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Could your childhood toys be worth thousands?

A study has revealed that two thirds of the UK’s over-18s are hoarding their childhood toys in the hope that someday, they’ll make them toy moneyCredit: William Warby – Flickr.comA large chunk of the country’s population are stuffing their parents’ attics with their childhood valuables, predicting that they’ll be worth a bob or two in the near future.

According to the Mirror, six in ten plan to sell their plastic valuables on to make a profit, and four in ten reckon their personal collection will be worth thousands some time in the future.

But the big question is: are you more likely to be appearing on Antiques Roadshow with your collection, or Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder?

One potential danger with toy collection becoming so popular is that if two thirds of the country's attic spaces are stuffed with the same items, it's less likely that they'll become of any value.

Do your research (and ask your parents!)

It’s worth doing your research on what is likely to be considered rare in future, and if you're taking this really seriously, even seeking advice from an expert to see how your collection is faring.

Don't forget to take a look through any collections your parents might have too, as you never know what sort of cash you could unwittingly be storing in the attic!

Keep an eye out for…

coin toys moneyCredit: JD Hancock – Flickr.comA few items to keep an eye out for that have recently shot up in value:

  1. VHS tapes. It's unlikely you’ve even heard of any of the most valuable VHS titles, but if your parents have a VHS collection it’s definitely worth checking their tapes against this list of the most valuable VHS today.You could be looking at anything up to £1,500 for one tape alone!
  2. Lego is becoming highly valuable, and what’s most interesting about this is that the most valuable collections are not exactly ‘vintage' – the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon Lego set from 2007 is currently valued at around £2,712! The most valuable Lego sets all come from the early 2000s, meaning if you were a Lego fan as a child, it’s not that unlikely that you could have one of these tucked away in the loft somewhere.
  3. Beanie Babies are one of those toys that have been described as ‘valuable’ so often that it seemed unlikely that they would ever actually be worth anything. However, it seems they've lived up to the hype, with some limited edition bears proving to be worth three times their weight in gold – one bear originally produced in memory of Princess Diana was recently sold for £75,000 on eBay!
  4. First editions of Harry Potter novels (particularly books one and two) are currently very valuable as the original editions become increasingly hard to get hold of. Of course, this depends on the sort of condition they’re in (if they’re signed or inscribed, this is a massive bonus) but they could be worth up to £9,000.
  5. iPod classics have weirdly become nothing short of an antique since they were discontinued, and if good as new can now be sold on for three times their original price (original price was £230 but is now selling for anything up to £670).
  6. First editions of the Beano are really rare, but if you manage to get your hands on one you could rake in some serious moolah. If you or an older family member have a soft spot for Dennis the Menace (first editions are from 1938), get checking through your collection – one collector sold a first edition issue for £17,000 last year! Beano annuals are also becoming increasingly valuable, so make sure you keep yours in mint condition – you never know how much they could be worth one day.

Not lucky enough to have any of the above stashed away at home? Don't worry – you can check out our extensive list of easy ways to make money quickly for loads more money-making options.

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