha Meredith,

Clegg's a doughnut


Jenny Wigmore,


katie Hutchinson,


emma shawcross,
I put lib dem posters in my window and conacted my loacl lib dem electorate and spent 3 hours of my free time delivering leaflets to vote lib dem. I have voted lib dem in EVERY local and national election, but I tell you thins I will NEVER EVER vote lib dem again, as far as I am concerned they might as well not exsist. Labour will be getting my next vote, as I would rather vote them in then the conservatives. The first law change they brought in this year, was that there was to be no VAT payable on private chartered planes and helicopters .......... wonder how much cameron got in his pocket for passing that one

Nick Roberts,

Azar Jadir,
I believe that it is extremely unfair that we have to pay tons of money to study. Studying should not be for those who can afford it only, but also for those who are willing to learn. I also believe that by making everybody pay that amount of money stops many from being able to achieve their dreams.

josh wright,

Kieran Murrell,

The Lib Dems Manifesto says one thing, the party is doing another. This is called lying and this coalition will result in the county's downfall

Constantly letting the people down... when will you listen! protests arent just for fun... people do them because they feel passsionately about things.

Mickey Singh,
How does this Nick Clegg expect us to come out of this financial crisis, if we are yet to face another dip in the recession? Increasing fees just is not going to work. Shame on you clegg !

Sam Hartley,
If anyone has seen The Mail, The Sun or News of the World, we are now being described as "disgusting yobs" for telling the world we are not happy with these fees. How fun.

Lana Sleight,


Aaron Knight,

fully believe that if nick clegg and all of his party stood their ground and kept their backbones, the lib dems would have had an amazing future in parliament and could have seen a huge increase in the number of seats with their MP's.....however due to recent circumstances.....dont see the lib dems getting anywhere in the next 20 years....surely their should be some kind of law against an MP going back on what they said theyd do? they received thousands of votes from people based on their student fee ideas, they would not have anywhere near the amount of MP's in parliament now if it was not for those votes...

Jack May,

Kirsty Trechsler,

Kevin Amos,
Unless you're Nick Clegg, be careful of the icy roads.

Mariam Kamara,

Stacy Hawker,

Evan Morgan,
Tory Scum!

Jahnavi Murphy,
Absolutely disgraceful that students are being asked to suffer a huge brunt of the recent economic downturn. As if we won't be paying high enough taxes after graduation and becoming employed, we will now have a massive debt to contend with!

this is disgusting

Michael Wu,
It's blatantly unfair

Charlotte Heslop,


Graham Clarke,


Will Nicholls,

Andrew Hamm,
Shame on you, Clegg!

Maria Snowdon,


Jeff Snowdon,

Zoe Ovenden,

Hannah Bhim,

Rebecca Shindler,

Ben Reeve,


Stuart McKeon,
Get them out!


I think the government has gone round the bend with this attack on the middle and lower classes!!!They should not be in power!!!

Conor Malone,

Rachael Nicholson,
I'm only 14, and I've already been exposed to the fact that the world is not a fair place. I've lost my childhood due to people like you and your lies.

If this is some gamble in order to pay off debt, trust me now: It will not work. It'll just place you further into debt.

I can't sign this like a regular petition, so I'll just add this.


Rachael Nicholson

I was hoping to become an Accident and Emergency consultant when I'm older. I don't know how many people will die in the future because I can't become that due to the fact I can't afford tuition fees when the time comes.
Thanks for placing that concern on me; may I remind you I'm 14 years old and already severely depressed.

"Personally, I hold that a man, who deliberately and intelligently takes a pledge and then breaks it, forfeits his manhood."
- Mahatma Gandhi



Caroline Hodges,

education is a right. NOT a privilledge.


Rebecca Groves,

Katherine Heubeck,
When Scotland has free fees and Wales reduced fees, it's not right that English Universities are going to be raising their fees by so much.

i totally agree the fees should not of increased as it was not my fault or most of the students of Englands fault. I never got us into this mess so why should i suffer the consequences as that's highly unfair.The goverment said they want more people to work however the rise contradicts this as many people can now not get the qualifactions to get the job's to pay off debts , get a mortgage or even buy a house. In all fairness the least they could do is offer courses that offer the same qualifications as uni's do but cheaper. I also wrote to my local mp in september/october and it is now december and have not heard anything back maybe one day this goverment will eventually listem to the next generation of England and then more people will be happy as we will then be listened to and have something done to make everybody happy .


It is obvious that Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem ministerial colleague's do not represent the the opinions of their entire party, the majority of whom were elected by students. If they have any sense, they'll ditch Clegg and the upper echelons of the party and bring reintroduce proper left-wing leadership like that of Kennedy or Campbell. If not, then we risk a Conservative majority at the next election; which will surely doom students even further for an entire generation.

Carli Waugh,
Im not a student but I think its a disgrace what they have done. I actually voted for the Lib dems well guess what they've lost a voter next time around.

Hannah Summers,




Josh Hoggett,

Jessie Hodson,





Gemma Southwood,

Bridget O\'Toole,


Francesca Faux,

Jak Noble,

Matthew Collier,
The government is empowered by the people to serve the people, this is a farce.

Dom Rudden,

George Sweeney,



George Boustany,

Whether the problem was initiated by the Lib-dems, via false promises, the conservatives, for hectic selfishness or the Labour, for getting the country into debt in the first place by going to wars we couldn't afford, I really could not give a submarining fuck.
My aim and purpose in life was to get education. And I cannot, and will not allow such silly political tactics get in my way towards doing so.
I do not see the wisdom in doing such thing as putting up education fees: You're heading towards a dull-orientated society. I understand that the nation is on its knees and that everyone needs to contribute. But triple my education fee?

Really, Dave?


Ross Hill,


Thomas Pawley,


Sophie Holmes,

Juliet Felstead,


Not voting for Lib dem or the Cons again...

andrew french,
I believe that we should be given the chance to have a free education, the people making the decision to impose fees had a free education on the state, and should reflect on this.

B jörn Ballard,

Molly Avery,


kate elmer,

Jessica Woeginger,

Jennifer Fawcett-Thorne,


Sam Craig,

Amy Williamson,

Don't give up!!! This is what we wrote on our facebook pages:

We are Absolutely LIVID!!!

Education is a right, not a privilege. Can you imagine a world without an opportunity to receive advanced education? In the Netherlands we are 'lucky' to pay a mere 1500 euros a year for university or college. At 3225 pounds a year, British students pay more than twice the amount Dutch students do. Now the British government has voted to raise tuition fees to 9000 pounds a year (14300 dollars). This is disproportionate and utterly outrageous!

Nick Clegg broke the promise he won his election on. He signed to say he would not increase tuition fees but now he has overturned his promise and will triple the costs to study at university.

Violent protests? The BBC has reported that the students were solely "Intent on causing trouble"! However, we believe this was largely unplanned and predominantly fueled by sheer rage, powerlessness and incomprehension causing unrestrained violence and vandalism. We doNOT condone this violence, but we do feel that the BBC can and should emphasise the plight of the students as well as the privileged and coddled Royals (who have never been faced with the issue of not being able to afford university in their unconnected and entitled lives).

What utter and complete rot that all protesters started their demonstrations with the intent on causing trouble and committing violent acts. The majority was there to maintain peace and express their discontent in a non-violent manner.

How unbalanced and biased the BBC's statement is. Besides the unfounded speculation that students actually set out to commit violence (a statement vehemently denied by the National Union of Students), surely their rage and utter frustration is understandable, if not approved.

Why is the BBC focussing so much of their attention on student violence instead of the complete unfairness of asking students to pay so much for their own, and their country's future?!

One must question the BBC's neutrality. Is this broadcasting network compensated by the government to deliver this completely unfair, biased, unbalanced and frustrating piece of so-called journalism? How about a refreshing change; highlight the plight, frustration and fear of the students by reporting their side of the story!

This is this truly a democracy? If so, why is the government and the UK's major network (which the country pays phenomenal license fees for) not taking the student's rights into account?


it's all well and good the government putting the fees up but what's going to happen in years to come when so many people can't afford to go to uni and there's a loss in students because of it. Clearly the government isn't thinking clearly about the long term future of students here, especially those of us who come from poorer backgrounds.

Daniel Blakey,

Fu Nick


Eli Evans,
Education is power and now the youth are powerless!


Amy Worrall,

Ben Browning,

Isabel v H,
I'm not entirely sure how it is beneficial for students. Technically it costs a university 7000 pounds to teach a student, which means that that will be the minimum fee generally charged. Add on top of that any sponsoring for students who get grants and students will be paying the 9000 guaranteed.

Alice Gaskell,

Bradley Murphy,

Matthew Edwards,

James Pickering,

Joel Rowe,

I think it is a total disgrace the government are putting up the student fees. I think we have the wrong Prime Minister in power. Is he trying to do away with students altogether.

Frances Milner,
Completely unfair. Cameron doesn't know what it's like to not be born into wealth and not have daddy to pay for everything.

Robert Thackray,
Camerons a wanker

Ikram Mujtaba,
This rise in fees is a JOKE!

Fuck you Cameron. LIARRR

Ali Ellis,

What if people are going for seven years like me, that's a whole lot of money to pay back

Cori MacGregor-Devlin,


Stephen Hobbs,

Adam Chapman,


Richard Flint,
Absolute joke..

Joseph Matthew Stevens,

These fees are ridiculous. I know the whole country is having it hard for a while, but why are students being charged so much more? It's unfair on people who want to go to uni and it's going to put the younger generations off wanting to go at all because of all the debts they're going to get because of it. Considering the government are trying to encourage students to stay on to be in higher education, this is a complete joke.

Chris Reynolds,

Vicki Buchanan,


Thanks to the increase on university fees I will now spend the best years of my life in debt! Nice to know our government is always truthful and has the public's best interests yet they forget we are the future and aren't going to be in power after the next election, they have signed there own end by voting for the raise!

Martin Starrs,



Francesca Collier,


grrr thats really unfair =( the government are really tight =C how would they like it if they had to pay loads to go to uni?

Emmett Lilley,

Peadar Brady,

Arttu Narhi,

Joe Hirst,
Cameron and Clegg have rested their balls on our chin, and brushed our teeth with their dicks.

Sophie Taylor,



Deniz Sahin,
It's just sad and shamful that students have to suffer. Glad I didn't waste my vote on Lib Dems, utterly disgusted by their false promises.


harry cockerell,


Shakera Rahman,

Sophie Judd,
Now that University fees have been raised, myself and others may have to re-think their further education after leaving school.
Surely by raising fees, you are stopping people qualifying to do jobs such as Doctors and Teachers that put loyal service back into the country.
Why is the government bailing out the banks and making school children and young students pay for it. Surely professions such as Doctors, Teachers, Scientists etc. deserve government financial support for the important service that they will provide in future years.

Chloe McGain-Harding,

Zak Ashton-Chandler,
Democracy doesn't work. Dissolve Parliament, and bring back the Monarchy.

Megan McCalum,

Jacky Burdett,
cannot believe that my grandchildren will be denied all the advantages we had of free higher/further education - with GRANTS ! shameful !

Alexandria Armstrong-Squires,


Andrew Rawcliffe,
It is wrong that we (students) should have to pay such an outrageous amount of money just to go to uni. We will end up with huge debts of over £30,000 when we leave, which isn't the greatest thing in the world.



The only value that should be placed on education is the value of success!

Alva Henry,

Ben Tonks,

Tom Giddings,

Sam Ansdell,

Hollie Quinn,

Maisie Kenton,


Saskia Rimmer,

Michael Oates,

James McCaughan,



Hope Ward-Brown,
The money is not important in some respect. It's the nation of people being brought up to feel that they don't DESERVE eduction that I'm worried about. Nice to know we have a lying, deceptive, untruthful and scheming Government.

Sarah Peters,


marina mcculloch,


Emily Bowles,


Luke Malam,

Ben Macmillan,

Connel Soutar,
This is why I vote Labour.

Andrew Pearson,

Joseph Smith,
There is no Great Britain any more.
to justify the government would be corruption, nothing is simply done for the future of our country anymore its all more money "get rich" schemes. Its only a matter of time before people realise the govornment is not here for us!

A Revolution is what we need, Communism in the right sense is exactly what should happen.
I mean a country run by the people for the people isn't such a bad idea compared to the money hungry BA***RDS

Communism & Monarchy, EFF GOVERNMENT

Rachel Lee,
No university. No future.

I'm in the first year of students to be affected by it and frankly it sucks. I know so many friends who now aren't going to university because of it and the thought of coming out with thousands of pounds worth of debt is frightening.


Harry Brickell,

Nick Stewart,

Isabelle Pan,
Hitting those who can't support themselves the hardest - thoughtful move.

Ben Johnston,

I believe situation will change!!! If all students tell their own opinion

Lauren Grice,

I am one the students to be affected. I had already submitted my deferred application well before I had heard of this and I am absolutely outraged. Nick Clegg and the Liberal Party should be ashamed. It will be decades until you will be able to recover from this loss of respect.

Jake Elgood Field,

Eleanor Balfour,
I am just about to finish training as a doctor, I thought one day i'd encourage my kids to follow in my footsteps. I now probably wont. Not only would they be paing high earners tax but also back a loan of around 70 thousand. It really wouldn't be worth the effort...

Billy McNamee,

Courtenay Pearson,

I can't believe people actually voted Tory! How can this be justified? Who WANTS a rise in tuition fees? This is a joke.

Rory Black,


adam leverett,


Ewan McGovern,
Glad I didn't vote Lib Dem

Luke Taylor,

Why'd Nick Clegg cross the road?
Because he said he wouldn't.

Michael Evans,

Chloe Houston,


jacob mannion,


Anastasiya Kurlovich,





Paul Walker,


Jordan Bush,
Education is a right to everyone!

Cheers for the backstabbing Nick !


Hannah Theaker,

sort it out clegg. not what we voted you in for. coalition is meant to be a combined effort not roll over and let cameron walk all over you. history is repeating itself and you have a chance to change it, dont let the same mistake happen twice.

Gary Russell,

Jonathan Weston,

I may only be 14, but I think that this affects younger students as well as older students.
The government got us all into this mess, and now we, the young generation, have to clean it up for them?
I know violence is never really the answer, but the recent events will only repeat themselves.
It happened in Germany in the 60's, because the students were so sick of being sold down the river. And they were right, and the same should happen in England.
People voted for this corrupted government. What sickens me most of all of this, is the fact that if I do manage to get into a Pyschology degree, and I do well, that it will take me so much longer thanks to the fact that the fees have been raised by 50%. 50%! It's unbelievable.

Nicole Moorjani,

Maria Warren,

Viki S,
Why are we having to pay for our corrupt goverment's mistakes?? Its just not fair.....



Victoria Goodwin,

I Think It Disgusting That the Fees are gunna Rise As its already to much to continue education, cant the government understand That Students will find it hard to pay back the money and be in debt all there lives !!!! And as for the protests I Really Don't Think being Violent and Destroying Property is the way at all coz everyone who is doing this Is Showing us students up Soooo Stop it or nothing will change and people are starting to stereo type Students but we aint all like that !!!! Peaceful Protests Can Get The Word Though but please Government SORT IT OUT !!!!!

Jonathan Campbell,
So English students have to pay more than Scottish of Welsh students? I don't see how thats fair, really.

Tomas James,

clara maciver,

Ben Wolff,
As someone in the current year 11 I fear it will be around my time to go to university as the fees have gone up. The government really put the 'n' in cuts.

James Smith,
What the government is doing is disgusting. Not only is it affecting the future of this country, it just doesn't make economic sense.

Hannah Clare,

Martyn Nash,
What an absolute joke of a government - completely ridiculous and unjustified legislation. Poor students.


Christopher Leech,

Christina Chalmers,
Why pay for Scotland's fees???




Uni's gonna be a difficult option now. Cheers Clegg.

Isobel Rowell,

Jess Cameron,

I'm a 15 year old girl and will be being deprived of decent education. The debt that I will inevitably be in is ridiculous; what about those who're genuinely gifted and will benefit out country, that simply can't afford it? The government needs to re-think how they're going to cater for EVERY SINGLE person in this country; we are not made out of money.

Danielle Hatton,

Jon Mulligan,
I think that students should go to university based on inelegance, not on wealth.

Cairistiona Russell,


Michael Valentino Christou,
My plans for an Ma have just gone out the window, i wont be able to afford the new fees. What happens in 10 years time when people havent had higher education because they cant afford it? Knock on effects?

Matthew Naish,

Louis Ainley,

Bryony Gale,


Connor Fazakerley-Waring,

B Patel,

Hannah Roberts,



Catherine Stillman,

Madeleine Mackinnon,


Liam Downes,



Rachel Hall,
I'm a student Occupational Therapist at University currently on my second year. I work 7 days a week and still have no money! Why punish people for wanting to continue with education and gain a career out of what they enjoy! Nick Clegg would love this country to be full of uneducated people and does he not realise the impact this will have? More people on benefits!! It's not students who have ruined this country it is Nick Clegg!!

Why doesn't he target people who abuse the benefit system before mistreating the people with ambition!?


Amy Goddard,
Its ridiculous! It is well known that we can barely afford to feed ourselves as it is! And now some of the brightest minds cant come to uni because they cant afford the debt! Those that do go will consist of people only going because its the "next step" because their rich Daddies paid for them!


Tamara Twyman,

Ezi Nwosu,

Belinda Hodder,

Lewis Creighton,



education is a right not a privellage for the rich,

Ashley Caveney,






Jayne Randall,
Clegg is a joke.

Jenny Smith,

Teri Gribbin,
Nick Clegg makes me want to throw up with his hypocritical posturing - all Cameron has to do is say 'bend over'. The decision still has to go through the House of LOrds, but three guesses what they'll say - it's not like it will affect THEIR lives in the remotest way.

Simeon Ogden,




Matthew Worden,
i attended unversity last year and took an interuption of studies so i could save up some more money ... i dont think ill be going back at all now.

Aaron McGinn,

This decision is absolutely sickening and does not bode well for this generation. We'll be paying it offf or the rest of our lives. Nick Clegg makes me want to throw up with his hypocritical posturing - all Cameron has to do is say 'bend over'. The decision still has to go through the House of LOrds, but three guesses what they'll say - it's not like it will affect THEIR lives in the remotest way.

Ilan Havinga,

Kate Howard,

Ashley Freeman,
How do they expect us younger people who are suppose to make this country a better place in future to do that if they are going to discourage thousands of students from studying because of their mistakes?

Phoebe Harris,


Katie Sheard,


Daryl Smith,
The only reason I voted Lib Dem was because Clegg promised no rise in tuition fees. I should've voted Labour.

Lyndsey Marris,

Katie Wright,

Guy Larsen,

Katherine Frost,

what good is a petition, you've already seen that they care not a jot. if you want to change anything you'll need AK47's.



Mairi McCormack,

James Nickels,

Thomas Fieldsend,

ollie green,
Lower Fees! you know it's the right thing to do!


Daniel Waite,


Jack Hayes,

I think it's safe to say we all agree it is unfair that only the people with rich parents can afford to have a decent future..

Robin Ciorra,

Tom Dodd,
The majority of Lib Dem's are an absolute disgrace.


Rosie Blackadder,

Matthew Martindale,

april preston,


Eden Bearshaw,
Cock off Clegg!

Samuel Gibbs,

Samuel McCready,
voted for Lib Dems, wont be doing so again. Ever.

Christopher Clarke,

Victoria Smith,
Having this dramatic increase in fees will not only damage the economy and send Britain's young people into a spiral of doing nothing with their lives but dead end jobs, leaving no one to do the important roles, (something which governments have attacked in the past), but will also cause an even bigger increase between the upper and lower classes, ruining Britain as a whole. Well done.

Chris Roane,
Any credibility the Lib Dems have has been lost, bunch of lying cunts, the reason i voted for them is because of what they stood for, I’m a student and a lot of people saw Nick Clegg as change Britain needed to move forward, however he’s just a government rent boy getting arse rapped by Cameron and all of his old Thatcher-esc cronies. The Lib Dem party will cease to exist in the next election as nobody will trust them.

Mark Wesley,

Katey Ribchester,


Katie Griffiths,

Terry Johnson,

emma Ainley-Walker,


Ben Smart,

James Evans,
Wales and Scotland dont pay fee's so why should we!!

Catherine Morrison,
so betrayed...

Byron Edwards,


Victoria Lawson,


Max Henchliffe,


Anne Heath,

Amy Keast,
Totally unfair on English students! The impact of the tutition fees increase has an impact on Scottish Universities too! I feel betrayed by Nick Clegg.

Aurika Valantonyte,

Garylee Walter,


Alice Heffernan,
A mandate is a promise to the people, that if when elected you should stick to. We all know politicians are liars but to break the trust of so many people is just disgusting. You are just creating a next generation of people who won't be willing to trust anyone in government. Let the protests continue!



Abigail Leighton,
i am currently a university student my self, however if i wish to continue my studies i won't be able to! its one thing to stand for what you believe in but the protestors did not need to go that far!
As for the Government i am studying childcare and to be honest it seems you can't even get child care right let alone attempt to do what is best for the students. imagine what it will be like for those children whom i have taught and when they want to go to university!
the Government moans at people not having jobs, but a lot of people can not get jobs without particular certificates and qualifications... how are people meant to be able to do that when the government is stopping EMA and rising tutition fees!

its the ripple effect and i do not believe the Government has realised that!
what ever affects us now will have a even greater effect in the future! you complain about people being on benifits well let them have free education in colleges to get thier basic ENGLISH MATHS AND SCIENCE ! the colleges in my area are charging £200-300 just to do ENGLISH!


Krzysztof Gajda,
As a Polish student who has to work to pay for his studies, I am really concerned about tuition fees. The universities are a brain industry, the most valuable part of economy - and UK government want to deprive itself of it!




Danny Dyson,


Cathy Lu,


Jonathon Hopkins,

Natalie Soper,

Lauren Barnes,

Jennifer Moonesinghe,
have never been so ashamed of the government in my life. We didn't cause the recession so why are we paying for it?

Jessica McKler,
I lost a lot of faith in my country's government today. Nick Clegg, with this fail, you've shot the Lib Dem's chances of ever being considered a contending political party again in the foot. Reversing this decision is the least you can do.


tara fuller,

carol bingham,

Lorna Fitzpatrick,

Michael John Pettitt,
What happened to democracy?
The Lib Dems got the student vote because they were the moral party. Nick Clegg is a traitor.
Glad I voted Green.

Fib Dems

I lost most of the trust i had in the government a while ago but i thought the lib dems would change this. It seems not. I won't be voting for them again.


Joseph Williams,

Lauren Bishop,
My little sisters are 6 and 8. These drastic changes to education have me worrying about whether they'll be able to afford reaching their potential TEN YEARS before they even begin thinking about university!

Lora Christy,

Dean Edwards,
Don't pledge if you won't deliver.


James Twigg,

Robert Caroline,

Heather McKernon,

Nikolai Ribnikov,
The Lib Dems were elected in part due to a large young vote that was down to their pledge to scrap tuition fees and at the very least oppose a rise.



Matt Hasler,

Steve Heath,
Disgusted at the rise, progressive it is not

they say
"children are the future"
but they messing our future up
soon they will stop us going colleges because of the ema being cancled we as studunts and the future of UK need to stand up against out oppenet
(the governement)

Tim Searle,

How is this beneficual to students???! Alot of people will lose out, and the cuts to social science etc will have major implications!!!

Rebekah Hughes,

Arione McQueenie,

Shaun colley,

Alice Wood,

Jared Warburton,

Stephanie Sanderson,


Duncan Petrus,
the day we have a government we trust will be the day when all of us are at the bottom of the barrel

Albert Tapp Scotting,

Fraud by Nick Clegg. Who not only let his supporters down but the future of his party.


Philip Ward,


Joe Karp-Sawey,

Sophie Reynolds,

Felicity Hindle,

Carly Davies,

Amy Ritson,

Ashley Oldham,

Charlotte Anderson,

steven douglas,
lib dems die 🙂

Sarah Hams,

Rebecca Harrison,

Make spending cuts by starting with the future of Britain, that was smart!

Jessica Chambers,

Yassir Matloob,

its not just current students that it will affect it will affect every future student aswell, how can anyone afford to pay this! the country is ment to be out of debt not making it worse

Clare Williams,
I never thought I'd ever say this, but I'm voting labour next time!

Elisabeth Piroddi,

Clare Hearty,

Matthew Perkins,

Richard Knight,
Nick Clegg please listen to your former supporters! Don't do this to us!

Andrew Thomas Harrison,
I don't know anyone who will ever vote Lib Dem ever again. Never ever, ever, ever again.
Completely Blown it for your party indefinitely


Claire Mckee,

Rosie Robertson Jones,

Stephen Howard,


Gordon I Mason,
The coalition government is only creating a larger divide between rich and poor with every move they make. Those on a low income will have to save up for years to even think about further education, while those from middle class families will be the only ones able to afford it.

Bet you won't have trouble with tuition fees on a £142,000 salary will you Mr Cameron?

Kevin Dixon,
Liberal Dem MPs were elected because they signed a pledge stating they would not raise student fees. They have renegaded against their pledge. Because of this I believe they no longer have a mandate to serve as MPs and call upon all Lib Dem MPs who voted for the increase despite their pledges to RESIGN>



wasted two years doing a-levels just to find out i won't be able to afford to go university, cheers for taking away my future clegg, nice one!


Dale Jenkins,
I am not actually against a rise in fees as such, everything needs to contribute towards recovering the country's dire financial state due to our last government, but this rise is too far and disproportionate. Now the risk is being run of putting people off higher education as they simply can't afford it and to deny people that opportunity is wrong: after all who caused the financial mess anyway? Prospective students should not be forced to bear such a huge part of the responsibility. I am lucky in just having joined University and won't be affected, but I think my decision to go to University wouldn't have been the same if the funds had been at this astronomical level.

Adam Smith,

Juan Matias,

Ben Carroll,
Education is a right and should not be reserved for the wealthy.

Sean Brough,

Amber Gunn,

Jessica Cardiff,

Education is a right, it should be free.

Natasha LIlley,

Josh Broomhead,

I'm hoping to be going to university in two years' time - and the course I want to do is long enough that my younger brothers (who are twins) and I will all be at university at the same time. How on earth are our parents going to be able to financially support any of us?

Becca Tompkins,

Jessica Seddon,

George Whittaker,
Can we get rid of them both now? I'm not really in the mood for 4 years of stupid proposals and backstabbing. The pair of them are out of touch with your typical kinda people.

Stephanie Gibson,
Nick Clegg will never reciev another student vote again what a trator. The onnly reason i voted for him was because of his policys concerning students. He has probably made the single biggest political mistake and is only going along with this so he ca climb further up David Camerons arse! Im surprised the Lib Dem's are still behind him there probably only staying for the pay check! Total sell outs!

kate allison,

Colin Inglis,

Catherine Hillam,






James Chapman,
If fees were already 9k, there's no way I could have come to Uni.
This is just a classic example of bad leadership, spend an entire election period making false promises and then when actually in the position of power giving all those who put you there the middle finger.
David Cameron and Nick Clegg have made a big mistake.

Chris Tettenborn,


James Peter Condliff,
This is a scandalous increase in fee's. Cameron and Clegg both got their degree's for nothing. I'm a student and I am fully opposed to this increase and in doing this ensured that neither I nor anyone I know will ever vote conservative or liberal democrat!

Gemma Morris,

lewis davies,


Chloe Francis,

Laura Elliott,

Mika Armfield,

Sammy Pearson,

Megan Clark,




I think that the Liberal Democrats that voted for this policy should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They have to realise that it is the people who elected them that they actually represent, they are not in that position to push through what they think is right, they should listen to their constituents.
They fought the election as "the student party" and got many votes because of this, and their lack of integrity and honesty is shocking and they will pay the price for it at the next UK election, and also in the upcoming devolved parliaments elections next year.
Nick Clegg, shame on you. Liberal Democrats, shame on you. You have proved yourself to be a party that no-one can trust.

Tamsin Tyeson,

Caspar Danicic,

Levi Dargue,

Jamie Cawthra,
We can fund a war but not higher education? That doesn't seem like a 21st century attitude.

Oliver Pillmore,

elliot hockley,


I'm from a traditional hardworking background currently at university, with a younger sibling hoping to attend in 2012. My parents can't afford to financially back him. The notion that graduating with £40,000 of debt it 'progressive' and 'fair' is simply ridiculous. It seems politicians have lost the context of the word in social terms. Moreover, increasing tuition fees does not improve our universities performance; it's down to the quality of lecturers and research which drives innovation and economic prosperity.



zoe hutchinson,

Jessica Reed,

Toby Cordwell,

James Laidler,

Ben Earl,

Calum Jackson,

Clare Tait,

Daniel Scanlon,

Greg Marshall,
The increase in fees is farcical, university will again become an elitist social class as only people from rich familys will be able to afford it.

Natasha Richardson,

Rebecca Whalen,
lib dem=liars

Michael Scott Evans,

Andy Clayton,

I feel that I have wasted my vote on the Liberal Democrats as they have gone back on everything they have said. They are making money out of students by charging interest on student finance. It's all a business for the government. People were totally wrong for voting for Conservatives, the poor will get poorer and the rich will get richer just like when Thatcher was in power.

Keeley McHale,

Louis Limon,

christian kinchin,

Rosie Mayes,

You're an idiot if you voted Lib Dem in the first place.

Just saying.

Tom Dymond-Andrews,


Beth Hipwell,

trystrem harrison,

Emma Cash,


Mary Harvey,

Lindsay Turner,

Danny Birch,

Alex Jones,

Hugh Loxton,


Samia Calbayrac,


Claire Taylor,
Nick is most certainly a prick. Taking away these funds is only going to make things worse.

Sue Rugg,
When I was younger there was a sense of support for the working classes in the Old Labour, but now we are in a "Dickension England".

Not going to vote Lib Dem until the next generation of politicians are in, truly disguised how Nick Clegg and his party can try to get away with such shameless lies



Laurene Vu,
Never will vote Lib Dem again. They are a lost party now and I hope they realise that they could have changed that on the 9th december.

Aaron Trout,

Christine Bradley,
The fee increase is disgusting, elitist and undemocratic.


Georgia Haldane,

Thomas Roberts,
If i go into university this year coming (2011) then i wont be affected, however if i fail to meet the universities high criteria or there is insufficient space for me then i may have to remain at college for another year and do the foundation degree for a year which means i would then go to uni paying £9K and seeing as i am studying architecture which is a 7 year course i may have to pay £9K a year for 7 years!!! if uve already been to uni like nick clegg and david cameron (who therefore no longer need to care about paying for uni) then u dont need to do much math to understand that thats alot of money ill be paying for a LONG time!!!!!!

Christopher Wadey,

Rachael Cole,
Not only is the rise in fees a deterrent but an obstacle than many talented and intelligent young people shouldn't have to face in a country that boasts a right to education.

Rachel O\'neil,

Suzanne Graham,


Catherine Oliver,


Amanda Davis,

Lauren Heaven,



Megan Taylor,

Suzi Aylott,

Jack Parker,

Conor Delaney,

Louis Jobanputra,

Matt Sykes,
The reason i voted Lib-Dem was because Nick was against tuition fee's, so not only was it a wasted vote (i wish i bloody voted Labour!), i'm now gonna get charged more money for less education. What good value for money.. I hate Nick Clegg and especially David Cameron of the Con(men)servative party.


Ali Lovelock,

What kind of government do we have where paying MORE money is better for the poor. Even if they have to pay back at a slower rate you still pay back more. What kind of person is going to give you a mortgage when you have £30 000 debt!

keep it up this is so very unfair for all

saphire favell,

Matthew Brocklehurst,


Lizhi Howard,
University will become elitist and they call it progressive? I have another name for it; backward.

Jaspreet Mahal,


This country is going to go to shit.

The PM and PM's bitch might as well just kicked thousands of men in their area and ruined the next generation right from the source, the deserve to be pushed out and they have killed so many dreams and aspirations!!!!

There's my future down the drain, which will affect my children, which will affect theirs. Thankyou for ruining my family Clegg.

Nielsen Cerbolles,

Government increase in fees the cuts everyone is suffering is just another indirect bailout for the banks. I also have worrying proof of this further which will expose why this country is in this mess. Untill people realise who is at root of this nothing will change. Banks have more power over our lives than the government. All I say also is that the protest lose argument when antisocial behavior is used.

This is not a democracy. Shame on you!

Harry Steadman,


Steph Dickinson,


laura gillhespy,
Targetting the wrng people for the cuts!


Katie McColm,

i hate the coilition they need to fix up

Robert Jones,

Grace Whitfield,

Amy Smith,
They expect this country to still be independant in 10 years time? We'll have no doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc because University is just too costly for most.

Joe Gardiner,

Lucy Kelly,

Raising tuition fees is a joke

Rebecca Risbrough,

he royal wedding is to be an extra bank holiday, falling between Easter and May Day and creating consecutive three-day working weeks. However the loss to productivity and overtime payments due to this will be in the billions. What about giving this money to the uni fund


thomas dickin,
i wish i thought signing this petition and protesting would make a difference
our voice is being heard, but ignored by the fat cats

michelle fell,
the government has let us all down, out future is at stake as a nation, our young people are being punished for the recklessness of others. I dont agree with the violence that occurred, but can appreciate where the anger that caused it came from. Its now time for sustained political pressure to revoke this travesty and to prevent future idiotic actions.
No one can convince me that having a £40-£50,000 debt is a good idea, for what was free for my generation.
As a parent of a current uni student and one that aspires to become one in the next few years, It is worrying that my children will have this debt in their long term future, and the amount of guilt that it makes me feel for not being able to support them financially through this time is immense.

Adam Poole,

Ryan Johnson,
The Tories and the Lib Dems have lost any potential votes from the electorate of tomorrow, Tories were always going to do this simply because they are and always have been for the rich, but the Lib Dems have just signed their own death warrant, their chances of ever rivalling the big two parties in british politics.

Charlotte Draper,

I can only see negative things about increasing tuition fees. The Lib Dems have sold out and this is going to cost them dearly at the next election both for government and local council.They got a lot of support from students because of their manifesto promise and no one will trust them ever again. Hope it was worth it Nick Clegg cos you've sold your soul to the devil for 5 minutes of fame and a fancy job title!!

Andrew Collins,

Josh Fradley,
I hope they realise how many futures they have now destroyed

Ashley Jordan,

Graham Wilman,
This issue has public support. Don't let us give the press the opportunity to divert attention onto crazy acts of violence and vandalism. Help us focus attention on the real issue. Education is a right not just a luxury fashion item for the rich.

Jonathan Mann,

Donal McQuillan,

Nikki Morgan,

David Featherstone,

Samantha pool,
I think its disgsuting parliament or not you made a promise to billions of people then made a total u turn on it i am disgusted in you nick clegg.

Katel Le Floch,


Jude Wright,

Dominic Cronshaw,

megan camilleri,

I'm going to be out of university (luckily) as of next year. However, I think it's vital that potential students are encouraged to go to uni, this new bill hardly encourages or instils confidence.


Kathryn Reed,

Megan D,

Glyn Waters,
The decision to go against the lib dem election promise to me is thoroughly un-democratic, and quite frankly, an utter disgrace. Education is a right, not a privelige, don't take that away.

laura bentham,

colin johnson,
Todays students are our future, this policy by the coalition stems from the traditional Tory fear of an educated electorate.

Andrew Gilmore,

Ben l,

Danielle Daniels,
I think its a disgrace that education is not going to be available for those on a lower income... democracy...don't they mean fascism...JOKE!! What ever happened to equal rights?

Nick Clegg, you, are a prick.

Sonia Black,


Will White,
Lets destroy the education of the country's future leaders! Nice one...


Charlotte Parris,


Bob Studholme,
This crisis was caused by greedy bankers who couldn't do their jobs properly, it shouldn't be paid for by everyone else.

Anne Ly,
Well done Nick Clegg for being an absolute prick. A* for effort. Well done for being the biggest disappointment in 2010 just when young people like myself thought we'd be listened to. Well done for being a complete and utter sell out. We should've seen it coming. You are are a disgrace. Did your parents not teach you that lying (particularly on a national scale) is wrong? Sort your life out.


Labour were going to do the same just not as soon. It's pathetic that this has gone through, it truely shows more of a dictatorship vibe as apposed to a "democracy"

Firstly, the Lib-dems have taken their credibility and thrown it in the bin (people do not like politicians anyway- so this is just heightening the negative response from the public!) Also, the coalition is having a completely negative input into our country - education is the key to a successful, peaceful and proud country... Clegg and Cameron have just taken that key, locked the door and thrown it away.

Tom McCafferty,

Callum Leinster,

Katie Ward,

Phil Taylor,
£9000, really, how are people going to afford this?

Nathan Wehrly,

Exaucee Mpono,


James Stevenson,
How can we have faith in politics, and our politicians when they betray us in such fashion.

Hannah Deas,
It's funny, I didn't think labour were going to be the good guys..


Douglas Gill,


Reuben Gaines,

It's an absolute joke.

Keri Bethell,

Ross Widdup,
I, for one, will not lie back and accept this horrific attempt to handicap the working class' access to education.

Darren Edwards,
Support the cause 100%, just not the violence, undermines all we are aiming for

its ok. You may do what you like now, just remember, it could be my one vote you lose by I 4 years. Then you will regret this shit.

jilly dickinson,

hannah eskenazy,


Francis Nwobu,




Claire Hogben,

Alex Gentleman,

belinda birch,

Alexander Lamle,
utterly disgusted with lib dems... i certainly won't be voting for them next year... they obviously can't keep their promises...


Rebecca Gilliver,
Don't make promises you can't keep. Saying one thing and doing the opposite yet in typical MP style no apology given!

Richard Robinson,


Invest in our futures, in this country's future. You are not doing so by cutting spending on education and raising tuition fees. The motion was barely carried today with an overwhelmingly tiny majority - this alone is sign enough that further review is needed within government. There are other areas of spending that could be cut before sacrificing the quality of the education or health systems through less government investment - please, reconsider this rash decision.

Oliver McCall,


Maria Racero,



Tania Clark,

Benjamin Brocklehurst,

Nathan Moore,
Think long term; in 10/15 years time we may be out of a recession, but with a lot less skilled, creative and educated bright young people.

laura Bedford,


kiran boyal,



Kazim Pardhan,
LYING LIB DEMS! Nick Clegg is just in it to win it...yes, £££ in his pocket.



Robert Johnston,


Jim Molyneux,
You said you wouldn't, and you did.
Listen to your people.

Emma Morris,
Keep to your word, that is all that needs to be said.


Jasmine Parry,

Nicola Rainford,

Daniel Drennan,


Gemma Huett,

Sam Kuper,

Timothy Hill,

carl long,

James Telford,
Fuck the system.

Nikhil Patel,

Robert Duckworth,
nick clegg is a hypocrite.

Taan Rutherford-Martell,

Rebecca Thomas,

It's a Joke. Never will trust a politician again! Scotland & Wales get help with it, yet us lot in England will now struggle.

Ellen Winstanley,

Eleanor Murchie,


Ben Vickers,

Amane Suganami,

Ben Vandersluis,


Tim Davis,
I think it's a disgrace that my own local MP would go back on his word like this. A disgrace to the country.


Nicky Stubbs,


Gary Holmes,
Nick Clegg has lied through his teeth for votes and has destroyed my faith in democracy

Oliver Griffiths,

Jagtar Bhogal,
Disgusting and dishonest.


Natasha Milburn,

Chad Smith,


This is a brutal knock to democracy. The Lib dems and Tories will continue to smash the poor until collective resistance is formed.

mike tobin,

Sarah-Jayne Cooper,

Daran Muruhathas,
"Nick Clegg - Deputy PM" sounds disgusting. Imagine this man talking to the EU, and bowing down to everything they say. Truly astonishing to think this man considers himself enough of a role model to still be in office.

Zoe Clayton,

i think the tuition fees are absolutely ridiculous! there's people out there who's parents have just come out the recession.. by putting the fees up really dosen't help at all! knowing that when i leave university i'll have to pay all the money so i won't get into debt and too top all that off, who knows.. i may not even get a job! there's millions of people trying to get a good job. i think this is ridiculous, cutting EMA is also stupid, i practically live off my EMA, i have no idea how i'm going to cope now. Re-think about the decision you've just made, is this for your good or for ours?

Never Voting Lib Dem Again

Justin Lee-Gammage,
Take a look at the UCU proposal of a business education tax, the only fair way of securing long term sustainable university funding.

I support Tories but this is too much!

Matthew Giles,

Sam Green,
My sister will be hoping to go to uni in 3 years and will be unlucky enough to have to be what is a disgraceful amount of money! £38000 of debt...Democracy? I don't think so.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I think that is all that needs to be said.


Emily Maw,


Amy Macginley,


Sofia Sheikh,

Even though I live in Australia (English by birth) I am well aware that what happens in England today they will try and do in Australia tomorrow so keep up the fight. The times are changing but governments aren't, they still think they are the cream of society (try rich, thick and on the top for a definition of that). What it is about is denying people the education to be able to see through the fallacy that democracy has become. An educated populace is a danger to those who seek power.

Agree with below comment man. I certainly cant trust lib dems no more!

Emma-Jayne Morgan,
This move will completely dissuade many people from going to University, people do not want £30,000+ debt, no matter how generous the repayment scheme is. With the employment situation as it stands in this country, people would be unlikely to get good jobs regardless of having a degree, so will simply not go to University.

Jonathan Hicks,
Don't take it from my pocket! Take it from the bankers! Oh wait, they're your best friends. Bloody Tories

Ruairidh Kee,
This is a move which will divide Britain, and mean havoc for future generations of students.



Lib Dems will learn to regret this decision in the future and so would the conservatives. Who the HELL is gonna vote for them next time?! Let them gloat over ruining the fututre generation while they still can.
And way to go Nick Clegg! We already don't trust politians much, so thanks for increasing the mistrust and stabbing us students who voted for you in the back!

Amy Fairbairn,

Fabian McNeilly,




Silvana Jugo,

Sam Harris,

Laura Goldsmith,

Alice Brighty,

Robert Tucker,


Owen Ford,

Ena Jugo,

Daian Sumner,
Unbelievable and disgraceful!

lydia twigg,

Catherine Tuckey,


Daniel Clarke,

Jack Brown,
Ok so if they need to cut costs, how about just don't give £8bn to british rail for some new carriages?

Sophie Gaudin,
An absolute disgrace. Typical tory party to target those who tend to have no money anyway, typical lib dem to bend over backwards and be weak.

Alex Cole,


alan bamber,
Sell outs.

Damon Turner,
England is turning into a place we can't be proud of.

Gareth Siney,

My siblings and cousins will unable to attend university with these preposterous fees. It is an utter disgrace that the Lib Dem's have betrayed every person who placed their trust in their manifesto's vote.

jenny gillan,

David Edwards,
Nick Clegg will have to go for the Lib Dems to salvage anything from this catastrophe for them. All their MPs should have voted against. That simple.

Jack dunn,

Glen Matthews,

Aaron Gilby,


Matthew Morgan,
Lib-Dems talk of democracy: they pledged not to do this, I voted for them, what did my vote mean?


Sabrina Barr,
why can't the Libdems prove that there is such thing as a politician who is not corrupt? the whole point of becoming politicians is to try and make a difference and to follow your political beliefs - what the hell is going on????



Hannah Tranter,


Stephanie Darlington,
Just because the government decided to ignore the idea of representative democracy today, does not mean this fight is over yet.

Clegg is a dick and we're all screwed... nuff said

D Bradley,

Alex Lay,
It won't even save money, when fees go up that extra money will just get given out by the government in student loans! Quite how its supposed to encourage the less wealthy and anyone else to go to university I don't know.

Freya Spriggs,

Sophie Wheeler,

Jonty Bergin,
Absolubtley ridiculous what these pricks have done they have ruined my future and they only care about themselves


Ridiculous! Government should be ashamed of themselves

Charlie Bilsland,

Matthew Welch,


Rosie Evans-Hill,

Joe Morton,

Nick Pearce,

Natalie Pendell,
Utter disgrace.

lucinda parsons,

John McNicholas,

Ross McCaffrey,

Tom Smith,


Leah Curtis,
now you can go to uni for three years for 9k, three years for three times as much? No thanks!

Hagley West,

The behaviour of the ConDems has been disgusting. Nick Clegg is a sell out and David Cameron is a d***

Katie Goldhawk,
£9000 per year is totally ridiculous, university should be available to as many people as possible in order to train them for jobs, thus helping the economy that way! Or, if the aim is to encourage people not to go to university, don't increase fees, simply make other opportunities such as apprenticeships more available! I really hope the government listen to the voices of current/potential future students, keep it up guys!


Matthew Hall,

This is a failure of the democratic process - the Liberals got elected on the basis of opposing such an increase. They can't blame the coalition - this should have been a non-negotiable element for them.

The new policy will adversely impact the UK economy, and poorer students will be further discouraged from going to university.

Charlotte Parker,

Michael Lingwood,



karl garratty,
nick clegg... what a mess you have made.



Liars and scum - get them out of government.


Hannah Tivey,




Kim Ho,

Toir Broughton,

Joe Brassington,

Karl Janion,

Andrew Bradford,

Joel Collins,

Discusting. Want to get this country out of debt? Stop paying yourselves such large amounts of money for doing fuck all.

Protested today from cirencester college, our college fully backs our protest. Over £30,000 debt before age 25?!

Chris Green,


sian howells,

George Lavery,
I'm 17 years of age and hopefully I'll make it into university this year, just before the fees will rise. However, I feel much sympathy for those just a year younger than me who will be paying so much more. Not only is the policy a risk that might affect the entire nation for the worse, because of a lower standard of higher education and other factors, but it is utterly unfair on certain demographics.

Andrew Cochrane,
Typical modern day English proposal to punish those trying to make a difference in this country. All so they can make the filthy rich even richer and no doubt line a few Tory pockets. . . Oh . . and a few Lib Dems as well


Sadia Jama,
Wow Britain really has fallen

Dorota Tylus,

Emma Reekie,

Isamara Mendonca,
Sick! I'm going to spend the rest of my life paying back debt, as Emily said i also come from a free school dinners family i dont expect this and for my ema to be taken away. Clegg=Liar

neil conroy,

Lina Jonsson,

V Williams,

Adam Garrod,
Lied too by those in a position of trust. And then millions of kids - Britain's future - stabbed in the back and prevented their basic right of an education. Disgusting.

Anna Elgar,


Eleanor Plumstead,

Michael Smith,
Mr Clegg, anybody who lies to get a job doesn't deserve it.

I am a university student due to qualify within the next few months. Throughout my study i have been funded by student finance to pay my fees which i will pay back when i qualify. I want to further myself and take on a new degree but with the new fees in line i stand no chance in getting my dream career as i would be paying the fees myself as a postgraduate- 3 grand is reasonable to scrape together- 9-grand is longhaul!!!!!

Mia Brown,


C Green,


Florence Barrett,


What a way to gain the votes of the young people- by lying to them, exploiting them, and denying many of them the chance they deserve.

Steffan Kitchener,

Lucy Taylor,

Lorna Wythers,

Victoria Wright,

My brother is due to start uni in 2012 and is therefore due to be saddled with three times as much debt than I might have (I'm currently a second year). How is that fair?

Aidan Rylatt,

Emily Young,
I think the rise in tuition fees is disgusting. I am in my 2nd year of my primary teaching degree and am the only one in my family to have gone to university. My 2 brothers and sisters are going to miss this amazing opportunity because I come from a "free school dinners" family and my siblings are put off the ridiculous amount of debt that they will end up with if they did go into higher education.

Elmyra Chinje,
This policy is unjust and must be re-looked at


Jessica Williams,



Gemma robertson,

Flynn Gewirtz-O\'Reilly,
Nick Clegg. Dickhead.


nick clegg why so blue no ifs no buts no education cuts uni is going to shut down if you do it to 9,000 pound because people wnt pay that much money for that so booo to you

Seán Sheehan,


Callum Sale,

Clare Cumming,

Jennifer Flynn,


We have to pay too much to better ourselves - some people get paid for wasting their lives!?!?!?!


Education is the Silver Bullet to solve so many problems. You will be creating more issues if you increase fees.

Hannah Curtis,

Oliver Smith,

emma dawson,

Razan Saffour,
The British government is an insult to OUR Rights and Democracy.

Aidan Moore,

Owen Ward,


Katy Allen,

This is insufferable. England is my favourite Country and I do not want it to be as uncivilized as Italy. X

Rhiannon Wates,

Declan Montgomery,

Sami Taylor,

ConDem are scum.

Samantha Martin,


Daniel Cope,

Jess Silva,


Jessica Veitch,

Today's been a shame. A day to remember in the UK for quite a long time. Govt should be dissolved.

Nikki Marsh,
I think its rediculous to make young students pay the deibt that they had no contribution to making
Sort it out!

David Millington,
Cameron scum

Lucy Hodson,
Education for the masses, not the upper Tory classes!



That's my chances of a decent job gone


Robyn Adam,
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Emily Giles,





Mathilda Austin,


I hate the conservative policies but I hate the Lib Dems even more for going against everything they have ever stood for just because they want joint power in Government. It has taken Lib Dems so long to get to where they are now, and they have messed it up big time. Come the next general election.. and the next.. and Lib Dems will not have any votes. STOP THE RAISE

Bijan Hakimian,


MP's are being forced to vote for this! It's not a democracy if this happens!


Darrelle Bower,


selina Borji,


They should find another way.

Heather Horwood,

i think it is a joke the fees have risen... For reasons too long to write in here !

Rachael Scamp,

Muntasir Syed,


Elizabeth Franklin,

Joanna Rutherford,

shane d,

Rachel B,
The short-sightedness of this current government is unfathomable, completely unacceptable that a government that we did not vote in have managed to cause went through with such a detrimental decision.

Dot Gosling,



fuck the fee's



its a load of crap, people who with to carry out a further education to provide the country with the likes of Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers etc. and now this wont happen because Clegg went and said he was going to do something and didnt do it.

Matthew Noblett,



Bethan McClean,

Sam Dawkins,
Absolutely disgusting.

Eve Morley,
so much for us being the future of Britain when we cant even have a say on our future.

Stuart Dempster,
Pure joke they expect us students to pay between 27k and 45k for University education, we don't all come from wealthy, upper-class backgrounds like the Conservatives! Any respect I gained by Nick Clegg for his impressive showing on the leaders debates have been totally wiped.

Kim Stocks,
This is just ridiculous. How do these people expect to have trained Doctors/Nurses/Teachers ect if they cannot afford to pay for the training?

Andrew Lewis,

Micheala Fellows,

Nigel Byrne,


Nikki O\'Hagan,

Patrick Lewis,

Kay Hunter,

William Bower,

Nathan Kiddie,


Edward Gilbert,

This is a sad day for British democracy. Was there ever a turncoat more deceitful, despicable and odious than Nick Clegg?

Emma Jesson,

Tom Harker,
I will not tolerate Nick Clegg lying to his followers just so he can be deputy PM


Ashley Henderson,
The fee increase is a disgrace, especially as they think it will be 'beneficial' to the students, who now won't even be able to afford to get into university

Elen Ghassempoory,

Chloe Koulouris,
I feel sick just thinking about how the Lib Dems betrayed their voters and everything they once stood for. Thanks for destroying the hopes of all the young people with so much potential...but not enough money.

Being 16 now, with an older brother already at uni. Im going to be stuck with £30 grand more debt than him, merely for being born a year later?

Where is democracy? So few decided for so many!

Massive betrayal from Nick Clegg who's literally just let David Cameron bend over and have his way with the youth of today

Norman M MacFarlane,
I was intriged to hear the Prime Minster say that students only pay back the fees when they are successful, earning £21,000 or more. Where do we stand in the worlds pecking order if earning £21,000 is successful. UK average earnings are listed at £25,500.
Just what planet are these people on!!!
Stop the fraudulent hand outs.
Cut back on overseas aid. Lets invest in our own country's future and use that money for the tuition fees.

Andrew Gibson,

Oliver Owen,
I am a 14 year old guy and if they're raised, there is a slim cance I'll even afford one semester!

Max Bonnefin,

Alanna Stupple,
Disgusting betrayal of policies

Stephanie Lane,

Jo Green,
Backstabbers, plain and simple.

future ruler,
What this goverment is doing is helping them selves and not thinking about what actually is going to help this society. which is us your future doctors and engerneers. you are only digging a bigger think


Lydia Durkin,

Georgina Baird,

rose wilkins,

imogen lovera,




Emma Baker,

Andy Buccino,
Remember, remember the 9th of December
The lib-dem treason and plot.
I know of no reason why the lib-dem treason
Should ever be forgot.

I voted Lib Dem because I was against a rise in tuition fees.

Natalie Slade,
You have stabbed us in the back and have abandoned us in a future of debt. Education should be availiable for everyone not just those able to afford it.

Ryan Kearney,
Wrecking the country!

Thomas Halpin,

Thomas Tilley,

marie convery,
Its a sad day for the UK - only the rich can afford education leading the UK back into teh dark ages..

leah jelleyman,


Laura Clifford,

Thanks for nothing, Nick! I'm now thinking twice about studying for an MA starting in 2012 and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Also, not only will undergraduates rack up £40000+ of debt but there is also the issue of interest to take into account. It's barely affordable for most people as it is.

Its the one and ONLY reason why im considering not going to UNI 🙁



They wanted to 'safeguard' the future of UK universities and make sure they remain some of the best universities in the world... well they sure as hell won't be performing at their best when they are as empty as a crypt

patrick bruun rasmussen,

Will Critchley,

Jacob Gardner,

Max Gilbert,
A country lead by lies.

Being a parent I am disgusted at this. What's the point of having a year free if they are still going to put fees up anyway so you still end up paying for that year in a roundabout way. Its even difficult to go through student finance to get any loans in the first place as they make it hard for anyone. Whatever is decided at the end of the day its still 'rip-off Britain'. How are they ever going to get out of debt let alone get on the housing ladder, which is impossible already for most people who haven't even got student debt.


James Grist,
Please explain why my parents now have to re-mortage their house to pay for this.

Barbara Collis,

Martin Mahdoodi,
cant belelive it..economic growth will definately suffer

Carrie-Ann Hollern,
I vote MPs to take cuts and not Education

Becky Hill,

Holly Thicknes,

Anna Johnson,

Kelly Webster,
Students who graduated in 2008 paid around £1500 in tuition fees a year. I was one of the first students to pay the increased tuition fees of £3000. It was a struggle and I had to work nearly 30 hours a week to support myself - whilst studying for a "full time" degree. I am come from a middle class background, but my parents did not earn enough to support me and I was not entitled to any grants or bursaries. I am now in £23000 debt, £1000 for every year that I am old. So how the government think that anyone can afford fees of £30000 per year is beyond me. £60000 is the minimum debt for a 3 year course. However, what about doctors, vets or architects who have to do 7 years in education? Discouraging people from these vital vital degrees and therefore jobs will be incredibly harmful to the country in years to come.

I suggest that all student take a gap year and don't take up any position for the coming year. This would send a strong message to the government. It would be better to add 1p income tax

I graduated over ten years ago but wanted to add my support and say how much I am against this proposed increase in tuition fees.

Stephen Firman,

laura mitchell,

Grace Glue,


annette graves,
im disgusted with our country letting a party that came last of the three major partys be able to doublecross the voters. power hungry thats all they are,any liberal voting for this should be ashamed.Abstaining is just cowardly and a cop out in this issue.They dont care who is affected by these cuts at all,seems just power hungry. should be supporting the brains of the country of the future, not frightened of poorer young people rising up and having ambition.

Terry Maxwell,

Amanda Deakin,


Rhian Evans,

Ronan Kearney,

Sarah Evans,
I am appalled by the increase in student fees and 80% cuts for some universities. I went to college in 1990. This course also enabled me to do a masters degree. I had my fees paid and had an overdraft of £500 to pay off when I finished! If I had thought I would end up with a debt of tens of thousands of pounds to pay off after my course I would never have gone into higher education and my life would be very different now. I am in my late thirties and feel ashamed people of my generation are supporting this and abandoning young people in this way.

Shelley Queen,


This policy will ensure this is education for the rich. University entry should be on merit. I accept that we need to curb education spending but this is not the way. Make university entrance requirements more rigourous but once there ensure students are able to concentrate on studying and generating knowledge, not surviving on the breadline.

I was a student in the early 1980's and found it hard even with a Local Authority Grant. I come from a working class back ground and became the first in my family to go to higher education and get a degree. I became a surveyor and yes I have earned more than if I had not not got my qualifications but I had to give up three years of earning capacity and the extra I earned when I started work was taxed and in some good times at over 40%. I do consider that I have paid back many times the cost of my qualifications. The Governments want this and more. If I was faced with the current situation and the threat of even more Debt I would NOT have taken the risk to study for a degree.

My Son was hoping to go to University in September 2011. If the fees increase we do not have sufficient income to support him without him starting life with a massive debt. I also object to Welsh and Scottish Students no t having to pay. If my Son goes to Uni in Wales he will still have to pay the increase but not for the Welsh Students studying in England - It would be blattent discrimination especially when my taxes support the Welsh infastructure.

How can people on Social security be on a minimum house hold allowance of £26,000 pa and new students have to start pying back load at earnings of £21,000. This loa will also block any borrowing for a mortage to buy a furute home - Education should be free for all and not just student in the Scotlad. Foreign students should be charged more and a limited number per university.


Louise Walker,

Amanda Whittington,
Keep our education system available to all!

julia McBlain,


Jonathan Adamson,
Education is for those who will work hard and deserve it, not for those who have rich parents who can simply afford it! An increase is not fair and will ruin so many talents that young people have but are not allowed to apply due to financial constraints.

Rory McClelland,

Vicky Sprawling,

Andrew Green,

lesley harman,
This policy is Mad. Why should EU students get free education in Scotland when it is denied to English students? I don't care if it is considered 'good' debt or 'bad' debt, we should not be encouring anyone to borrow money that they don't have. Finding the money for education is all about priorities and the government see teenagers and children as easy targets. Bullies never pick on anyone their own size and as the mother of 17 and 15 year olds, I am disgusted.


How can students possibly afford to pay for their study fee's in future?

Valerie Antell,
We must fight to ensure that access to Higher Education is 100% equal. Fees should NEVER have been introduced and should not be allowed to increase as this would put education in to the hands of the elite and wealthy. I admire the students; spirit of resistance - WELL DONE!

Laura Beaumont,

Gareth Knott,

Totally ridiculous - blatantly favouring the rich, not equal opportunity for everyone. Surely stop wasting billions on unnecessary nuclear weapons, and let the future generation have access to education instead.

E Wiczling,
199899 saw fees introduced at 1K, 2011-2012 proposed fees to 9K. That escalation cannot possibly be coped with in that timescale. 9K is just tution - students then face living & accommodation costs - the true annual figure will be closer to £15k for a "top flight" degree and about £12 otherwise. No other area of cost has risen at that level.It is deeply unfair as there has not been any element of warning\planning and if the middle income families will feel it hard then the blow to lower income families will dreadful. It is disingenuous of the government to pretend that students are not subsidised by families who try to augment the usually very modest student earnings. The pay back point of £21,000 is still way too low for that level of debt especially as inflation may mean that figure is all too easily reached triggering a further injustice.

Kerry Meehan,

Carol Elizabeth STAGG,
This policy will prevent all but the most wealthy from going to university unless of course we are prepared to be committed to a future of permanent debt. It is borrowing more than we have that got us into the mess we are in. I could not consider borrowing so much money and I am sure there are many like me. The lower middle classes on moderate incomes will be particularly hit - they will earn just too much to qualify for any grants or bursaries. I was lucky enough to have a free HE experience - we have paid the fees for our children. They have enough debt with the loans they have taken out - university would have been difficult if not impossible on £9k each per year as we would hate them to have so much debt in this uncertain future. Jobs for those who have experienced HE are not guaranteed in the same way as they were in my youth. This must not go through.

David Bennett,



Like all UK residents I get the benefit of graduates who make this country better: teachers, nurses, engineers etc. In future who will take degrees leading to these careers and burden themselves with such debt? The current cost of higher education is very bad, this proposal is even worse. It is bad for young people, it is bad for our country.

Tina Rychlik,
Education is not a privilege. It is a human right!

never will vote for Lib Dem again


I may be long out of Uni,but I NEVER would have been able to go with the fees they are proposing.

Ellen Murphy,

Elizabeth Mayle,
It is appalling that the government think it appropriate to increase student fees. My son will already owe £21,000 for his university education and I have only just finished paying my own student loan. The government are happy to layabouts to do nothing and they are happy to support free fees for Scottish students. We should be investing in the future of the country in a positive way - why don't the bankers get taxed for it instead?

Paul Nash,

Jules Davis,

Serhat Yanmaz,
I have nt voted in any elections until now. Because I elieved neither Tories or Labor would make any fundamental change for me. I was wrong. Cameron said in PMQs that "in the end we have to make a choise here" refereing to increase in tution fees. My choice will be Labour now on. I do not believe they are better than Tories, but Cameron could not make UK's future worse. This is simply the begining of social injustice on working class families.


Dave Simpsn,
Education is a human right not a luxury.

I totally agree with everything this petition stands for. Fingers crossed it makes a difference!

colette mcdiarmid,

amanda weeks,

Students are being made to pay disproportionately for the economic problems that previous generations have caused and originally benefitted from. This is just disgusting. We need doctors and teachers in society, therefore we need graduates, and society should pay, not individuals.

alan parker,

Kim Shaw,
Parents of future students should speak out too. WE will be helping them to pay.

Anita Armitage,

Liv Dohren,

Proposed tuition fees increase is disgusting,Students should not face years of debt and university develops students in many ways,not just educationally.Students should not be saddled with debt.

Gina Short,

Karina Lewis,

The unfairness in Britian between prospective students who live in Scotland, Wales & England is the greatest injustice of our time. If we really need to increase fees then it should at least be on an equal basis and not depend on where the parents of the students live.

Anshel Cohen,

Martha Troughton,

Why should English young pay so much more than the rest of UK


Elizabeth Rae,


Andrew Gibbs,
I have a good job because I worked hard throughout my education (school and Uni). Ever since I've been paying taxes, and contributing to the economy. In todays world I would NOT go to university. In todays world I will no longer vote lib dem.

Chris Tilson,
9000 X 7 = 63,000

Josh wright,
Future graduates wanting to get a mortgage in years to come will be burdened by this debt. Mortgage lenders are likely to consider graduates wanting to buy a house/flat with a combined debt of 80,000 as unsuitable candidates. It is unreasonable and irresponsible to expect graduate to live with this level of debt!

Peggy Murphy,


Christy Reid,

Angela Jamieson,

Simone Jaeger,
It is morally unjust to ask younger generations to pay even more for their education when older generations (including my own) benefited from not only free university but also cheaper housing, availability of good pensions with jobs and a stronger economic climate overall. They will graduate be facing a mountain of debt, unaffordable houses, global warming and many fewer jobs. Why should we ask them them to pay for our mistakes? Take away tax benefits for high earners and tighten up laws on tax avoiding corporations. Shame on the coalition

Siobhan Vaughan,

Stephen Tulip,
Young people should not start their working lives with £30k+ of debt.


Daniel Brown,

Deirdre O\'Sullivan,

amelia lee,
The top up fees are outrageous

Nadia Shehata,

John Jordan,


Martyn Broughton,

helen torrance,


Russell Jones,


carol Hopkinson,
Everyone should have the right to continue eductation regardless of whether they can afford it or not. This government is systematicaly destroying all opportunities for the less well off in society and the underprivelaged

Louise Pawley,

Kathryn Samuel,

I feel severly let down by the Liberal Democrats and would not have voted for them if I knew they had no intention of keeping any of their promises or delivering on any front.

Mr Jones,

Hypocrite - a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
A person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.


Richard Stafford,

sarah joyce,

daphne babouris,

Eli Foster,




jacob baines,

Annie Maddison,

Jill Burke,

mr tim pullan,



Josh England,
3times extra fees doesn't mean students will get 3 times as better teaching
The government is trying to cut our national debts whilst giving students more which surely goes against the moral principles they're applying to the country
The whole £21,000 pay-back aspect is a farse as you'd hope that within a few years of uni students would get that kind of pay
Students have to pay rent (typically borrowed from the government in loans) 52 weeks a year and only get taught for ~36. IF the government want to save money they should force universities to teach for 48 weeks per year so that money isn't wasted.

Mr Cameron, you will be sorry if ever your baby becomes ill and needs a specialist doctor, as the person you may desperately need to perform life saving operations will be working as a bin man due to you putting our fees up!!!

Mr Clegg, we voted for you. You lied. Good one!

James Coxon,

In this country everyone should be entitled to a free university education, it is possible and desirable.

zahid ataullah,

Jaime Murphy,

Patrick Clark,

G Dowling,

Shanti Rao,

Emily Cutler,


tracey leonard,

sharon mason,
Scotland is free, wales is supported, what happens to the youth of England, sold down the river again and lied to by the government POWER CRAZY BRIAN DEAD SNOBS WHO DO NOT WISH WORKING CLASS STUDENTS TO ACCESS EDUCATION

Joe Simpson,

The problem is tgat we have been pushing too many people into higher education. Make it a free education for fewer people and a degree might actually mean something again.

David Hughes,

Sharon Jay,
This increase cannot be right. The youngsters of today have a hard enough time with current uni fees and the high prices of housing. PLEASE reconsider and vote against the tuition fees increase.

Ken Yau,

Alice Owen,


Alice Owen,


Frances Hawkes,
As a first generation uni student (now doing a PhD) I am passionate to see that the opportunity I had be extended to all people who have the brains and the desire be able to further their education at uni if they wish. There is no way my low/middle income parents would ever be able to afford uni for myself and my brother under the new scheme. As it was when I started undergrad in 2006 I had to work for 3 years before uni to save enough (thousands £££££s) to go at all, and that was WITH a student grant and loan. I don't want the UK to be like the US or other countries where those with a big bank balance can educate their kids whilst the rest of us 'poor but bright' kids have to fight over a handful of scholarships.


Catherine Lyth,

Jonathan Lee,

Graham Preece,
University tuition should be free. The tuition fee policy introduced by the last Government was wrong and the extension of it by the ConDems is abhorrently worse.

This policy will destroy the hopes and aspirations of many young people. I have may friends and even in my own family, who have children with 15 to 20000 pounds of debt.

This policy is socially regressive and repressive.


Paul James Jones,
£9000 a year? oh and lets not forget a maintainence loan of £3000 a year - on a 3year course - that's an incurred DEBT of £36,000!!! + Interest. It doesn't matter when you start paying it back, the shackles of this debt will cripple working class students. I'm disgusted by our government for proposing such a policy and trying to spoon feed it to us as 'fair'. It would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic.

Timothy Austin Welch,
This must not be allowed to pass

Eleanor Adair,
£9,000 a year is just too much for ordinary kids and families to pay. If it had been the case in my day, coming from a working class background, I just wouldn't have been allowed to go by my parents. It is wrong. Society needs to shoulder the burden.

James van de Vyver,
As a graduate who received a free education I am totally against this proposed debt enslavement of this and future generations of students in the UK. To use the argument that those who benefit from a higher education should pay more is wrong. The whole economy benefits from a well educated workforce. I'm just so angry about the injustice and stupidity of this.



I was the first and only within my family to go to college, to follow that with a university education was way beyond my parents expectations. Yet rather than the first emotion to be that of pride, my parents were riddled with guilt. They felt that they had let me down, they couldn't afford to pay for me to study. I assured them that everything would be okay, i'd get a student loan, get a job and work my way through.

In fact, my student loan barely covered my rent, one job didn't suffice in covering my material costs for university, so I got an extra job and had to work bloody hard to achieve my goal.

Had the tuition fees been higher than 3000 odd a year when I studied, I'm not sure if I would of taken the step to work toward my chosen career, or that my parents would have allowed it. I graduated 18months ago and earn £9,740 a year working within a school as a Learning Support Assistant, I have two other jobs to support me and I volunteer at an arts centre. I have absolutely worked my arse off to get all of the relevant work experience needed to be accepted on to an MA course and achieve my dream job, but now how will I afford the tuition fees? I feel like I have been let down by the government, those with money will continue to better themselves, but ordinary folk like me and my family will continue to struggle to make the necessary changes.

At least I can say that I am grateful I had the opportunity to go to University, a luxury some of my students cannot afford.

Seth Coombes,

I have to think for my sons future and am totally against this price hike.

Abi Larwood,

Hugh Jass,
nick clegg is a bastard who needs to learn to stick to his word

Amelia Moy,

Sarah Brooks,
Nick Clegg is a cock and should lose his job.

Brett Manning,

Maria Plausin,

eileen woodward,

Sue Huggett,

George Marshall,
Rather than charge high fees and reduce access to higher education, tax those who were principal in bringing on the recession - the bankers

J.C. Biddle,


Patricia Lord,

j james,

Ron watso,
I received free educationas did my children, I want my grandchildren and all students to also receive free education upto and including university

Lizzie Brayley,


Jennifer Mackley,

nick croucher,


Sharifah Sekalala,


sam little,


The politicians must be blind not to realise what impact this increase will have. It will kill University education for lots of people leaving only the very rich, the very poor and the international students to go for university education

Joseph Joyce,

John kay,


doreen kay,

Viviana Coston,
I will not vote liberal democrat in the future if the tuition fees rise goes ahead. I stick to my pledge, unlike some!


Alasdair Smith,

Thomas Grant,

briony Seymour,




C Ellis,
The disadvantaged will pay very little if at all.
The well off will pay up front.
It's the people in the middle that will not be able to pursue HE. These are the people the country actually relies on.

Sarah Whelan,

Gill Byrne,
University needs to be free of charge with a maintenance grant not a loan to enable widest participation. Degrees could be achieved in 2 years rather then three with better organisation and the content of degrees needs to be suitable to equip students to take part in employment, research or further study. Too many degrees do not lead to any of these.

Nick Clark,

Kenny Gan,


Kamal Sayes,

kate whittle,


Jordan Kennard,

Jake Leighton,


Sarah Hopewell,
The current government has benefited from free education. Please do not take this chance away from the next generation.

ruth wright,
I have signed the petition because I strongly believe that we all should access good higher education, not just the priviledged!This attempt by the upper classes to form a greater divide between the "haves" and "have nots" makes me sick!


Gayle A Sawyers,
Grossly unfair - how will how kids ever be able to get on the property ladder with huge uni debts

Laura ellis,

Education is the most important thing in society and to compromise it is ridiculous. MP's should be voicing the opinion of constituents not for their vestered interest.

Its so wrong to charge young people a fee anyway,
should be free to learn a profession for your country.


Julie Morgan,
As well as the rise in student fees, fewer families will be entitled to the loans and grants. More students will have to study from home. So much for 'student choice'. It's a myth. Parents are also against tuition fee increases and funding cuts!



I think this is absurd. The students are the next generation and to downgrade and possibly risk their edication entirely - as many may decide not to go due to debt and resources etc will at some point impact society as a whole - and in a short time.


Kate Dey,



I've also written individually to my MP (Sir John Stanley); Michael Gove (Education Secretary); Nick Clegg (Deputy PM) & David Cameron (PM)

Anna Loffman,
I am outraged by the proposal to uncap tuition fees. We are returning to an archaic system of education for the wealthy, robbing future doctors, lawyers and teachers of their jobs and the country of the best professionals.


Sue Jackson,

Steven Coull,

James Pateman,

Clive Halliday,
The not-uncommon prospect of two young graduates marrying and starting out with debts in excess of £60k is abhorrent and disgraceful.

Tim Allen,
University should not go back to being an elite rite of passage.

university education improves as individuals and a society. It ought to be everyone rather than a luxury of the rich




Young people will be paying for the past financial mistakes (mainly from the banks) how is this fair who is going to loan them money ????... the government by tripling fees how is this going to help this country financial crisis when they may have to wait for 20 years before they recover the money absurd except of course if the idea is to stop the poorest pupils to go to Uni then it is very well done.


Bethany Keeble,
Every MP was once at University and should know what it is like to be a student and how difficult managing finances were. So increasing the fees is the better solution? No. They should be looking to help the next generation as they are the future.

unfair tuition fees we will be paying more than anyone in europe

Michele Potter,

Viv Paterson,

It is totally unjust that tuition fees are due to triple in england whilst the scots continue to pay nothing and the welsh remain the same. So much for the united kingdom. Spread the costs throughout the uk.

Moray Fraser,

Kevin Boniface,

Johanna Cooper,

Karen Crabtree,
I could not advise my children to go to University and start out life with such debts - how sad that intelligent children cannot have a first class education

Uğur Öztürk,

Cameron McHenry,
The Liberal Democrats are a mess

Steve Woods,
I got my degree under a full grant and paid no tuition fees either. I was a working class kid and wouldn't have gone to university otherwise.

Will Cross,

Denise Weston,


Dan Hall,
All research I have seen has shown that this is political and financial suicide for the UK government. They are alienating all of their potential voters in future elections from screwing students.

Thomas Yeomans,

Gemma Bayliss,
Please vote NO!

Joanna Lignell,

Marta Owczarek,


greg chance,

Rebecca Fortnum,

Millie Kidson,

Antonietta Sacco,

Evon Setters,

Lulu MacDonald,

Karen Gaskill,
You can make a small amount of us pay highly for education, and limit the creativity and entrepreneurship that emerges. But in doing this do you not deny the rest of us the results of that education and creativity that is shared?
In what world does this make sense?!

Aaron Angell,
What should also be an absolutely central focus here is the unbelievable fact that arts, humanities and social sciences are about to lose 100% of their government funding. This has been largely ignored by the media and promises to destroy or at least severely damage an entire generation of artists and intellectuals.

This is an absolute disgrace. It's disgraceful from the Liberal Democrats, yes they're in a coalition and have to concede some things, however, to create a false dichotomy and now say they must vote in favour of trebling fees is ludicrous.

The deficit needs to be dealt with, however cuts of this scale are not the way to do it. The 1000 richest people have £330Bn, that's on average £330 Million each, no one needs that sort of money. To plug this deficit by taking away from the poorest in society, whilst their are those with this excess of wealth is nothing short of shameful.

An argument against taxing the rich has been the brain drain, that the wealthy will just move abroad. Uncapping tuition fees will do exactly that. Those who are young, intelligent and not wealthy will simply move abroad where they can get more value for money, and Britain will see nothing of their talents.

This tuition fee rise is not progressive, whilst the education is free at the point of use, putting people into £27,000 of debt, (this is before you include living expenses for three years, often including rent) at ages as young as 21 is disgraceful, to then tell them that this is fair is down right disingenuous.

Eva Zienau,

Daniel van Strien,

Crispin Cooper,

Madison Bird,

Dionne Donnelly,


Joanne Lee,

Mathew Parkin,

John Harrington,


Summer-Jade Dolan,
The silence that fell among the classroom I was in, when someone mentioned the fees were being increased, was a sad one. It literally, knocked away several people's dreams within a second. They're raising children to have hopes, and dreams, and inspire to be good, but they should have a lesson that lets all the less financially able kids know that some of them wont be able to realize their dreams, because of this countries messed up ideas when it comes to money.

Ian Andrews,

Antonia Lewis,
I do not believe there is even one student in the country who does not vehemently oppose a rise in tuition fees.

s loosley,


Alison Jackson,

This is a national disgrace and the Government should be ashamed of themselves. Not only do we ultimately damage our ability to compete in the world market by lessening numbers of trained graduates to work in this country, but we also shockingly put the mantle of debt around our young people's necks at way too early an age.

If the Government want to triple fees why don't they triple the point at which you pay it back? £3,000 owed, you earn £15,000 before you pay it back. £9000 owed, you don't pay it back until you earn £45,000!!!! That sounds fairer to me Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg.

Dipak Lad,
Many students will simply not afford to go to Uni - meaning less skilled people in the UK.


The proposals are ill-thought. Successful student will pay higher income tax all their lives - as I have done and my children have done.


Nick Stephens,



Daniel Rolls,

Kimberley Elliott,

Elaine Withers,


gun isaksson hurst,

Jessica Bamford,

Simon Michie,


ross mcdonald,

simon alldridge,


Humayra Badat,


Josh Holmes,

Helen Wilkinson,

The poor will be subsidised, the rich will be able to afford it and the middle class will suffer.

It's unfair that EU students will only pay the £3000 when they put no tax into the system and the English students have to pay the full amount.

Beth Busby,

Tasha Skerman-Gray,

Matthew Melia,
protested in Manchester yesterday, Coalition is a joke, complain about numbers of unemployed and the number of people in debt then raise fees leaving less qualified people and those who can afford to go start life in masses of debt, is it just me who doesn't see the sense in that?



Klem James,

David Wroe,


Bethany Scott,

ben kerslake,

Elaine Scott,

Charlotte Broadbent,

Keith Alun Scott,
I fully support the students in their rejection of such high fees

Andy Haralampous,