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British Gas are offering customers free electricity at weekends

British Gas are offering all customers with a smart meter installed free electricity at the weekends. So what's the catch?

British Gas are offering all customers who have a smart meter installed free electricity at the weekends. Hang on, an energy provider that wants to help you save money on your bills? What's going on!

The new tariff, FreeTime, is the cheapest dual fuel tariff offered by British Gas, who claim that customers can save an estimated £60 a year.

However, although this might be British Gas's cheapest deal yet, it's by no means the cheapest energy deal available. Before you go switching to BG just so you can take advantage of the free energy weekends, bear in mind that you could still be getting a better deal elsewhere.

Check out our guide to the best value energy supplies for 2016 to see if you could be saving big bucks!

Free energy? What's the catch?

british gas

If you're one of the 2.4 million British Gas users who have a smart meter installed, you'll be automatically eligible for the new FreeTime tariff - just ring them or apply online, and you'll be able to enjoy free energy this weekend!

Don't have a smart meter? British Gas will install one for customers who want to switch to the new tariff, as long as they are eligible.

With the new tariff, you'll get eight hours of free energy at the weekend. You get to choose if you want it on Saturday or Sunday (you can't do both days) and it will be free from 9am to 5pm. The deal is set to continue until March 2018.

The only catch is that you need to have a smart meter, and if you want to switch tariffs or suppliers you'll have to pay an exit fee of £20.

Use it wisely!

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Yes, this is a smart (if a bit bizarre) move by British Gas. We all know energy bills can be expensive, so this new tariff will help give customers peace of mind and allow them to use appliances without worrying about the high energy bill.

You can put an extra load of washing on, bulk cook your meals for the week or just spend more time looking at cat videos online (all very good ideas) but please use your free energy wisely.

However, remember this tariff isn't just an excuse to go overboard, otherwise you're just wasting electricity and this is bad for the environment. Have fun, but be sensible!

Shopping around for a better deal


Energy expert Ann Robinson (no, not from The Weakest Link - we checked) has pointed out that consumers may find a cheaper deal elsewhere. She says:

Consumers need to think about the small print, shop around and see if there's a better deal out there.

Just because FreeTime is the cheapest dual fuel tariff from British Gas, it doesn't mean it's the cheapest tariff around. British Gas are actually a pretty expensive energy company, so it's always worth shopping around and seeing if you could save money by switching.

If you're brand loyal, consider switching to Sainsbury's Energy. It's cheaper, but supplied by British Gas! But again, remember that other energy companies may be cheaper.

For more advice, we've got a brilliant guide on switching suppliers and ways to save money on your energy bills. If you've got another tip that we've not mentioned – let us know!


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