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Get paid to exercise with this new app!

A new smartphone app launches in the UK this week that will actually pay you to get fit. Nope, this isn't a joke – and it’s free to boot!
We've all asked ourselves that resounding question mid-excerise – when your face looks like an exploded tomato and you're about two lunges away from barfing all over your gym shoes – is it even really worth it?

Well, now might be! A new iOS app called Sweatcoin is giving users that extra push to get moving by offering financial rewards in exchange for gettin’ their sweat on.

Can't afford a gym membership? You can now!

Would you head to the gym more if you knew that by going you'd be a few steps closer to being able to afford those new gym shoes (to replace those ones you barfed over earlier)?

The guys at Sweatcoin are convinced that this app is set to be a serious game changer in the keep-fit world, as users can actually make money from staying healthy (although, they're not technically the first app to offer rewards for steps).

How it works

ExerciseSweatcoin works by tapping into the already-existing health apps running on your iPhone – such as accelerometer and your location services (note that this is why the app is currently only available for iPhone 5 and above, but they’re apparently working on an android version too).

The app will then translate your steps into a kind of currency that they’re calling ‘sweatcoins’ – at a rate of 1000 steps to 1 sweatcoin (SWC).

Your sweatcoins are then stored in the app, and can be spent in the app’s own in-app shop.

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For all you wise guys out there thinking you'd be able to trick the app into thinking you were running a 10k when you're actually at home watching GoT in your pants – think again!

The developers of this app have gone to great lengths to ensure strict anti-cheating measures are implemented, so there will be no 'gaming' the system in that respect!

What can I spend my steps on?

exerciseAt the moment, the sweatcoins you earn from exercising can only be spent in the app’s own online store, but the variety of stuff you can 'buy' is wide and they claim the selection will change daily.

Some examples of what you can currently spend your sweatcoins on:

  • Bar of orange flavoured raw chocolate (15 SWCs) so 15,000 steps to earn that chocolate – you deserve it!
  • Bellydancing fitness class (45 SWCs) if you have enough energy left after taking 45,000 steps to earn this one
  • Pair of Vivobarfoot shoes (250 SWCs).

There’s also a whole load of ‘community’ products you can purchase, which include everything from Adidas running shoes to buying instagram followers from other users!

Can I exchange sweatcoins for cash?

Take-cash-onlyAt the moment, no. However, Sweatcoin claim that the ultimate goal of the app is that in future, it will be possible to exchange sweatcoin currency for hard cash.

They hope to make this happen by becoming so widespread that employers and insurance companies start paying for sweatcoins as an incentive to keep their customers or employees fit and healthy.

Hmmmm, convinced?

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