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Caps For Prepaid Energy Tariffs, Amazon To Sell Morrisons Groceries, Co Op Easter Meal Deal…

Caps for customers on prepaid energy tariffs

switch energy

Customers who prepay for their energy will soon have their energy prices capped, thanks to plans from the Competitions and Market Authority (CMA).

The CMA found that customers who prepay their energy could be overpaying their bills by a whopping £1.7bn a year by not switching to a different provider. The energy cap will stop energy suppliers charging too much and could save customers around 8% on their energy bills a year.

Our take: If you're unfortunate enough to have to pay for your own bills at your student house, you'll know that electricity and gas are a major expense! The best advice we can give is switch energy suppliers - but also check out our tips on saving money on your energy bills as a few simple tweaks could save you a lot of money!

Amazon to sell Morrisons groceries

grocery shop

Amazon have officially entered the fresh food game! They have teamed up with the supermarket giant Morrisons and will be selling fresh and frozen food on their behalf.

Over the next few months, customers will be able to buy groceries with their other Amazon purchases. However, only Amazon Prime and Amazon Pantry members will be able to order.

Our take: Morrisons don't currently deliver nation-wide, so this is a great way for Morrisons lovers to get a fix of their favourite supermarket. It is quite an interesting concept, though - how many people will be buying lettuce alongside books?!

Asda 'Wonky Veg' boxes in more stores

asda wonky veg box

Asda's 'Wonky Veg' boxes were originally trialed in a few stores but have been so immensely popular that they have been rolled out in more stores!

The boxes are full of 'ugly' veg that would otherwise have been thrown away as shoppers prefer their cucumbers straight and their potatoes round. For £3.50 you can get a box full of slightly imperfect veg! 10,000 boxes will be shipped out each month to 550 stores but could soon be at every store.

Our take: These 'Wonky Veg' boxes are a brilliant idea! It cuts down on food waste and it's a great way to add more veg to your diet! Another way to save money on your grocery shopping is to use Approved Foods, which sells out of date (but perfectly fine!) food cheaply.

Unlimited free pies!

higgidy pie

This deal is just so good, we want as many people as possible to know about it! Why? Because... FREE PIES!

Free is a word we all love to hear, and this is such a good deal! For just £3.50 you can get an unlimited amount of pies - just buy a Higgidy pie from Tesco (£3.50 each) and you'll get a voucher inside for a free pie. Use that voucher to get another free pie and so on and so forth!

Our take: All the info you need is available here - pass this deal on to someone else you know who loves free pies!

Co-op Easter Meal Deal

cat bunny

Co-op do a great frozen meal deal which changes every few weeks, but starting next week (Wednesday 16th March) they will be running a special Easter deal for £10!

You'll be able to get a frozen leg of lamb, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, peas, carrots, profiteroles AND Haagen Daz ice cream all for just £10! At this bargain price, you'd better get to your local Co-op early before they run out!

Our take: Whether you're on a tight budget or you're planning an Easter meal with your housemates (or maybe you just really love lamb?) this is a delicious and cheap deal! Remember that this deal is NOT live yet, until the 16th March the Co-op are running this frozen meal deal (which is also very good!)


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