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Burger King Deliveries, Study In Europe, Uni’s Cruel Mistake…

Burger King to start delivering

Burger King Yes, really. Burger King have announced that they will be trialling a home delivery service in the UK.

Don’t get excited just yet though – Burger King will only be delivering in selected postcodes in Northampton, Hull, Truro, Hornchurch, Gants Hill, Hayes, Romford and Skegness.

Hopefully, Burger King will realise that this is a genius idea and roll it out nationwide – until then, your only options are to move house or physically go out and buy a burger.

Our take: The fast food giants have been missing a target market for a long time – the takeaway. It’s much easier to stay in your pyjamas hungover and wait for food to come to you, rather than you go to food. Maybe if this trial is successful, the other players in the market will follow suit. We really, really hope so.

Last Orange Wednesday is coming!

Orange Wednesdays We reported a few months ago that EE were scrapping Orange Wednesdays.

Want a last chance at 2 for 1 cinema tickets and pizza? Next Wednesday – 25 February – will see the last ever Orange Wednesday in existence.

What will replace Orange Wednesdays, though? Can anything match it? Apparently, EE will be releasing a new offer soon – but what could it be…?

Our take: It’s been great, EE. You’ll need to think of something awesome to top Orange Wednesdays – until then, we’ll be crying in to the chocolate we snuck in to the cinema and remember you fondly. If you miss the cinema but can’t afford the prices, you could enter our competition to win a year's worth of cinema tickets.

UCAS to allow applications to European unis

Paris UCAS have announced that they will allow applications to European universities to be made through them.

European universities tend to have lower tuition fees compared to English universities, so there is a concern that there will be a ‘brain drain’ from UK institutions, as university students will be tempted by the low fees – hmm, there could be a way to fix this…

Our take: Why would students choose a university that didn’t demand ALL DE MONEY? Probably because they’re smart… if you want to keep British students, improve the education system and lower the fees!

Landlords must improve home energy ratings

switch energy From 2018, landlords must improve the energy ratings in homes they rent out to at least an E energy rating.

The Energy Performance Certificate rates properties from A (that means good) to G (that means bad). An E may not sound too good, but it’s better than a G and will make you a little bit toastier and save money heating your home (if you pay for bills, we have some tips to help save you money here).

Our take: This is really good news for people renting – landlords can be unwilling to spend money making homes energy efficient, which means tenants have to spend more money on heating or wrap up to combat the cold. This is definitely a big step to helping students deal with landlords who are reluctant to help.

St Andrews sorry for wrong acceptance emails

Arrested Development meme Uh oh – a ‘brutal’ error meant that hundreds of prospective St Andrews students were sent an email confirming they had won a place at the university.

The email was only meant to be sent to a select few – but it was instead sent to 760 applicants. A follow up email was then sent dashing the hopes of many. Those poor students!

Our take: That’s quite a big error to make… We feel so bad for those students, we would hate to be in that situation: ‘you’re in! LOL JKS.’ Not good for a major university!


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