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Student News

RIP Free Waitrose Teas, Refunds For Failing Students, Teach In North Korea…

Sky to introduce mobile phone network

Sky logoSo, you have your Sky package with all the works (if you’re lucky), but there’s something missing. Soon, you’ll be able to pay Rupert Murdoch to use your phone too, as Sky prepare to enter the mobile phone business to rival BT, Virgin and TalkTalk.

Sky will be using O2’s existing network to provide the coverage. But hey, don’t get excited just yet as not many details have been announced, and they won’t be entering the mobile network scene until 2016. Hopefully, the move will mean some big discounts on Sky packages.

Our take: More competition should mean more bargains – and we all love bargains. If you need a contract now though, check out our tips on getting the best contract and the best broadband and TV deals currently out there.

Waitrose scraps free hot drink in cafes

My WaitroseEverybody loves a freebie – unless you’re Waitrose, in which case you are CRUEL. Members who had a myWaitrose card could have a hot drink for sit in their café for free, and pretend they do all their shopping there. But from February 9, you’ll have to buy something to get your drink. Pshh!

The heart-breaking email sent out to scheme members insists that this is not to save money, it’s to remind customers of the “etiquette” of buying something to go with their drink. Does that sound like a dig, or is it just us? If you want to beat the system, you can still have a drink to take away for free.

Our take: Gosh, it’s like the John Lewis free cake fiasco all over again… At least there’s still the option of a free hot drink though, at least that’s something. We just looooove a freebie!

Uni considers refunds for failing students

University of West ScotlandThe University of West Scotland is considering offering refunds to students who fail their degree despite putting in the time and effort.

UWS’s principal, Professor Craig Mahoney, believes that this move would help the university “remain competitive” with private universities. He added that “students are customers”, therefore they must be given options and kept happy in order to get a good degree.

Our take: Some people just aren’t suited to university – and this isn’t something you realise until it’s too late. Of course, some people just don’t try hard enough, but those who do can feel like they are pigeon holed in to the ‘lazy student’ category. UWS is proposing some fresh ideas that are needed – students ARE customers, you need to give them a reason to attend your university over another.

Scottish Uni students more likely to get a First

Scottish studentsFigures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA for short) show that students who attend a Scottish university are more likely to graduate with a First or 2:1 than their counterparts in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Three in four Sccotish students graduated with a 1st or a 2:1, which isn’t too shabby. This is compared to 71% of students in Northern Ireland, 70% in England and 65% in Wales. HESA have also revealed that there was a 14% increase in First honours, which is awesome. Reach for the sky!

Our take: Wow, the Welsh students seem to be flagging a bit compared to the rest of the UK. You’d expect different countries to have different results, but maybe Welsh universities just aren’t up to scratch? However, the increase in students getting a First is great news! If you’re aiming for a First, our guide may help you.

North Korea looking for foreign teachers

Kim Jong unLooking for a new experience? Thinking of teaching abroad? Bet you weren’t thinking of going to North Korea!

The famous hermit country is looking for English-speaking volunteers to spend a month improving the language skills of the students at their Tourism College, where they hope to become tour guides.

Volunteers will have to pay £765 for their travel, accommodation and excursions – but you can’t put a price on a rare experience, can you?

Our take: This is pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime experience, because North Korea aren’t big fans of foreigners. If you have the money spare, then why not! Just don't ask about The Interview.


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