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Earn Lidl vouchers when you recycle

Heads up!

Lidl has launched a Return Recycling Scheme, giving you the chance to earn Lidl vouchers while helping to save the environment. You can return all aluminium and steel drinks cans, and plastic bottles with barcodes.

What you need to know:

  • At the moment, the scheme has launched with 21 stores in and around the Glasgow area – but we hope it will roll out across the UK soon
  • To get your vouchers, follow the instructions on the Win-Win Recycling Bin in your local store – just can your eligible bottles or cans and insert into the machine
  • The machine will then calculate the value of your deposit, and you can choose to receive a Lidl voucher or make a charity donation
  • You get 5p in vouchers per eligible bottle or can – eg. if you return 10 items, you'll get a 50p voucher


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