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Get paid £30/hour to be a professional wingman or wingwoman

If you’re a top-notch matchmaker and enjoy a night out, you can now combine the two and get paid for it.

get paid to be a wingman

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We all know how difficult it can be to approach someone at a bar. But with a wingman by your side, it all changes. You feel invincible, and you've got a safety net just in case things get awkward (which, let's face it, it often does).

Well, we've got good news! The first professional wingman and wingwoman service has launched for people who want dating help without using dating apps. And successful chaperones could earn some serious cash.

The wingmen and wingwomen will be paid to accompany clients on nights out and introduce them to potential romantic matches, and the service is now available across the UK.

More importantly, however, the website running the service is currently recruiting people to become the new matchmakers – and you could earn a whopping £30/hour for your services.

Why is there a demand for dating help?

The modern world of dating is a very strange place. One in five romantic relationships now start online in some way, whether that's through dating apps like Tinder or through social media.

However, many still meet their spouse in a public area like a pub or bar.

This service – launched by after a surge in requests for dating professionals on the site – is for people in the second group: those who are bored of (or simply don’t want to use) dating apps.

Clearly, while some people’s expectations of how they will meet potential lovers may have changed, others would rather meet the traditional, face-to-face way. After all, you can’t hide behind a screen forever – so why not jump straight in and meet right from the go?

How to become a professional wingman or wingwoman

become a professional wingman wingwoman

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If you reckon you're a good matchmaker, like a night out and want to earn some extra cash, you should consider becoming a professional wingman or wingwoman.

Signing up for the job can be done via’s website. The advert asked for people who have a “knack” for setting their friends up and get a buzz from doing so.

It also explained you can expect to earn around £30 per hour. But, as with all professionals on the site, you have the freedom to set your own rates for your service.

After signing up to become a real-life Hitch, professionals will be required to accompany customers on their nights out – whether that be to a bar, club, or another social event.

The professional must also follow a list of guidelines to ensure they deliver the best possible service. You must:

  • Be over 18 years old so that you can get into clubs and bars with clients
  • Be able to provide dating advice to clients and demonstrate wooing techniques
  • Be confident in going up to people, talking to potential partners, and introducing the client to the potential love interest
  • Avoid flirting and getting dates yourself while out with a client at all costs (do that in your own time!).

Using the dating service for yourself

If you’re more interested in hiring a dating professional than becoming one, you can also visit to request a professional wingman or wingwoman.

The service will ask you to enter your postcode so the site can find professionals near you. Then you'll likely need to provide some information such as your dating preferences, relationship history, and preferred age range so the site can match you to your perfect wingman or wingwoman.

After providing this, you'll get the chance to select whether you would prefer to have a wingman or wingwoman, after which the finder searches for professionals who can then send you some quotes for their services.

Kai Feller, co-founder of, said:

We’ve received hundreds of requests this year looking for dating professionals on the platform. The main reason we’ve seen is that online dating isn’t working for them and/or their friends are all coupled up and can’t help them anymore.

Other weird ways to earn money

weird ways to make money

While getting paid to set up two lovebirds may seem like a unique way to earn cash, there are actually loads of strange jobs out there.

If you're all about the #nugzlife, B&M have previously looked for a professional chicken nugget taster. The position has now been filled, but it's worth keeping your eye out for another opening!

In the spirit of professional wingmen and wingwomen, we've also previously reported on the opportunity to become a dating app coach. You could get paid for building stellar dating profiles and getting people interested through your awesome chatting skills.

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