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Student News

Student Protests, Clubcard Boost, Sleeping Pods, Young Love…

Students protest uni’s fossil fuel investments

fossil-protestStudents at Edinburgh University are protesting their university’s investments in fossil fuels.

Over 30 students are staging a sit in in the uni’s finance department, and say they will stay until the university reverses its decision to deal with the companies. Edinburgh University say that they will work with the firms to reduce carbon emissions and help climate change… which seems a bit hard to do, seeing as fossil fuels are kinda a big contributor to climate change…

Our take: Should universities be investing money anyway? Especially as that’s our money (well, technically, it’s the government’s – but we will pay it back. Promise!), we should have a say as to how it’s spent. A bad investment could lead to a lot of money loss, and that could affect the money a uni can spend on its students. An even bigger issue is… why is anyone investing in fossil fuels?! We need a new sustainable source, why not invest money in that?!

Sleeping pods now at Manchester Uni

sleep-podsManchester University have unveiled their new ‘Zzz Zone’ – including a sleeping pod for sleepy students. Students can nap for 20 minutes inside the pod, which features relaxing music and lighting for the perfect experience.

The ‘Zzz Zone’ is part of an informal experiment to see if napping can help the retention of knowledge and the ability to learn. Who cares the reason – you now don’t have to walk all the way home for a nap!

Our take: Okay, okay, it isn’t an original idea – the University of East Anglia have a similar scheme. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea, especially during the stressful exam periods and nearing essay deadlines. If you feel like you live at the library, you may as well sleep there. Pulling all-nighters are not great for concentration!

Conservatives win general election

conservatives-winThe Tories are in government for the next five years! We bet this is the first you’ve heard of it because it hasn’t been on ANY news sites/channels…

As part of the Cabinet shake-up (basically the Avengers but with more suits and less coolness, not to mention no superpowers), the PM has appointed Sajid Javid as business secretary. His department is in charge of universities, and time will tell if the maintenance loan increases – or if tuition fees rise. You know, AGAIN.

Our take: The Conservatives have only been in power a week, so they are still settling affairs. University should be a priority, however – giving students a better education and value for money, as well as a loan they can survive on. This is something we found in our 2014 student money survey.

Tesco Clubcard Boost is coming

tesco-clubcardFrom Monday the 18th May, Clubcard members can double up on their points in certain areas in store.

Clubcard statements will be arriving soon (look out for some nice vouchers!) so you will know how much you can spend. Departments involved include electrical, clothing, electrical and toys. It’s the perfect reason to treat yourself, or maybe start putting presents away for that big event coming in December?

Our take: We will not mention the C word just yet, promise! However, if money is tight – and it probably is, as you’re a student – events like this are a great way of cutting costs. Unfortunately you cannot double up on grocery shopping, but you can get a £20 Tesco gift card for £9.99 and there’s money off an online order to lessen your pain.

Teen girls need a year off to fall in love

teenage-loveSt Albans High School for Girls’ headmistress Jenny Brown believes teenage girls should have a year off from exams… so they can fall in love.

We aren’t joking. Mrs Brown thinks being tested at the end of their A Levels would help girls so they can have more time to make mistakes and fall in love (which, of course, often go hand in hand). Erm, what about boys?

Our take: This is a little bit sexist, isn’t it? Are guys not allowed to fall in love, or are they just expected to be the heartbreakers? Starting from the next academic year, A Levels students won’t have AS Level exams/essays so all students will ‘get a year off’. Not just girls. How they spend that time is up to them! (Hopefully they’ll study a little bit.)


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