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7 Ways to avoid procrastination

Don't read this article, get back to work (just kidding). After reading these 7 tips you'll be well on the way to whizzing through your essay, dissertation etc.ProcrastinatorsUnfortunately, procrastinating is something we all do.

We all have work piling up high, but we just cannot bring ourselves to do it. We try to start, but it just doesn't work. We end up spending hours scrolling through Facebook or playing (a few) video games, or even tidying up the kitchen, all because we cannot bring ourselves to start doing our work!

Luckily for you, there are ways to avoid procrastinating, such as.

  1. Create a timetable

    TimetableA key way to keep on target and keep up to date with your work is to create a timetable. This way, you can set aside time every week to make sure you get your work done.

    Obviously, you'll need to be flexible with this, as some weeks you'll get more work for one half of a course than the other. But, this is a good way to ensure you keep on schedule and don't fall behind.

    Make sure you leave a few hours for leisure though!

  2. Remember to take regular breaks

    Take a breakThe idea of working solidly for hours on end tends to put people off starting work...

    A good solution to this is to take regular breaks. Say, for every 30 minutes you work, give yourself a 10 minute rest. Grab a cup of tea, have a quick chat with friends then get back to it.

    It can be difficult to stop working then get back into it, but once you've got used to this method of working you'll find yourself feeling far more motivated to do work.

  3. Give yourself something to look forward to

    Look forward toNothing is more tedious than doing a lot of work but feeling like you have nothing to look forward to after, so plan something.

    May it be a night out with friends, a fancy meal, or even a REALLY good night's sleep.. make sure you plan something to get you motivated to finish your work!

  4. Take to the library

    Library WarmthThe library is pretty much the most boring place on earth and yes, it is eerily silent most of the time. But, that's the kind of environment you need to get your work done!

    Find a quiet spot on your own, get your work out and get to it. Avoid any distractions by playing some music through your headphones (but try to avoid singing along to any songs!)

  5. Work with friends

    friendsThis can work both ways... You'll either get lots of work done or get none done at all... but it's worth trying it out.

    Grab a few course friends and all decide on a topic you want to cover and get straight to it. Don't allow time for distractions, just get the work done then have a catch up afterwards.

  6. Make sure you get enough rest

    sleepingNothing is less appealing than doing work when you're absolutely exhausted.

    To be honest, it could be pointless trying to attempt any work as you're too tired to take any information in. Before starting any serious work, make sure you're well refreshed. That may require skipping a night out with friends, or having a quick nap before starting work, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

  7. Reward yourself for every bit of work completed

    Study IncentiveFor example, for every question you answer correctly on your mock test, reward yourself with a sweet or a biscuit. Or, after a really long day of writing essays and going over work treat yourself by getting a few drinks with friends.

    Make sure you reward yourself regularly to keep yourself motivated.

These are just a few suggestions to keep yourself going through those tough, low-motivation days.

Keep yourself on track and keep yourself organised to ensure you don't fall behind and get disappointed in the long run.

Remember, procrastinating just leads to you missing out in the future... Do you really want to put off doing work one day to then have to rush to do it all in one night, when all your friends are going out? No.

Do you want to be disappointed with your grade because you rushed your coursework? No. Do you want to be motivated and get the work done, but also have time to see friends? Yes.

So put that video game down and open up a textbook!


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