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Student News

Student Loan Dodgers Prosecuted, Kentucky Fried Romance,Wonky Veg Boxes…

Crackdown on loan repayment dodgers

Loans not saving money

Graduates who try to avoid paying their student loans could be prosecuted, in an attempt to stop people trying to cheat the system as well as to improve the loan repayment system.

The Universities Minister Jo Johnson (yes, Boris' brother) has warned that stronger measures will be put in place to track down graduates living abroad and not repaying their loans - including prosecuting them.

This only applies to graduates who earn enough to repay their loans, which is £21,000pa for those who graduated after 2012.

Our take: Thinking of slipping under the radar to avoid repayment? Well, think again as you could land yourself with a criminal record! We may not like the idea of student loans - but at least you don't have to pay upfront or take out a high-interest loan just to get to university. If you're confused about the student finance system - including repayments - check out our Big Fat Guide to Student Finance.

KFC providing Valentine's table service

kfc table service

What's more romantic than deep fried chicken? KFC have realised nothing comes close, and this year you can get your hands on some Kentucky Fried Romance.

Well, if you live in Preston at least. KFC will be trialing table service this Valentine's Day, and if it's successful it will be rolled out nationwide next year. Luxuries include linen napkins, flowers and soft drink suggestions.

Our take: Ah, I think we've fallen head-first into a PR stunt. Either way, if you're unlucky enough to not live in romantic Preston, we have loads of cheap Valentine's Day ideas so you don't need to splash out... Alone this year? You can cry in to your KFC Take 5 box for £3.

Reading Uni offering safety net offers

Exam hall

The period between applying for uni and getting your grades is so stressful and full of worry - what if you don't get the right grades? Ugh - trust us, we've been there, it ain't fun!

The University of Reading is now making safety net offers, so that if a student misses one A-Level grade they would still be accepted. Reading Uni say that this move is to encourage more students to go to their uni in an increasingly competitive student market.

Our take: It's a very simple idea, but it'll mean more students will get in to uni. It's pretty easy to just miss out on one A-Level and students shouldn't be punished for that! If you don't get enough Ucas points for your chosen uni, don't panic - Clearing helps students who don't quite get the grades needed, or for those who do better than expected. Of course, there are a few months left until you can really start to panic about getting in to uni, but it's great to know Clearing is there to help!

Asda selling wonky veg boxes

asda wonky veg box

Asda have begun trialing wonky veg boxes at selected stores to reduce food waste.

As the name suggests, the veg in the boxes are misshapen and would have usually been thrown away as they are too 'ugly' for shops to sell. They are currently available in 128 stores, but if successful will be rolled out across the country. Considering the boxes are just £3.50, we're sure they'll be a hit!

Our take: If the veg tastes the same... who cares what they look like?! If you spot one in your local Asda, be sure to snap it up and tell us what you think of it! Can't find one? There are other ways to save on your grocery shopping, such as buying out of date food from Approved Foods or with simple supermarket tips.

BBC Three going online only


On Tuesday (16th February), BBC Three will no longer be on your television screens! Instead, it will only be available on iPlayer.

The off-air move is to try and attract more young'uns, and of course to save money. The new BBC Three will also focus on creating new shows and not just show re-runs of Family Guy. The last show to ever be played on the BBC Three channel will be the classic Gavin & Stacy.

Our take: The news is of no surprise, as since 2014 there have been reports of BBC Three being axed altogether. At least this way it still exists... just not in its traditional form. The channel's content mostly appeals to the younger generation who tend to use catch-up anyway. Remember: if you don't watch live TV you can get a TV licence refund.

Exeter Uni spent £6k on biscuits in 2015

pusheen cookie cat

A freedom of information request has revealed that Exeter University spent almost £6,000 in 2015 on biscuits. Not quite sure why someone would need to know that, but hey...

Exeter Uni provided the sweet treats for staff and customers at events throughout the year - but £6k worth? That's taking the biscuit...

Our take: Who doesn't love a nice biccie with a cup of tea? That's a LOT to spend just on biscuits, though. Sounds like Exeter Uni needs a lesson on saving money!


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