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General election student poll: The results

More than 4,500 Save the Student readers took part in our general election poll - and here are the results! Who will you be voting for on the 8th of June?
polling clerk jobStudents across the UK will be voting in the general election tomorrow, and we've got some insights into how they intend to vote. A massive 4,588 of you took part in our student poll ahead of voting day!

Record numbers of young people have registered to vote in this snap election, solidly debunking the myth that students don't vote. As many as 58,000 under-25s registered within 24 hours following Theresa May's snap election announcement back in April.

An impressive 95.6% of those who took part in the poll said they've registered to vote in this election, with just 4.4% saying they hadn't or didn't intend to.

registered voters

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The results

general election poll results
Our general election student poll shows just 16.2% of students in support of the current Conservative government, whilst a whopping 63.9% told us they’ll be voting Labour and 8% say they're planning to put a cross in the Liberal Democrat box tomorrow.

Interestingly, the fourth most popular choice was the 'undecided' amongst you, with as much as 3.6% of you telling us you still weren't feeling confident about which party to root for. One undecided voter comments:

It's very difficult to decide as I feel like each parties have certain class following (i.e conservatives = middle/higher class, Labour = lower class). I think we also need a new party where the aim is to use our class system to our benefit. So that we are able to work as a functioning society exiting the EU.

Why are students voting for their chosen party?

voting general electionAs you may have noticed, most of the main parties are working hard to win the student vote in this election, as it's thought in some constituencies, students could even swing the result.

Since May called the snap election in April, we've seen both the Greens and Labour announce they'd abolish uni tuition fees, and Labour and the Lib Dems pledge to bring back maintenance grants for students if they're elected.

We've also seen the government offering free tours of the Houses of Parliament to under-25s in an attempt to encourage political engagement in the run up to voting day.

But what are students' main reason for voting the way they plan to vote tomorrow? An overwhelming majority cited the NHS as the most important issue to them in this election, with Brexit coming in second and education concerns a close third.

Here's what else you told us!

After being a young homeless person, thanks to Tory cuts, the most important issue for me is the new housing, extra funding for the NHS and the distribution of wealth being more equal than it has been in the last 10 years – Labour voter

Someone who can get the best Brexit deal. We are already out, it's time to stop being divided and having petty arguments and get Britain the best deal possible rather than showing the EU how divided and fractured we are - Conservative voter

The tories not getting in to power – Democratic Unionist Party voter

Being able to afford a house and better our NHS. I'm student nurse and worrying about the affordability of being in my profession – Labour voter

Preservation of the NHS and the things that make Britain good without detrimenting any particular group in society – Liberal Democrats voter

A progression toward equal opportunities for all people, achieved in part through more environmentally sustainable practices – Greens voter

Inequality between north/south and between age groups - it seems students are being penalised whereas pensioners are the most well off age group which is unfair on the working population – Labour voter

Ability to get a mortgage in the future – Plaid Cymru voter

The handling of brexit and the correct representation of Scotland in the Westminster Government – SNP

Leaving the EU, limiting immigration – UKIP

A government that doesn't intend to make any radical changes especially in light of the situation in which the country is. As cliché (and ridiculous as a result of the meme) as it may sound, stability is what the UK needs at the moments and the Conservative party can bring that – Conservative voter

Brexit reversal/second referendum and increased public services – Liberal Democrat voter

...and now all that's left is to get out and actually VOTE TOMORROW! There's even free beer in it for you if you do 😉 

Katie Paterson

WRITTEN BY Katie Paterson

Katie Paterson is an accomplished writer from Glasgow. She studied English Literature at the University of Strathclyde, then went on to do a Research Masters in Literature at the University of Amsterdam. As Lead Editor for Save the Student, Katie has covered topics from career tips to ways to make money go further as a student.
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