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Student News

Student Sex Workers, Train Chaos for Easter, Free Phone Chargers…

1 in 20 students using their bodies for money

Student-Sex-workA new survey suggests that 1 in 20 students are taking up sex work to subside their loans and grants during university.

The Student Sex Work Project questioned over 6000 students about how they made money, which included glamour modelling, webcam work as well as prostitution. The survey also found that men were more likely to be involved in sex work than women.

Our take: We did a survey last year – one of the questions we asked was how students earned money. 1% of students who answered said they earned using their bodies, showing that students do have to look for alternative ways to make money. Sometimes a loan just doesn't stretch far enough, and there are not enough ‘conventional’ jobs to go around. The results are shocking and saddening that students do have to go to extreme lengths to survive in the here and the now.

Train chaos expected this weekend

train-chaosTravelling home for Easter this weekend? Or to a football match? Well, prepare yourselves – delays are coming.

Engineering work has been planned from Friday until Monday night (3rd – 6th April) and will affect many routes, including in and around London. Check before you travel, but remember it’s not too late to beg your mum to pick you up (then you can bring your washing home!).

Our take: Engineering works have to happen sometime – but Easter? Really?! With more people travelling to see family or a big match, it’s not exactly great timing. Bring an extra Easter egg with you so you can eat it in case you’re delayed (or just because).

EE to offer free portable chargers

EE-portable-chargerEE tried to soften the blow of Orange Wednesdays with two offers. Discounted access to their streaming service, which is great for a cheap alternative to other companies – but it’s not free. Everyone likes free things, so EE have announced that they will be giving every customer a portable charger absolutely free of charge.

It means you will be able to charge your phone on the go – perfect in emergencies or when you waste your battery playing Candy Crush. The deal isn’t live yet, but there’s more info here so you can be first in line.

Our take: Well, it doesn’t mean we get a cheap trip to the cinema or to get some pizza – but this is an acceptable alternative. You can find food and drink offers on our site here, but we can’t give you a free charger. Soz.

BT to offer mobile phone contracts

BT-contractsTelecoms giant BT have entered the mobile contract game, by offering competitive Sim-only deals to customers.

People who have a broadband contract with BT will be able to get super cheap mobile tariffs, which will start at £5 a month. BT will become the fourth ‘quad play’ provider, which means you can get a mobile phone contract, phone line, broadband and TV from one supplier.

Our take: As more companies offer phone contracts, the more competition there is. Yes, it means slightly more work to ensure you get the best deal – but it does mean your phone bill should go down. Need help choosing a contract? Let us guide you with tips and current deals. We’ve done the hard work for you – you’re welcome.

US student rejects rejection letter

rejection-ofletterWaiting for uni offers is a long and torturous game – and when you get a rejection, it can make you feel angry and confused. Why would they reject you? How dare they!

Well, one US student took matters in to her own hands. When Duke University sent her a rejection letter, Siobhan O’Dell sent them an email rejecting their rejection letter – and informing them that she will be attending class later in the year. The university still said no.

Our take: It takes guts, but what did she have to lose? Even though the university did not accept her rejection of their rejection letter, Siobhan has found a place to study so she doesn’t have to reply rejecting Duke’s rejection of her rejection of their rejection letter. That could’ve been endless!


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