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We’ll plant 2 trees for every tree you plant with Ecologi

It’s been 2.5 years since we began offsetting our carbon emissions via Ecologi and we’re thrilled to have planted thousands of trees within that time. 🌲 

Planting trees is a vital way to help the planet, so we intend to keep planting as many as we can - and we’re offering you the chance to help us plant even more with this deal, at very little cost to you.

Here's how to plant your trees:

  • Head to our ecologi page via the link below
  • Scroll down and click on "gift more impact"
  • Then click on "trees only" and select the amount you'd like to plant
  • Note: the minimum you can plant is 25 for £3.10
  • We'll get a notification that you've planted them
  • Then we'll plant 2 more on your behalf for every 1 that you've planted

Thank you.

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Deal Expires: Ongoing

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