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Report: The UK universities offering best value for money

A new ranking table has emerged that assesses UK unis according to their overall value for money. Are you getting your money's worth?
best value universitiesUniversity league tables normally tend to be based on factors like student satisfaction, research intensity and student-staff ratio.

But with tuition fees and living costs on the up, how much your uni experience will cost you in the long term is becoming just as important as the quality of your degree.

Which is why we're excited to finally see a new uni ranking table that takes all of this into consideration!

As well as the usual measurements like graduate salaries and job opportunities, the research behind the table also considers expenses like tuition fees, accommodation costs, and even the cost of a pint down the local pub!

The research, carried out by Expert Market, added a weighted ranking to each factor so that the results show which UK universities give students the best return on their (pretty weighty!) investment.

Is your uni good value for money? According to our survey, more than half of you don't think so!

Which unis offer the best value?

best value universityAs well as being famous for its sporting facilities and crazy nightlife, Loughborough University can now officially call itself the best value university in the UK, too!

The uni (with a bit of help from the city itself, of course!) topped the rankings by offering students an enviable combination of low living costs and excellent graduate prospects.

Richard Taylor, Loughborough University’s chief operating officer has said:

It is pleasing to see it independently confirmed that Loughborough offers its students the best return on their educational investment.

For once, neither Oxford nor Cambridge made the top ten for this particular table. Whilst both have outstanding graduate prospects, they're expensive places to live and study.

In fact, a student housing shortage in Oxford has lead to rent prices going up 10% this year alone, meaning the average living cost in Oxford is now £6,816 a year (it came 52nd in the ranking).

Nearly all unis included in the top ten are northern and midland universities, including two from Scotland and two from Wales.

This probably won't come as much of a shock, but none of London’s institutions made it into the top 20.

Whilst the capital hosts some of the UK's best universities, living costs are notoriously high, and the city's student housing situation is so dire that last year saw London experiencing the biggest student rent strike the UK has ever seen.

St. George’s University of London did come in 21st in the table, but mostly because, as a medical school, its graduate opportunities are some of the best in the country.

Did your uni make the cut?

And now's the moment you've been waiting for! Did your university rank?

1Loughborough University
2Keele University
3University of Warwick
4Newcastle University
5Cardiff University
6University of Nottingham
7University of St. Andrews
8University of Bath
9Swansea University
10University of Dundee
11University of Southampton
12University of Cambridge
13University of Manchester
14Durham University
15University of Exeter
16Lancaster University
17University of Kent
18University of Sussex
19Robert Gordon University
20Harper Adams University
21St. George's, University of London
22University of Sheffield
23University of Birmingham
24University of Surrey
25University of Huddersfield
26University of Glasgow
27Aston University
28University of Hull
29University of Cumbria
30University of Leicester
31King's College London
32University of East Anglia
33University of Strathclyde
34University of Aberdeen
35University of Leeds
36University of Edinburgh
37University of Bristol
38University of York
39Northumbria University
40Abertay University
41University of Liverpool
42Heriot-Watt University
43De Montfort University
44Imperial College London
45University of Reading
46Glyndwr University
47University of Hertfordshire
48University of Essex
49Royal Agricultural University
50Leeds Trinity University
51Edge Hill University
52University of Oxford
53Queen's University Belfast
54University College London
55University of Lincoln
56University of Northampton
57Sheffield Hallam University
58Edinburgh Napier University
59University of Portsmouth
60Bangor University

Source: Expert Market

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