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Black Friday Chaos, Students Admit Being Lazy, Kid Suspended for Selling Sweets…

UK shoppers go Crazy for Black Friday

Be aware – especially those working in retail. If you didn't know already, Black Friday kicks off on the 27th November.

The Black Friday tradition started in America and is the day after Thanksgiving when loads of retailers majorly discount things. Gotta love a bargain.

However, there is an ugly side to these kind of sales (see video above).

Our take: Black Friday is bigger and better/worse than last year with more retailers taking part, such as Amazon, Tesco & Currys. The discounts can be great, especially for electrical items. Got your eye on an Xbox One or a new dishwasher? You’ll probably find it for cheapies on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday (1st November). Our advice is to stay at home to avoid the mass hysteria that comes with heavily reduced items (think supermarket clearance section but worse).

Apprenticeship degrees to be introduced

ApprenticeshipsGood news, everyone! The new Degree Apprenticeship will be introduced in September, which will allow employees to earn and study for a degree at the same time. The scheme will only be for degrees in the digital and software field, but if the scheme is successful is may open up to include other areas.

It is hoped that the apprenticeship degrees will encourage more young people in to education, as they will be earning a wage as well as studying. The fees will be paid for by the government and the employer, so less debt to worry about.

Our take: University has long been thought of as being just for the academic – so the new apprenticeship degrees will hopefully begin to change that assumption. Even better, this scheme guarantees a job whilst working so there would be less money worries.

Payday loan pre-watershed to be considered

Payday loans regulationThe advertising watchdog BCAP has announced that it will be considering a pre-watershed ban on payday loans to protect children from future debt.

BCAP is already reviewing payday loans in general, and who can blame them? Payday loans are one of the worse ways to borrow money, there are other options out there!

A pre-watershed ban for TV and radio adverts would limit the contact children have with the companies to avoid familiarity – although that may be too late. A recent poll by Money Saving Expert found that one in three parents reported that their under-10 child repeated a payday loan slogan. That’s pretty shocking.

Our take: Payday loans are everywhere – TV, radio, ads at bus stops, some even sponsor football teams. They are a terrible way to get a loan, and more measures should be in place to protect children but also protect anyone who is desperate enough to get a loan. Limiting the amount that payday lenders can charge would be a start. If you need help budgeting or where to turn, check out our guide here.

Students admit they can get a good degree with little studying

lazystudentA report by Which? has brought up some very serious issues with higher education – mostly to do with how challenging courses are and the standard of teaching.

More than one in four students admitted that they can do very little studying and still get good marks, and only half of students (well, 49% but that’s close enough) found their degree to be challenging.

Considering students are paying up to £9k a year for the privilege of earning a degree, the report shows that a better standard of education is needed to justify the higher fees. Otherwise, it looks like a waste of money.

Our take: University is a life experience – you are (supposed to) make friends and live independently for the first time. However, of course, a large part of university is just that – university. That involves studying and stressing over exams. Students should expect, and demand, a good education that is enjoyable as well as challenging – isn’t that why the fees are so high?!

Student makes £14k selling sweets

sellingsweetsTo be an entrepreneur you need to see a space in the market, and grab it. That’s what 15 year old Tommi Rose from Manchester did – he set up business selling sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks to fellow students and made £14k in the process.

That’s pretty damn good – except his school believe he’s running a black market and have threatened to suspend him.

Tommi was also suspended at a previous school for selling sweets. Is he exploiting pupils or simply a clever business man though?

Our take: Those earnings aren’t bad – in fact, we’re a little bit jealous. Yeah, kids should be encouraged to eat healthily and all that, but also needs treats every now and again. Maybe if the school didn’t ban sugary snacks, Tommi’s business wouldn’t be so successful. He’s just giving them what the people want!


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