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Student News

EE Refunds, Uni Compensation, Frostbit Boy, Tins Used As Weapons…

Uni to compensate wrongly suspended students

Uni of SussexIn 2013, five students at Sussex University were suspended for organising protests about the privatisation of campus services. The students were banned from campus and excluded from their studies.

Now, the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education has ruled – and quite rightly so – that Sussex University’s actions were unjustified, and they have been ordered to apologise and pay compensation of between £2,000 and £2,500 to three of the suspended students.

Our take: That compensation seems pretty meagre, considering they were banned from their studies – and the money wouldn’t even cover one year of fees! We’re wondering why the other two are not entitled to compensation, let alone an apology. Anyone can protest peacefully, so why were these students condemned?

EE to refund customers over a VAT mistake

R-EE-fundIf you were an EE customer between 2012 and 2014 and used your phone in a non-European country… then you may have hit the jackpot! Well, a very small jackpot.

A “system configuration error” meant that 20% VAT was added to the charges for using the Internet abroad. However, VAT is not applicable to texts, calls or data outside the EU.

Current EE customers have already been informed if they can get a refund, but previous EE customers must contact them to find out if they are owed money. Refunds are between £2 and £80 – so you could buy a box of Cornflakes, or perhaps something more extravagant.

Our take: You could be owed a nice little sum of money! Definitely worth giving them a call (but not from a non-European country).

US school: Donate food cans to throw at intruders

INTRUDERYeah… the principal of W.F Burns Middle School in Valley, Alabama, has asked parents to send in cans that can be used as weapons in case an intruder gets into the school.

“The canned food items could stun the intruder or even knock him out,” Priscella Holley explained.

Or maybe a tin of Green Giant’s sweetcorn might convince the intruder to go away and have some sweet, sweetcorn instead.

Our take: It’s certainly thinking outside the box… and is better than using guns. Maybe it’s not such a silly idea after all – especially if the cans contain food. Preferably chocolate.

Northern Irish teen becomes an internet sensation

YouTube has shown how powerful it is once again. This time, it’s Ruairí McSorley, whose interview with UTV about his journey to school in the snow went viral.

Why? It’s because of his thick Northern Irish accent, which means he arguably has the best accent in the world. Come and see what the fuss is about and see if you agree with Frostbit mania!

Our take: We think his accent is great. Ruairí hopes to become a talk show host – we’d watch that!


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