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So, you’re a student? Chances are there are a million and three drunken photos of you on Facebook right now. But did you know you could print them for free?sharkselfieThey do say that university is supposed to be the “best time of your life”, so it makes sense you’d want to get some photos of that jazz. Preferably without paying for it.

The good news is that there are tonnes of places these days where you can get your snaps developed for free, so we’ve rounded up some of the best offers below as well as some juicy details and tips.

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Where to get free photos

So, where better place to start than right in the middle? Here’s our top list of places where you can snag freebie prints if you’re a first time customer.

If you set up an account with each of these you could easily get up to 150+ photos printed collectively – that’s enough to make a University scrap book or alternatively some really cool wallpaper.

  1. Snapfish – 20 Free photos

    Run by international company HP, these guys know what they’re doing.

    Specialists in printing (maybe you have one of their printers?), their website offers unlimited space for you to upload and store all of your photos in order to free up the old hard drive.

    There’s also personalised gifts and regular discounts.

    P&P: £1.49

    Get 50 Free Snapfish Prints »

  2. Truprint – 50 Free Photos

    A subsidiary of Snapfish, don’t be deceived by Truprint’s more basic website design.

    They’re giving their new customers 50 free photos when you upload your first one. Bargain!

    P&P: 99p+

    Get 20 Free Truprint Prints »

  3. Pixum – 25 Free prints

    New customers get 25 free prints and £5 off a Pixum photo book (prices for a small book start at £9.99) – not a bad deal really.

    This is the best company to go for if you are looking to do more than just prints.

    P&P: £1.99+

    Get 25 Free Pixum Prints »

  4. Boots – 20 Free prints


    Again, another company powered by Snapfish (those guys are everywhere), you can snag yourself a free 20 prints from Boots.

    It’s good to know you’re in safe hands too, as they’re a common high street name and you can get Advantage Card points too.

    P&P: £1.99+

    Get 20 Free Boots Prints »

Extra tips

So, where to go aside, what else should you know about snagging free photos?

  1. Delivery Prices – It is worth remembering that even though the pictures you’ll get are free you’re going to need to pay for delivery, so if you only want a few prints choose the place which offers the lowest price.
  2. One Address Only – You’ll often find a lot of these offers will only be able to claimed by one person at each address. This means you’ll have to make sure you get in there first, but you can use both your uni and home address for double bubble.
  3. Pre-Select Your Photos – If you’re going to be uploading a lot of photos then it’s best to short them all out into a folder beforehand for ease of uploading.

Don’t forget if you’ve got any other tips or know of any good deals then give us a shout! We all love a good photo for free.

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